Donald Trump’s Star Tweet Appeared on a White Supremacist Site


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Watch: Donald Trump’s Star Tweet Appeared on a White Supremacist Site
Donald Trump’s tweet that featured Hillary Clinton and a six-pointed star atop a pile of money has also appeared on a white supremacist website.

Watch: What Are Obama’s Post-Presidency Plans?
What will President Obama do after he leaves the White House? We read between the lines to find out.

Biden Jabs Newt Gingrich Over Vice Presidential Rumors
Biden asked him, “Newt, are you going to do it?”

Bill and Hillary Clinton React to Loretta Lynch Meeting
Today both President Bill Clinton and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary

Book Excerpt: Kimberley Strassel’s ‘The Intimidation Game’
Excerpted from The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech, by Kimberley Strassel by arrangement with Twelve, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, Copyright (c) Kimberley Strassel 2016. Cleta Mitchell was sitting in front of her computer in Pinehurst, North Carolina. Mitchell is one of Washington’s most hard-working conservative lawyers, so she spirits off to her home there any chance she gets, for a change of scenery. It was a Friday, May 10, 2013, and she was clearing off the last to-do items, looking forward to a quiet weekend. Instead, her laptop started pinging like mad, notes flooding in from Republican and Democratic colleagues alike. “They all said the same thing: ‘Cleta, did you see? Did you? Lerner admitted it! She admitted the targeting. She apologized. You weren’t nuts after all!’” recalls the lawyer in an amused voice. The e-mails came within minutes of Lois Lerner’s confession. And that was much to the IRS’s chagrin. The agency had carefully…

‘This Week’ Transcript: Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rick Santorum
A rush transcript for “This Week” on July, 3 2016.

Clinton Surrogate Sherrod Brown Says Indictment Over Emails is Unlikely
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said Sunday that he thinks it’s unlikely that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be indicted over her use of a private email server.

Santorum Suggests Obama Has Inside Information on Clinton Email Probe
Trump supporter Rick Santorum said he isn’t comfortable with what he called a “cozy relationship” between the White House and presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton.

Trump and Possible VP Pick Indiana Gov. Pence Meet at Golf Club
As the contest for naming vice presidential candidates heats up, Donald Trump met over the weekend with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, according to an ABC News source and media

Sanders Wants Democrats to Show ‘Strong Opposition’ to TPP
Bernie Sanders is calling out Clinton delegates on the Democratic Party’s platform-drafting committee for failing to support certain amendments regarding the Trans-Pacifi

Clinton Gives Interview to FBI About Emails, Campaign Says
The interview lasted more than three hours, an aide says.

Donald Trump: GOP Convention Speaking Slots ‘Totally Filled’
The Republican candidate promised a list of speakers by Wednesday.

Trump Super PAC Director Vows to Match Clinton PAC Spending
“We will match them dollar for dollar,” Ken McKay said.

Why Green Party’s Presidential Candidate Doesn’t Want Clinton or Trump in White House
Jill Stein says she wouldn’t be happy with either mainstream party candidate.

Watch: Donald Trump Doubts Loretta Lynch’s Bill Clinton Explanation
The presumptive Republican nominee said “it’s hard” to talk about golf much longer than a couple of minutes.

Watch: ABC News’ Rick Klein’s Politics Week-in-Review
Off the golf course and on to the veepstakes, with the politics of terror front and center again. ABC News’ Rick Klein recaps the week in politics for June 25 – July 1, 2016.

Sunday on ‘This Week’: Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rick Santorum
Brown and Santorum will appear on “This Week” Sunday.

FBI to Interview Hillary Clinton in Coming Days, Source Says
The Justice Department aims to complete the investigation before the convention.

Watch: Attorney General: It’s ‘Perfectly Reasonable’ to Question Clinton Meeting
Attorney General Loretta Lynch will accept and follow whatever recommendation the FBI and career prosecutors and investigators make on whether to charge Hillary Clinton in connection to an email probe, she announced today.

Trump Not Buying Explanation for Clinton-Lynch Meeting
He says it doesn’t take that long to talk about your grandchildren and golf.

Watch: Trump ‘Looking At’ Replacing Hijab-Wearing TSA Staff With Vets
A woman at a Trump event in New Hampshire raised the issue on Thursday.

Latest Updates on VP Vetting Widen the Field
Who we know is being considered for the two VP spots.

Lynch: It’s ‘Reasonable’ to Question Clinton Meeting
She will accept whatever investigators recommend on Hillary Clinton email probe.

Lynch to Accept FBI Recommendations in Clinton Email Probe
Loretta Lynch made decision in wake of controversial meeting with Bill Clinton.

Obama Blames GOP Policies for Rise of Trump, Rejection of Speaker Ryan
President Obama defends his legacy and credits Republicans with the rise of Donald Trump.

The Note: Clinton-Lynch Meeting Reverberates
NOTABLES –TRUMP CALLS BILL CLINTON-LORETTA LYNCH MEETING: ‘SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T DO’: In an interview with ABC News’ Tom Llamas yesterday, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump criticized a meeting that took place between former President Bill Clinton and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a Phoenix, Arizona airport on Monday. Trump said that the meeting was “just something that you don’t do from an ethical standpoint. It’s something that is unheard of.” He added, “Nobody can even think where there’s a precedent,” ABC’s NOAH FITZGEREL reports. –LYNCH WILL ACCEPT FBI RECOMMENDATIONS IN CLINTON PROBE: Lynch is expected to announce later today in Aspen, Colorado, that she will follow and accept whatever recommendation the FBI and career prosecutors and investigators make regarding whether to bring charges in the Hillary Clinton email probe, a Justice Department official told ABC News. Lynch has decided that she will green light whatever…

Trump Says He’ll Consider Suggestion to Replace Hijab-Wearing TSA Agents
A woman at a Trump event in New Hampshire raised the issue Thursday.

Trump Jokes About ‘Mexican Plane’ ‘Ready to Attack’
Trump made the joke during a rally in Manchester, NH.

Trump Calls Bill Clinton’s Meeting With Attorney General Not ‘Ethical’
They met for about 15-20 minutes.

Watch: Trump Says He Wants NATO Troops to Take Out ISIS
Trump once called NATO “obsolete” and now tells ABC News that he would be open to using NATO troops to fight ISIS.

Watch: Trump: ‘Very Disappointed’ to See Private Meeting Between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton
Justice Department is investigating Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

Donald Trump Wants to Use ‘Obsolete’ NATO to Fight ISIS
Trump has blasted the alliance in the past.

Watch: Amid FBI Probe, Attorney General Meets With Bill Clinton
The meeting was a chance encounter as the two crossed paths at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, according to Lynch.

Watch: Trump Knocks Elizabeth Warren With ‘Pocahontas’ Remarks
The GOP presidential candidate uses the nickname as Warren claims Native American heritage.

Chris Christie Being Vetted as Potential VP Pick for Trump
Christie endorsed Trump for president just weeks after suspending his campaign.

Possible Clinton VP Pick Under Scrutiny for Past Gifts
Tim Kaine accepted more than $160,000 worth of gifts while in Va. statehouse.

Watch: Trump Supporters Mock Elizabeth Warren With Native American War Cry
Conservative radio host Howie Carr brought up the liberal Massachusetts senator prior to Trump coming onto the stage at a Bangor, Maine rally.

Broad Support for Zika Funding, But Less Urgency or Concern
Americans overwhelmingly support plans to spend nearly $2 billion to prevent

The Note: Air Wars Favor Clinton
NOTABLES –ANALYSIS — ABC’s RICK KLEIN: Much has already been made of the advertising jump enjoyed by Hillary Clinton, whose 12-1 ad spending edge this month means she and her allies have spent $20 million more getting their message out than has Donald Trump and his backers. But is that head start about to get even longer? Speaking Tuesday night in Ohio, Donald Trump suggested that he won’t start spending in battleground states until after the Republican National Convention. “She is spending money like – like I’ve never seen before,” Trump said. “I figure we start spending it after the convention, which is going to be a tremendous success.” Tremendous success or not, this leaves Trump spotting two whole months to Clinton at the start of the general election – critical time Democrats are using to define the opposition. Even if this is being driven by strategy, as opposed to necessity, it’s possible we’ll look back at this period and talk about avoidable campaign miscalculations. Trump…

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