Jay Z: From drug dealer to wheeler dealer

Rupert Murdoch came out in support of Britain leaving the EU in his first public comments following the referendum.

It’s a horrible time to be a U.S. bank
Bank stocks are experiencing their worst stretch since 2011. The rush to dump banks shows how Brexit makes banks’ already difficult situation that much more challenging.

Volkswagen’s record $14.7 billion settlement
Volkswagen’s deliberate cheating on emissions tests will cost it a record $14.7 billion.

Richard Branson: Brexit killed my big deal
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Breather after Brexit: U.S. stocks to rise
Here’s what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

World’s largest uncut diamond up for auction
Lesedi La Rona, a tennis-ball size 1,109-carat diamond, is expected to fetch a record $70 million.

Brexit Britain: higher taxes, less spending
George Osborne has no doubt: The U.K. will “absolutely” have to cut spending and raise taxes following its vote to leave the EU.

Airbnb has sued its hometown of San Francisco
Airbnb announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco, objecting to short-term rental rule changes approved by the Board of Supervisors.

Ikea to recall dressers after death of third child
Ikea is recalling dressers following the death of a third child by a topping dresser.

VW expected to announce $15B settlement
The Volkswagen settlement would shatter records for other fines paid by other automakers for negligence or wrongdoing.

Asian stocks slide as Brexit gloom persists
Asian markets got off to a gloomy start early Tuesday as Brexit concerns continued to weigh on investors.

Priceline gets slammed on Brexit fears
Priceline has been one of the hardest hit stocks since the Brexit. Airlines and hotels have also suffered but Priceline generates more than two-thirds of its sales from Europe. So it could get suffer more than other travel companies.

These billboards will target you as you drive by
A new smart billboard on a Japanese highway will tailor its ads based on what car you’re driving.

Downgraded: U.K. loses perfect AAA credit rating
Standard & Poor’s stripped the U.K. of its AAA credit rating on Monday following the shocking Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

Waldorf Astoria’s Chinese buyer to turn most of rooms into condos
Massive renovation by Chinese insurer Anbang Insurance will close landmark Waldorf Astoria for more than a year to convert most rooms into luxury condos.

‘Daily Show’ gets social media scorn for Texas abortion tweet
“The Daily Show” found itself in the middle of a social media controversy Monday after sending a tweet that some found inappropriate.

Britain’s divorce from EU could stiff students
British universities are working to calm frayed nerves among students and staff as they face extreme uncertainty about their post-Brexit future.

Gold may be the biggest Brexit winner
Gold prices have soared this year and are now at 2-year highs following the Brexit vote. Some experts think gold will continue to shine — and it could even return to the all-time highs above $1,900 an ounce from a few years ago.

Post-Brexit: Shock and fear for the future
London bankers are worried about their jobs and the future of their industry after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.

Brexit crash wiped out a record $2.1 trillion
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Are central banks ‘powerless’ to handle Brexit?
The fallout of the UK referendum vote to leave the European Union undercuts central banks’ ability to buoy the global economy.

Can globalization survive ‘Brexit’ and Trump?
Brexit is a major wake up call for world leaders. Trade and globalization are under fire. CNNMoney looks at what it will take for the global economy to triumph.

Trump won’t cause a recession, adviser says
One of Trump’s advisers is firing back at the Moody’s Analytics ‘hit piece’ that claimed the GOP candidate’s plans would throw the U.S. into a recession.

Barclays and RBS shares suspended amid Brexit crash
Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland both tripped so-called circuit breakers after crashing more than 8% on Monday.

China-U.K. ‘golden era’ at risk from Brexit
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang warned that Britain’s vote to leave the EU has added “new uncertainties for the world economy.”

Brexit’s broken promises: from NHS to economy
Leading backers of Brexit are backing away from campaign promises, fueling a sense of confusion after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.

Britain’s Labour Party crisis deepens

Official: U.K. economy will take hit from Brexit
The vote to leave the European Union will damage the U.K. economy and government finances, the country’s Treasury chief said Monday.

Businesses warn: Brexit chaos will hurt us
British voters’ decision to leave the European Union has left the U.K. economy in a fog of worry and uncertainty.

Brexit risks for Europe’s cheap air travel
For the past 20 years, any airline based in a European Union country has been able to fly anywhere within the single market whenever it wants. Brexit complicates that immensely for a host of carriers.

Pound drops again as Brexit impact sinks in
The British pound is sinking again as investors continue to digest the impact of the U.K.’s historic vote to leave the European Union.

London banks will pay the ‘price’ of Brexit
British banks could lose their access to European markets after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.

Brexit + deep uncertainty = Market chaos
Brexit has thrown one of the foundations of the political world into disarray. And the U.K. and European Union aren’t sure what comes next.

Britain’s Labour Party in turmoil over Brexit

Wimbledon winners will feel the pound’s crash
Wimbledon kicks off on Monday and the winners could take home less because of Brexit’s effect on the pound.

Three news outlets turned away from Trump golf course event
Reporters from three different news outlets were denied entry to a Donald Trump event at his golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch sit down for post-Brexit dinner
Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch are meeting for dinner on Saturday — just one day after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.

Brexit hangover: 3 huge headaches facing U.K.
U.K. markets have crashed following the Brexit vote. Prolonging the uncertainty over its future relationship with the EU will only make matters worse.

Undocumented entrepreneur’s uncertain fate
Read full story for latest details.

For gamblers, Brexit bigger than Royal baby
Gamblers bet over $200 million on the result of the Brexit referendum.

Brexit ‘major blow’ to film and TV industry, but no ‘GoT’
The UK’s exit from the EU could impact the country’s film and television industries, but not on “Game of Thrones.”

Obama: Entrepreneurship has never been more important
At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg talked about entrepreneurship — and how important it is that everyone receive the opportunity for it.

Booze & books! Barnes & Noble to serve beer & wine
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Brexit, House sit-in coverage provide boon to besieged cable bundle
C-SPAN, BBC World News have moments in the spotlight

Catching drones smuggling drugs into prison
Drones are the hot new way to smuggle contraband into prisons. This startup makes a device to catch them.

How Brexit impacts the U.S. economy
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Want to buy pounds? Good luck with that…
Travel money traders are struggling to keep up with the demand after the pound has crashed to the lowest levels in 30 years following U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union.

Brexit, shmexit! These stocks are up today
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Brexit’s existential threat: Who’s next?
Read full story for latest details.

Is this like the 2008 financial crisis?
The shocking vote by Britain to leave the European Union is creating global market turmoil. Could this be the start of another market meltdown like the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008? Or a temporary blip like 1987 or 2011?

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