FBI director faces grilling from Congress on Clinton email decision


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On this day: Sanda Day O’Connor nominated to SCOTUS
On July 7, 1981, President Ronald Reagan nominated the first woman ever to the highest court in the land. Watch “CBS Evening News” coverage from that day.

July 7, 1981: Reagan debuts Sandra Day O’Connor as Supreme Court nominee
President Ronald Reagan fulfills a promise he made during his campaign to pick a woman

Commentary: Believe it or not, Christie is Trump’s best choice for veep
The New Jersey governor is the ideal person to take the fight to Hillary, at least given Trump’s slim pickings

FBI director faces grilling from Congress on Clinton email decision
Donald Trump is heading to Capitol Hill to meet with House and Senate Republicans. Meanwhile, FBI director James Comey will answer questions for the first time about Hillary Clinton’s private email servers with members of the House Oversight Committee. Attorney General Loretta Lynch confirms the Clinton investigation is closed, and the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee will not be charged for mishandling classified information. Jan Crawford reports.

Trump meets with GOP leaders as convention nears
Donald Trump faces some anxious members of Congress from his own party on Thursday. With 11 days left until the GOP convention, fellow Republicans are fighting to keep Clinton’s email trouble in the headlines. But Trump is revisiting issues that already caused an uproar. Major Garrett reports.

Why are potential Trump VP picks backing out?
Bloomberg Politics managing editor John Heilemann joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why Donald Trump’s potential running mates are backing out and what’s going to happen next as FBI director James Comey is questioned by the House Oversight Committee over his recommendation to not press charges against Hillary Clinton in the private email server controversy.

Is Trump missing an opportunity not focusing on Clinton email ruling?
CBS News contributor and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why the presumptive GOP nominee might be revisiting the controversial Star of David tweet and Trump’s veepstakes.

Trump pays first visit to GOP rank-and-file in Congress
But several Republican lawmakers are skipping out on the meetings with Trump

Obama heads to Europe amid Brexit aftershocks
The trip is expected to be Obama’s last presidential visit to the continent

Why Comey didn’t recommend prosecution for Hillary Clinton
His conclusion is being second-guessed by Republicans, who will question him on his decision Thursday

Donald Trump doubles down on “Star of David” tweet
Presumptive Republican nominee once again defends decision to tweet Hillary Clinton internet meme

Clinton holds rally in front of shuttered Trump hotel
One day after the FBI announced it would not recommend charges for Hillary Clinton for her private email servers, she spent a day on the boardwalk. She spoke in Atlantic City in front of one of Donald Trump’s closed hotels as a sign of his failed business practices. Chip Reid has more.

Trump bashes Clinton for careless handling of emails
Donald Trump spent his Tuesday tweeting and talking about Hillary Clinton’s carelessness while handling classified emails. Trump amplified the language FBI Director James Comey used while admonishing Clinton, despite recommending no criminal charges be filed against her. Major Garrett reports.

Clinton, Sanders in talks for joint campaign appearance
Though no final decisions have been made, CBS News confirms the joint event could come as early as next week

Justice Department formally drops Clinton email case
After the FBI’s recommendation in the case Tuesday, the Justice Department will pursue no charges against the presumptive Democratic nominee

Donald Trump, RNC raise $51 million in June
The sum will help quiet fears that Trump can’t or won’t raise enough money to compete this fall, but he’s still far behind Democrat Hillary Clinton

Cruz not in negotiations to speak at RNC, says spox
Texas Senator pushes back on report that he was in talks to speak in Cleveland at convention nominating Trump

Can Trump exploit the FBI’s rebuke of Clinton’s private emails?
Polls show a wide majority of voters don’t believe Clinton is trustworthy – but here’s why Trump may struggle to take advantage of it

House Republicans delay vote on terrorism package
One of the provisions is intented to help prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns

Bob Corker withdraws from Trump veepstakes
The GOP senator is the chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Sen. Cotton on FBI recommendation on Clinton, Trump’s VP search
Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, is one of the Republicans who has called for a criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server. His name has also been mentioned as a potential running mate for Donald Trump. Sen. Cotton joins “CBS This Morning” from Washington to discuss the controversy.

Cotton talks Trump veepstakes, rips Clinton over emails
The GOP senator said he is “not being vetted” to be Trump’s running mate

Trump: Saddam Hussein was “so good” at killing terrorists
“Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right?” Trump said at a rally. “But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists”

With Sanders’ influence, Clinton to expand college affordability plan
Clinton will roll out three new proposals, including tuition-free college for some

U.K. inquiry blasts Blair for following Bush into Iraq War
Long-awaited report from independent inquiry says Tony Blair “chose to join the invasion of Iraq before the peaceful options had been exhausted” based on a deeply flawed presentation of the evidence available on Saddam Hussein’s weapons stockpiles. CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips reports from London.

Comey to testify before Congress on recommendation not to prosecute
James Comey announced Tuesday that while Clinton’s handling of classified emails was “extremely careless,” he recommended that no charges be brought in the case

Obama: 8,400 American troops to remain in Afghanistan
He had hoped to reduce troop levels in Afghanistan to 5,500 going into 2017

What’s on Congress’ to-do list before its seven-week recess?
Lawmakers aren’t likely to tackle every priority before they take off starting next Friday for the nominating conventions and August

Uproar after FBI recommends not charging Clinton over private email server
Republicans are outraged after the FBI said Hillary Clinton should not be charged for mishandling classified information on her private email servers. Investigators found Clinton was careless, but not criminal. FBI director James Comey blasted the former secretary of state’s judgment, but he said her errors were not serious enough for prosecution. Nancy Cordes reports.

Why FBI director slammed Clinton but rejected criminal charges
On Tuesday FBI director James Comey said investigators “did not find clear evidence that Secretary [Hillary] Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information” with the use of her private email server. Jan Crawford explains why the FBI decided to recommend no criminal charges.

Obama gets “fired up” for Clinton at N.C. rally
Just hours after the FBI director gave his ruling to not charge Hillary Clinton over her private email server use, President Obama defended his former secretary of state during their joint appearance in North Carolina. While Clinton has struggled to gain the trust of some voters, Democrats are looking to the president to boost support for Clinton. Chip Reid reports.

Trump unleashes on Clinton over FBI decision, praises Saddam Hussein
Republicans are expected to unveil Wednesday the full slate of speakers for the party’s national convention, now less than two weeks away. Donald Trump spoke to a rally of nearly 3,000 people Tuesday in Raleigh, North Carolina. He bashed Hillary Clinton’s judgment and accused her of an “Enron-style purge” of her email. Major Garrett reports.

How FBI chief’s Clinton email ruling was “very unusual”
Recommendation not to charge Hillary Clinton in email probe comes as no surprise to some, given James Comey’s positions on controversial issues in the past

Clinton’s claims about email practice clashed with FBI findings
Hillary Clinton says using a private email server while she was secretary of state was a mistake, but she insisted for more than a year that there was nothing wrong with it. Jan Crawford takes a look at Clinton’s own statements that the FBI investigation found to be untrue.

Clinton to hit Trump on casino failures in Atlantic City
Clinton will campaign near the Trump Taj Mahal casino Wednesday

FBI director no stranger to clashes with politicians
James Comey’s recommendation that Hillary Clinton not be charged with a crime is just the latest headline grabbing move of the FBI director’s career. Comey has taken on controversy in the past, outspoken on wire-tapping, encryption and use of police force. Paula Reid reports on how Comey’s strong positions prepared him for Tuesday’s ruling.

How do Hillary Clinton’s email claims hold up?
Key assertions by Clinton in defense of her email practices have collapsed under FBI scrutiny

Trump excoriates Clinton in Raleigh
And he said of Obama, “We need a president that’s not going be divisive. We need a president that’s going to take care of the African-American community”

Why are the anti-Trump forces likely to fail at the GOP convention?
Why it’ll be hard for the #NeverTrump dissidents to prevail at the Republican convention this month

FBI recommends no charges for Hillary Clinton
FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday he does not recommend charges for Hillary Clinton in her use of a private email server while secretary of state. But according to the FBI, the Clinton team handled email servers in “extremely careless” fashion. Nancy Cordes has more.

Donald Trump condemns “rigged” political system
Donald Trump and other Republican leaders were quick to comment on the FBI’s recommendation not to charge Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. Trump claims it proves a “rigged” system “holds the American people to one standard and people like Hillary Clinton to another.” Major Garrett has more.

Trump: FBI decision on Clinton emails a “miscarriage in justice”
Trump also said in an interview airing Tuesday night that his Democratic rival is “essentially incompetent”

Dickerson: Clinton email contradictions leave much for voters to ponder
Although the FBI will not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for her private email server, director James Comey slammed her and her staff for being “extremely careless.” Much of what he had to say contradicted Clinton’s claims on the campaign trail that she never sent classified emails on her server. John Dickerson explains.

Why wasn’t Clinton’s “careless” email use a crime?
Some have drawn comparisons between former CIA Director David Petraeus, who gave eight binders full of classified information to his girlfriend and biographer, and Clinton’s email server

Dickerson: FBI findings contradict many of Clinton’s email server claims
FBI Director James Comey’s statements about Hillary Clinton’s email server undermined many of her claims of transparency

Clinton links “Trump effect” to rise in school bullying
The presumptive Democratic nominee said at an education conference Tuesday that Trump’s “rants are being heard by our children”

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump shrinks in new poll
Two months ago, Clinton led Trump by double digits in a similar poll

State Department: Take treatment of classified info seriously
The U.S. State Department addressed the FBI’s decision to not charge Clinton over emails. Watch State Department spokesman John Kirby’s response.

FBI investigation pokes holes in Clinton claims about her server
Comey’s remarks refute what Clinton has said repeatedly about her private server–that no emails she sent were classified when she sent or received them

Clinton and Obama hold first joint rally
Their joint appearance also came the same day that the FBI director recommended no charges against Clinton over her private email server

Donald Trump takes his VP search on the road
The presumptive GOP nominee is meeting with and campaigning alongside several potential shortlisted running mates

Special report: FBI recommends no charges in Clinton email probe
FBI Director James Comey says the FBI will not recommend criminal charges in its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state. The scandal has cast a shadow over her presidential campaign, and opponents have used the issue to call into question Clinton’s judgment.

FBI: No charges against Hillary Clinton are appropriate for email server use
FBI Director James Comey said Clinton and those she communicated with were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information”

Abner Mikva, former congressman and judge, dead at 90
Mikva served as a President Clinton adviser, mentored a young Barack Obama, spent several terms in Congress, and was a federal judge

Full Video: Clinton addresses National Education Association
As FBI Director James Comey was recommending no indictment for her controversial email practices, Hillary Clinton was talking education at a meeting of the nation’s largest teachers’ union. See her full remarks.

The unusual chumminess of Clinton and Obama

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