World’s hottest destinations for vegans


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#CNNFood challenge: Michelin-starred chef Bang
We asked the head chef of Olso’s Maaemo restaurant to tell us his five favorite Instagram moments and why

World’s hottest destinations for vegans

With the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world, this spot is one of seven natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Want to escape the office? Top 10 cities for digital nomads
Thanks to the Internet and increasing opportunities for remote working, more people can move abroad and live like “digital nomads.”

Floating art lets people walk on water at Italy’s Lake Iseo
Thanks to a pop-up art installation made of floating saffron-colored walkways, visitors to northern Italy’s Lake Iseo can now walk on water.

In honor of the 500th anniversary of the German Beer Purity law, we’re celebrating at these thirst-quenching U.S. beer gardens.

Are these the world’s most stunning coral reefs?

SkySlide opens on tallest tower west of Chicago

It’s about to get much easier to find a hotel in Africa
Forty-six new hotels are under construction in Africa, and a further 275 are in the planning phase.

Nomad barber: The world’s most adventurous haircuts
London-based barber Miguel Gutierrez has snipped and shaved his way around the planet

18 Norwegian dishes you’ve probably never heard of

Obama names first national monument to LGBT rights

Queen Mary 2 gets a $130M ‘facelift’
Once world’s largest cruise ship Queen Mary 2 has been unveiled after a major refurbishment.

Southern kitchen stays true to its roots
When Whitney Otawka walked into a restaurant in Berkeley to apply for a job waiting tables, she couldn’t imagine that in a few years she would be a contestant on “Top Chef” and running the culinary program on a historic island. But that’s exactly what happened.

Floating right along the surface, where you can drag your fingers in the water, is the best way to discover all the Bahamas have to offer.

The manspreading epidemic: Is it really an epidemic?
If you’ve ever crammed into the back of a Toyota with one or more males over the age of seven, you’re likely familiar with the phenomenon recently popularized as manspreading.

How Norway is changing the way we drink coffee
Two Norwegian phenomena worth experiencing above all others? White nights and black coffee.

Is the Great Pyramid of Giza lopsided?
Archaeologists and scientists measured the precise footprint of the Great Pyramid of Giza. They found that the west side of the pyramid is at most 5.55 inches longer than the east.

The death-defying Dance of the Flyers
The Danza de los Voladores, or the Dance of the Flyers, is a tradition dating back centuries. Photographer Kike Arnal has been documenting the impressive ceremony and its significance in Mexican communities.

Whether the UK votes to remain or to quit the EU, its capital city isn’t about to go hungry for a taste of Europe

On the trail of Frankenstein
Some 200 years since Mary Shelley created a legend, her monster still looms over Switzerland and Germany

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