Black Lives Matter Founders Describe ‘Paradigm Shift’ In The Movement


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Black Lives Matter Founders Describe ‘Paradigm Shift’ In The Movement
“We’re part of a movement that’s been happening for hundreds of years, and this just happens to be a tipping point,” says Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders.

The Code Switch Podcast, Episode 9: Black And Blue
Black police officers live on both sides of the debate over race and policing. In this week’s episode, they weigh in on the limits of force diversity in bridging gaps between black people and cops.

Forgetting Isn’t Healing: Lessons From Elie Wiesel
Calls for racial healing often focus on putting the painful past behind us. NPR’s Sonari Glinton remembers the man who taught him never to forget: Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.

After Dallas, Black Gun Owners Take Stock
Many African-Americans keep guns for self-defense, dating back to Emancipation. But the shooting in Dallas, and recent killings of black men by police, have raised hard questions for black gun owners.

Here’s What Some Twin Cities Residents Say About Philando Castile’s Killing
People who live near the site of the shooting recall tension over race and policing long before officer Jeronimo Yanez killed Philando Castile.

After A Tragic Week, Many In Minneapolis Seek Solace In The Sanctuary
Following the shooting death of Philando Castile this week in suburban Minneapolis, many people of faith in the area gathered in church Sunday for a word of encouragement from their religious leaders.

The Code Switch Podcast, Episode 8: No Words
It’s hard to figure out what to say after this week’s horrific violence, which began with two viral videos of police shooting black men and ended with a deadly attack by a gunman on police officers.

In Dallas, Fear That ‘Love And Understanding Will Never Win’
As more information about the shooting that killed five police officers surfaces, we asked people from Dallas to share their stories about how conversations around race and policing are shifting.

Code Switch On: Dallas, Philando Castile And Alton Sterling
Code Switch is covering the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and several police officers in Dallas, Texas. Here’s where to find us, and how to contribute to our reporting.

Two Days, Two Deaths: The Police Shootings Of Alton Sterling And Philando Castile
Two videos of black men who were shot to death by police — one in Minnesota and one in Louisiana — are sparking passionate responses in the media and on the streets.

The Code Switch Podcast, Episode 7: You’re A Grand Old Flag
Who is the American flag for? And what does it mean when people of color choose to wave it — or not wave it? Gene and Adrian dig in.

Honoring Tuskegee Airman Roscoe Brown
Brown was one of the last surviving “Red Tail” pilots of the famed Tuskegee Airmen. These African-American pilots served in World War II, laying the foundation for integrating the U.S. armed forces.

President Obama Defends His Record On Race
In an interview with NPR, Obama answers critics among people of color who say that, despite their overwhelming support at the ballot box, he hasn’t delivered enough results for their communities.

Mislabeled As A Memoirist, Author Asks: Whose Work Gets To Be Journalism?
Suki Kim wrote Without You, There Is No Us after working undercover as a teacher in North Korea. She says the response to her book is also a response to her identity as Korean and a woman.

President Obama Defends His Record On Race
President Obama answers critics among people of color who say that, despite their overwhelming support at the ballot box, he hasn’t done enough to deliver results for their communities.

Study: Black And White Americans Are ‘Worlds Apart’ On Views Of Race
A new study finds as the Obama presidency comes to a close, America is starkly divided on race.

On The Code Switch Podcast: ‘I’m Not Black, I’m O.J.!’
The new ESPN documentary O.J.: Made In America examines how O.J. Simpson distanced himself from black life in America — and how that same blackness was turned into a major asset during his trial.

Brexit: What’s Race Got To Do With It?
Why did the U.K. just vote for something so economically disastrous? Some point to racial tension resulting from record levels of immigration within the EU.

Roundup: Reactions To This Week’s Supreme Court Decision On Affirmative Action
The Supreme Court rejected a challenge to an affirmative action program at the University of Texas at Austin brought by a white woman who claimed she would have gotten in if she weren’t white.

On Parliament-Funkadelic And A Less ‘Squeaky-Clean Picture’ Of Blackness
Parliament showed me that being black has liabilities, but that it’s also a powerful gift.

On The Podcast: Rep Sweats, Or, ‘I Don’t Know If I Like This, But I Need It To Win’
Kat and Gene hash out something they’ve been mulling over for a while: that feeling of obligation that you have to root for something, because it’s theoretically for you.

Terry McMillan’s Latest: Revisiting Past Loves, Rediscovering Yourself
In her new novel, I Almost Forgot About You, McMillan’s heroine confronts midlife malaise by reconnecting with men from her past.

A Festival For Mixed-Race Storytellers — And Everyone Else, Too
The Mixed Remixed festival isn’t just for folks who are multiracial. It’s about connecting people from all over the world who aren’t always seen as belonging together.

Food To Celebrate Freedom: Tea Cakes For Juneteenth!
Juneteenth, the day when many African-Americans mark the end of slavery, is also associated with traditional foods from the black community. One woman wants to revive a traditional treat: tea cakes.

My Big Sister Was Gunned Down In Charleston One Year Ago
On June 17, 2015, Malcolm Graham learned that his sister, Cynthia Graham Hurd, a librarian and a devout Christian, was one of nine victims shot and killed at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

Latinos At Home And Abroad Mourn After Orlando Shooting
Orlando’s Latino community is coming together to help those affected by Sunday’s shooting from afar.

How LGBTQ People Of Color Are Dealing With Orlando: Code Switch Podcast, Episode 4
The tragedy in Orlando shook many people in communities that already feel vulnerable: LGBTQ Americans, Latinos, Muslims, immigrant families, and those living at the intersection of these identities.

Shooting Victim Had Recently Moved To Orlando From Chicago
Funeral services have begun for victims of Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando, Fla. Some of the victims are being flown to Puerto Rico for burial including Angel Candelario-Padro.

What Queer Latinos Are Saying About The Orlando Shooting
We rounded up some of the sharpest, most poignant reactions to the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

What Queer Muslims Are Saying About The Orlando Shooting
Since the tragic attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, many queer Muslims have spoken out about living at the intersection of two marginalized identities. Here’s what some folks had to say.

Scientist Stephon Alexander: ‘Infinite Possibilities’ Unite Jazz And Physics
Stephon Alexander once downplayed the connections he saw between jazz and physics, concerned that — as “the only black person” in his professional circle — his credibility would be questioned.

Muhammad Ali Kissed Me Once
It wasn’t what you think, but it was certainly a story. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times over several decades, but the first time was the most memorable.

On Muhammad Ali’s Complicated Contradictions, And How He Changed Boxing
“Ali was a black man who was not concerned with what white America thought of him.”

Immigration Program To Reunite Filipino World War II Veterans With Family
For decades, some Filipino World War II veterans living in the U.S. have been separated from their relatives in the Philippines. Now, those families could finally be reunited.

How A Shooting Changed Charleston’s Oldest Black Church
One year after the deaths of a pastor and eight worshippers, the city’s “Mother Emanuel” church is navigating its place as a symbol of the nation’s ongoing struggle for racial justice.

The Code Switch Podcast, Episode 2: Made For You And Me
On this episode, Shereen Marisol Meraji and Adrian Florido take a look at why being “outdoorsy” when you’re a person of color in America can get complicated.

While Grieving Continues, Church Shooting Was Charleston’s Call To Action
It’s been nearly a year since a gunman killed nine worshippers at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C. The attack shocked the community and exposed lingering racial tension.

A Defiant Muhammad Ali Was Cherished By Black Men
He was a great athlete and humanitarian. He was also a symbol of defiance for black men around the world.

Coding While Black: Hacking The Future Of The Tech Industry
Silicon Valley has a diversity problem, with many tech companies employing a tiny number of African-Americans in key jobs. In Atlanta, black techies are working to diversify the industry’s future.

The Code Switch Podcast, Episode 1: Can We Talk About Whiteness?
On our inaugural episode, we’re digging into how we talk about whiteness — or, really, how we don’t talk about it — and hear from some folks who say it’s really important that we figure out how.

Taylor Swift, Aryan Goddess?
Haters (of a multicultural society) gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Meanwhile, Swift will continue to bask in her utterly unremarkable whiteness.

Hokule’a, The Hawaiian Canoe Traveling The World By A Map Of The Stars
A voyaging canoe built to revive the centuries-old tradition of Hawaiian exploration is circumnavigating the globe. Its crew has already traveled 26,000 miles navigating with the sun, stars and waves.

My ‘Oriental’ Father: On The Words We Use To Describe Ourselves
President Obama recently signed a bill striking the term “Oriental” from federal law. It was a reminder for NPR’s Kat Chow of the fact that her father still uses the word — to describe himself.

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