Would Cleveland Cavaliers star Lebron James make a better president than Donald Trump?

At present, the NBA boasts only five players who are blessed with the vision and tactical astuteness to spot a seemingly invisible opportunity the way Cleveland Cavaliers’ star Lebron James. However, it is the combination of strength and gracenecessary to conjure slick passes that makes James a really great player.

Since his arrival in the NBA back in 2003, the six feet, eight inches small forward is made of pure steel and is a leader both on and off the court, which is why some of us here at the Trendler are wondering why exactly the American people are so hell-bent on voting for a controversial man to sit in the Oval Office next year.

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The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has alienated half the world — and probably most sentient beings from other galaxies, if they dare to follow his presidential campaign — with words so strong that even the most dastardly wizards and witches of the House of Slytherin wouldn’t dare cook up a potion so vehement. When he starts shouting and throwing promises —many of which probably will never come to see the light of the day — it is clear that the billionaire may not be the savior that the U.S.craves.

Wall or no wall, if anyone should be given the nod ahead of this controversial figure, it should be a levelheaded person willing to see beyond his own vision and with enough fortitude to overcome a potential nervous breakdown when the going gets tough.

And this time around, perhaps the first time since this unpopularity contest began, we are not going to throw Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’s spectacles in the hat. Instead, we’re talking about someone who has shown,throughout the last 13 years, that he is more than just an athlete who is extremely good at what he does.

Lebron James is a larger-than-life figure but not the cringeworthy type. He has considerable influence with his last franchise and is becoming an all-around complete player, but most of all, he is a true leader whose tactical acumen makes him a promising candidate for the next NBA star turned coach or general manager.

Moreover, he has featured in six NBA Finals and won two. Just like some of the greatest leaders, he has had to face a lot of hate from fans before being loved by them. Trump, on the other hand, has mostly known hate, and his fame owes credit to the fact that even the most hardcore of Democrats would halfheartedly vote for Hilary Clinton.

Lest we forget, it is clear that Trump is short on both experience and judgment, while he is also not very graceful under testing circumstances.

The U.S. has gone through a lot in recent years, and as a result, has put many of its international partners in a fix. The last thing the White House needs is an unstable and temperamental billionaire whose stubbornness and shortsightedness may adversely affect the country.

So, dear American people, before you finally decide who you’re voting for, consider all the calmness, astuteness, and self-assuredness that Lebron James brings to the table and ask yourself if he’s more leadership material than a man whose show’s IMDb ratings have fallen down faster than the stock market after Brexit.

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