Trump won’t endorse GOP leaders in Republican rift


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How Clinton, Trump would affect your tax returns
Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have vastly different ideas for U.S. tax policy — here’s a breakdown

Trump won’t endorse GOP leaders in Republican rift
Donald Trump declined Tuesday to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan or Sen. John McCain in their primary races. His refusal came one day after both men reacted harshly to his feud with the family of a fallen soldier. Major Garrett reports.

Trump family faces backlash over sexual harassment comments
Ivanka Trump, who’s been dragged into the conversation, clearly established her position

Donald Trump walks back sexual harassment comments
On Sunday Donald Trump seemed to question the women who reportedly accused former Fox News chief Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, but he apparently adjusted his position on sexual harassment after his son, Eric, made comments on “CBS This Morning” Tuesday that sparked a firestorm of criticism. Julianna Goldman reports.

How Trump’s latest controversial comments impact GOP
CBS News political director and “Face the Nation” moderator John Dickerson joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the rift in the Republican Party following Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about the family of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Donald Trump goes on the offensive against everyone
The GOP nominee blasts the Khan family, the media, and major Republican officials as he speculates the election will be “rigged”

fop Chris Christie aide says she’ll support Hillary Clinton
Her announcement came on the same day that Christie defended the Khan family

Obama toasts 50-year relationship with Singapore at state dinner
Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, visited Washington D.C. to meet with President Obama this week

President Obama: Libya airstrikes crucial to US security
President Obama told reporters Tuesday at a White House news conference that the campaign would continue for as long as necessary

Clintons break from campaign to attend Rhode Island funeral
Bill Clinton eulogized longtime family friend Mark Weiner, calling him “forever young, forever exuberant”

Trump won’t endorse Ryan, McCain in primary races
The GOP nominee said in an interview Tuesday that he’s “not there yet” on supporting the two major Republican leaders

Ivanka and Eric become reliable defenders of their father
From his feud with the Khan family to his relationship with women, Trump’s children are some of his most stalwart defenders

Trump refuses to endorse Paul Ryan, John McCain
Less than two weeks after a Republican convention that stressed party unity, Donald Trump has said he won’t endorse two of his most prominent Republican colleagues. Major Garrett has more.

Eric Trump: Ivanka would not “allow” sexual harassment
Eric Trump tried to defend his father’s comments on sexual assault Tuesday, but wound up getting into hot water himself. During an appearance on “CBS This Morning,” he said his sister Ivanka would not “allow herself” to be sexually harassed.

President Obama says Trump “unfit” for presidency
President Obama said Tuesday that Donald Trump is “unfit” for the presidency. He also called out the GOP leadership, asking why they still support him. Margaret Brennan reports.

Donald Trump says he regrets not serving in Vietnam
The GOP nominee says he always wanted a Purple Heart after he’s given one by a veteran

Donald Trump: “”You can get the baby out of here”
The GOP presidential nominee first he said that he loves babies

FBI expands its cybersecurity division in aftermath of hacking incidents
The agency is also recruiting for what it calls an “unprecedented” new position in its cyber division

Biden officiates same-sex wedding
The vice president officiated his first wedding — between two longtime White House staffers on Monday

Three more senior aides depart DNC over hacked emails
The departures of the CEO, CFO and communications director come just over a week after chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s ouster

Donald Trump campaign asks GOP lawmakers for support in Khan family debacle
None seem to have honored a request to issue statements in support of Trump

Obama asks when GOP will have had “enough” of Donald Trump
The president said that Trump continues to prove he is “unfit” and “woefully unprepared” to serve as commander-in-chief

Hanna becomes first GOP congressman to say he’s voting for Clinton
The New York lawmaker published an op-ed opposing Trump and announcing his support for Clinton

Donald Trump kicks crying baby out of rally
The GOP presidential nominee first he said that he loves babies

Eric Trump on father’s feud with fallen soldier’s parents
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s son, Eric, is executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization. He joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss his father’s fight with the parents of fallen soldier, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, and his comments on women being sexually harassed by former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

Jeb Bush adviser’s departure from GOP shows effect of Donald Trump
Sally Bradshaw said she’ll vote for Hillary Clinton in November if it appears the race in Florida is close

Fact-check: Donald Trump gets a lot wrong on Ukraine
Trump asserted over the weekend that Russia would not enter Ukraine, appearing to not know that Russian troops were already there

Gold Star mom: Trump feud with Khan family “degraded” son’s sacrifice
Carlene Cross’ youngest child, Jason Bogar, was killed in Afghanistan in 2008. His three tours of duty also included Iraq. The Gold Star mother called on Republican leaders to go further in repudiating Donald Trump’s comments against the family of U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan.

Eric Trump weighs in on father’s feud with fallen soldier’s parents
He tells “CBS This Morning” that Donald Trump’s message is not “anti-Muslim,” but “anti-terror”

Donald Trump: I’d hope Ivanka would find new career if harassed
Trump was asked that in an interview focused on the sexual harassment allegations at Fox News

Mike Pence tries to be Donald Trump’s nice guy

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