Nest Relies on New Outdoor Security Camera as Comeback


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Nest Relies on New Outdoor Security Camera as Comeback
In light of recent upheaval, the company is trying to convey stability as it introduces Nest Cam Outdoor, a waterproof, rugged model of its smart security camera.

How to Make Pokémon Go Actually Useful
Hunting Pokémon can be a fun way to explore a city, though it’s not without its drawbacks. Here are tips on how and where to play as a traveler.

Another Night, Another Shooting on Facebook Live
Three men are badly injured as video streams the gunfire and the aftermath in Norfolk, Va.

Europe Approves New Trans-Atlantic Data Transfer Deal
After years of negotiations, Europe agreed to allow thousands of companies to move digital data to the United States, though challenges still lie ahead.

Tech Tip: Voice Searches With Cortana or Chrome
Microsoft restricted its virtual helper to work only with its Edge browser and Bing search engine, but you can do voice searches right in Google’s browser.

App Smart: Wanderlust by Design: Apps to Help Organize Your Summer Travel
Sidekix, Clarice and Google Translate can help you discover and navigate new cities and sites, and make the most of your time there.

Tech Fix: The Downside to Cord-Cutting
A comparison of popular cable replacement services finds annoyances, like restrictions on content and missing channels.

Where Pokémon Should Not Go
The digital beasts have been reported at Auschwitz and memorials for the Holocaust and the Sept. 11 attacks.

Pokémon Go Brings Augmented Reality to a Mass Audience
The smartphone game shows how a new technology can break through from niche toy for early adopters to go mainstream.

How to Protect Privacy While Using Pokémon Go and Other Apps
The game’s developer made expansive permission requests — in error, it says, and it uses only basic data — but many apps make similar requests.

State of the Art: Live Streaming Breaks Through, and Cable News Has Much to Fear
The Philando Castile shooting and its aftermath have catapulted services like Facebook Live and Periscope into the center of the news, challenging cable to adapt.

Casinos Look to Video Games as a Draw for Millennials
Resorts in Nevada, New Jersey and elsewhere are exploring video game gambling as a way to lure younger visitors to the casinos.

App Smart: A Snooze-Worthy App Collection to Add to the Smartphone
SleepBot, Pillow, Pzizz and mySleepButton are made to put you to sleep.

State of the Art: Why We Need to Pick Up Alvin Toffler’s Torch
The author of “Future Shock” warned about the dangers of rapid change, and many have come to pass, but advance planning has fallen out of favor.

Apple’s iOS 10 Is Available for Beta Testers Who Want a Head Start
Early adopters can try the new messaging app and improved photo software, and they can help the tech giant fix problems before the full release in the fall.

Trilobites: How to Talk to Fireflies
Most fireflies have their own flash pattern to light up at night. A new device tries to get people talking to them.

Tech Tip: Retrieving Your Google Photos
Automatic backup keeps your pictures in the cloud, but you can download copies if you want to edit them with your favorite desktop photo program.

Still Want to Get the News on Facebook? Read All About It
Facebook’s change to its news feed algorithm could mean you’ll see fewer articles, videos or photos shared by the media. But there’s a way around that.

Amazon Kindle Learns to Navigate Literary Thickets
A feature makes it easier to save your place in complex books like “A Game of Thrones” while you glance at reference pages with photos, maps or family trees.

Visitors to the U.S. May Be Asked for Social Media Information
Visitors entering the country under the Visa Waiver Program would be exempt from the request, which the government said would help in terrorism screening.

Tech Tip: Sharing Screens Between PCs Running Different Versions of Windows
Microsoft’s Remote Assistance function works through Windows so friends and family can provide technical support over the internet.

Tech Tip: Limiting Your Facebook Audience
If you do not want the world to see what you post on your timeline page, use the site’s settings to keep your thoughts out of public view.

Tech Tip: Downloading Video Streams to Go
Some streaming services now allow temporary downloads of certain videos to watch when you do not have internet access.

Tech Tip: Cleaning Up Your Conversations
Apple’s Messages app can turn into a space hog if you never delete old attachments and chats you no longer need.

App Smart: Third-Party Keyboards Give Mobile Users More Options
Besides offering autocorrection and anticipating a user’s next words, keyboard apps provide search features and can customize the keys’ layout.

Frugal Traveler: 10 Free (or Cheap) Travel Apps Worth Downloading
Let’s be honest: Most travel apps aren’t very good. These are worth your time (and, in a few cases, your money).

Tech Fix: While Limited, Wi-Fi-First Phones Are a Good, Frugal Bet
Only some phones work with the services, which seek out Wi-Fi networks to carry call and data before turning to cell towers.

State of the Art: Facebook, a News Giant That Would Rather Show Us Baby Pictures
The most powerful force in the news industry just said something that should shock everyone in the media business: Its primary purpose isn’t informing users about the world.

Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family
News content posted by publishers will show up less prominently, resulting in less traffic to companies that have come to rely on Facebook audiences.

Should Your Driverless Car Hit a Pedestrian to Save Your Life?
Surveys show that people generally believe autonomous vehicles should make an emergency decision for the greatest good — except if it might kill them.

Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera. You Should Consider It, Too.
A photo of Mr. Zuckerberg’s laptop camera covered in tape had curious observers wondering if it was paranoia or just good practice.

Update: As Airbnb Grows, So Do Claims of Discrimination
Some black travelers are decrying racist experiences with the home-sharing service, giving birth to the social media campaign #AirbnbWhileBlack.

The Getaway: How to Survive Being an Airbnb Host
As the writer learned in her stint as an Airbnb host, the hospitality business is one long, grinning, love-me-please tap dance, more easily disparaged than done.

Tech Tip: Watching Virtual Reality Videos on YouTube
The site stocks an expanding collection of virtual reality clips and has even formatted its older videos to work with the Google Cardboard viewer.

Goodbye, Password. Banks Opt to Scan Fingers and Faces Instead.
Frustrated by thieves stealing personal data from millions of customers, banks are investing in biometric technology to offer better security.

Tech Tip: Moving Money by Messenger
In addition to its chat powers, Facebook Messenger can send payments to friends once everyone’s debit cards are linked to the service.

Tech Tip: Illustrating Your Thoughts in iOS Notes
Apple’s iOS 9 operating system includes an upgraded Notes app that can handle more than just typed text.

App Smart: Standouts in Mobile Gaming
A selection of innovative, beautiful and meaningful games with music, cartoons or even real-world themes.

Tech Fix: Devices That Deserve to Go Along on Vacation
Don’t burden your trip with expensive or very heavy devices that you may not use. Here are some worth packing for use on an airplane, in a rental car or hotel, outdoors and overseas.

State of the Art: Tripping Down a Virtual Reality Rabbit Hole
V.R. is at this point an experience best left for the privacy of one’s cave — a sometimes antisocial affair that does not allow for the modern world’s easy interplay of the real and the digital.

Birth Control via App Finds Footing Under Political Radar
Apps and websites that use telemedicine and other methods to offer prescriptions have sprung up with little of the furor expected in issues involving reproductive health.

Tech Tip: Tracing Your Google History
Google keeps a log of your searches, location and other information shared when you use the company’s services, but you have a say in what gets saved.

Tech Tip: Backing Up Into Google Photos
Google’s online service for storing your picture library comes with software that grabs backup copies right off the camera’s memory card.

App Smart: Put Yourself in the Soccer Game (No Shin Guards Needed)
The UEFA Euro 2016 soccer championships are taking place in France, a good time to get to know the global game. Apps offer stats, scores and games.

The Internet Can Be Mean. But Sometimes It Redeems Itself.
The internet has altered global culture almost beyond recognition and is reshaping issues from gender identity to military conflict.

First Words: Just How ‘Smart’ Do You Want Your Blender to Be?
Silicon Valley can upgrade practically any household item these days, but owning one often means giving in to surveillance.

Microsoft Takes Aim at Sony With Cheaper Xbox, Virtual Reality and Cross-Platform Games
Fighting to hold on to console players, Microsoft will sell a cheaper Xbox One and introduce a virtual reality console next year.

Tech Tip: Keeping an iPhone Online When the Signal Is Weak
Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9 can keep your device connected to the internet even when your wireless network signal is wobbly, but you may have to pay for it.

Tech Tip: Checking Your Windows 10 Lists

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