Vows: For Obama’s Speechwriting Team, the Message Finally Got Through


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Vows: For Obama’s Speechwriting Team, the Message Finally Got Through
A White House wordsmith was instantly smitten with a new arrival, but the word he kept hearing was “no.”

‘Super PACs’ Backing Clinton to Run Major Ad Campaign Against Trump
The digital spots will run in nine swing states, and they will focus on millennial women, seeking to use Donald J. Trump’s previous statements against him.

Hillary Clinton Retains Edge in 4 Crucial States, New Polls Show
In new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist surveys, Mrs. Clinton leads Donald J. Trump in Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida, four swing states.

You Mean It’s Next Week? Why Some G.O.P. Senators Will Skip the Convention
As the nomination of Donald J. Trump approaches, more than a dozen have cited conflicts as varied as lawn mowing, fly fishing, volunteer work and campaigning for themselves.

Letter from America: Republicans Brace for a Clash of Visions Over Party’s Future
If Donald J. Trump wins the White House, he would have the opportunity to lead a Republican Party with a fundamentally different character.

Republican Convention Panel All but Kills Anti-Trump Rebellion
Donald J. Trump’s opponents had hoped to force a vote that would have put the question of whether delegates are free to vote their consciences to the entire convention next week.

Tim Tebow Suggests He Won’t Speak at Republican Convention
Tebow, the love-him-or-hate-him quarterback, drew outsize attention after it was reported that he would speak next week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

U.S. Privacy and Civil Liberty Watchdog Faces Limits in Congress
Some in Congress want to restrain the work of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, which guards against government intrusion into Americans’ lives.

Clevelanders Open Homes and Churches to Convention Demonstrators
The city’s hotels have been booked for months and renting an apartment downtown can cost more than $2,500 a day.

Obama Warns of Growing Mistrust Between Minorities and Police
At a town hall event Thursday, President Obama spoke of finding solutions to promoting a dialogue on race and reconciliation to bridge a growing divide.

Tim Scott, Black Republican Senator, Recounts Run-Ins With Police
The South Carolina lawmaker has had positive experiences but also disturbing encounters with police officers in the course of his life.

Tim Tebow Says He Won’t Speak at the Republican Convention
The former N.F.L. player was supposed to be one of the biggest names to appear at the convention, but he dismissed reports that he would speak as a “rumor.”

Tim Tebow’s Role at the Republican Convention Fires Up Fans and Detractors
Tebow, the love-him-or-hate-him quarterback, has drawn outsize attention for his speaking engagement next week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Silicon Valley Writes a Protest Letter Against Trump
Calling American innovation “the envy of the world,” more than 140 tech leaders let out a collective howl at what a Trump presidency might do to tech.

How the Poll Was Conducted
The latest New York Times/CBS News Poll is based on telephone interviews with 1,600 adults throughout the United States.

R.N.C.’s Rules Committee Goes Into Recess Amid Confusion
Rival Republican factions fought behind closed doors over changes to the party’s nominating process that threatened to disrupt the convention next week.

Letter from America: Republicans Brace for a Clash of Visions Over Party’s Future
If Donald J. Trump wins the White House, he would have the opportunity to lead a Republican Party with a fundamentally different character.

In Audition With Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine Nails Most of His Lines
Mr. Kaine, a contender to be Mrs. Clinton’s running mate, gave an enthusiastic introduction at her rally in Virginia, although some of his lines seemed to work better than others.

Congress Recesses, Leaving More Stalemates Than Accomplishments
A failed bill to help fight the Zika virus was among the high-profile casualties as partisan fights continued Thursday even as legislators were leaving town.

College at Odds With Students Over Plan to House Police for Cleveland Convention
Case Western Reserve University draws criticism for agreeing to accommodate 1,900 officers and National Guardsmen providing added event security.

Ethics Inquiry Finds Kentucky Republican Violated House Rules
Representative Edward Whitfield gave his wife, a registered lobbyist working for the Humane Society of the United States, access to his House staff.

Common Sense: For Trump, Business Leaders Are More Elites to Resist
Donald Trump’s embrace of economic policies that are anathema to members of the Business Roundtable is seen as a betrayal of bedrock Republican principles.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Signals He Will Pick Mike Pence as Running Mate
Mr. Trump’s advisers have told national Republican officials that they are preparing to make an announcement with Mr. Pence, the Indiana governor.

The 2016 Race: Hillary Clinton’s Lead Has Shrunk, but She Still Has an Edge
A politics chat includes a look at a close race and a very busy day of polls — and what to make of them.

Ruth Ginsburg Apologizes for Criticizing Trump
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who derided the presumptive Republican nominee in several interviews, said her comments were “ill-advised.”

At Donald Trump’s Convention, Matters of Control (and Self-Control)
For some Republicans, Mr. Trump’s fiery style has heightened their excitement about the four-day political pageant, while others are fearing what’s in store.

House Democrats Unveil Campaign Agenda in Hopes of Gaining Ground
After months of polling, focus groups and consultation with experts, party members have settled on “Stronger America: A New American Security Agenda” as their message.

Poll Finds Emails Weighing on Hillary Clinton, Now Tied With Donald Trump
The Democratic candidate’s shifting explanations for her use of a private mail server as secretary of state appear to raise trust issues among voters.

Speakers at Donald Trump’s Convention: Tim Tebow, Peter Thiel, But No Sarah Palin?
Plans for the G.O.P. gathering show that Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is not coming, but Mr. Tebow, the former Denver Broncos star, will speak there.

Iran Sticks to Terms of Nuclear Deal, but Defies the U.S. in Other Ways
The worst predictions of what would happen under the deal have not come to pass, but very little outside the strict confines of the agreement has improved.

Obama Urges Civil Rights Activists and Police to Bridge Divide
The president, administration officials, police representatives and figures in the Black Lives Matter movement met at the White House, with tensions rising in closed-door sessions.

Cleveland’s Police and Courts Prepare for Unruly Visitors
City officials have tightened security plans for handling what is expected to be a volatile atmosphere surrounding the nomination of Donald J. Trump.

Republican Officials Brace for Chaos at Convention
Proposals to change the party’s platform and how delegates vote could upend the convention, which is normally a well-choreographed moment of party unity.

How the Poll Was Conducted

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