Why are police in the United States being killed by black men?

As Newton would say, “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.” Every action has a consequence, and if said action is violent in nature, the time comes when the aggressor is put to the sword.

The past few months have been tense and embarrassing for law enforcement agencies in the United States, with several police officers being caught red-handed clearly abusing the right of the people they swore to protect. The whole police brutality issue has also been linked to racism, considering that most of the perpetrators and innocent people alike are African-Americans.

A total of 31 law enforcement officers have been shot to death while on duty this year, with the latest incident involving the death of an officer who was shot on Tuesday while chasing suspects allegedly involved in a drive-by shooting.

The incident comes just a few hours after a therapist to a 23-year-old man with autism was shot by police while sitting on the ground. Fortunately, the therapist survived, but his patient stated that the officers did not show any restraint before shooting him, even though he had his hands up.

Quite clearly, the whole police brutality issue is reaching a boiling point, with officers showing little or no restraint when it comes to upholding the law. So far, 599 people have lost their lives in incidents involving the police, which is a serious situation and needs to be addressed professionally before things get out of hand any further.

The killing of people — who at many times are not guilty of any crime — has largely to do with police officers beingunable to take other measures to subdue suspects. There has rarely been a case reported where a police officer has done things differently, which is why the rate of officer killings this year is extremely high. Due to such episodes and many officers’ proclivity to use violence when they have the means to uphold their authority, there’s a great deal of mistrust between the African-American community and the police force in general.

This mistrust, when not dealt with, results in further complications until someone from within the community chooses to take things into his own hands by using extreme measures just to make a point. Such lone wolf attempts, where a civilian kills an officer,smacks of nothing more than abrasive attempts by vengeful people who are going to make life harder for those who have never had any infractions with the law in their entire lives.

Nonetheless, the case still stands. Unnecessary violence against perpetrators by law enforcement agencies has been the biggest reason police officers are now being targeted on a regular basis. The police officers that have been slain in recent months might never have been violent during many incidents, but they paid the price for the actions of their colleagues, which once again brings us to the same point. Is violence always the answer to subdue a perp when he’s alone and facing a whole squad of officers?

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