Donald Trump to Lay Out ‘3 Pillars’ of Terrorism Plan, Aides Say

Some blue-collar workers trade the physical stress for related work that takes advantage of their knowledge and experience.

Donald Trump’s Missteps Risk Putting a Ceiling Over His Support in Swing States
Though candidates usually take more moderate positions in the general election, Mr. Trump continues to alienate certain groups, leaving him stagnant in the polls.

Race and the Olympic Games
The New York Times’s bureau chief in Rio de Janeiro answers questions about how the issue of race is playing out, from the opening ceremony to celebrations of victory.

Fred Trump Taught His Son the Essentials of Showboating Self-Promotion
Donald J. Trump inherited more than just a real estate empire from his father. Fred C. Trump, a builder of homes in Brooklyn and Queens, was the Donald of his day.

Donald Trump Explains His Obama-Founded-ISIS Claim as ‘Sarcasm’
The turnabout, in a Twitter post, was a reversal from just a day ago, when Mr. Trump said in multiple interviews that he was indeed serious about the charge.

At a Donald Trump Rally, a Confederate Flag Goes Up, and Quickly Comes Down
A Trump supporter who had hung the flag near the stage was prodded to remove it and did so, unhappily.

With Congress Deadlocked, White House Diverts Funds to Fight Zika
The Obama administration said $81 million will be shifted to the development of a Zika vaccine, citing a failure by Congress to approve new funding.

Gordon T. Danby, Who Helped Invent Magnetic-Levitation Trains, Dies at 86
Dr. Danby invented the trains with a colleague, James R. Powell, then spent decades in largely futile efforts to get them built.

Frank Palopoli, Who Aided Fertility With Clomid Drug, Dies at 94
Millions of women have become pregnant because of the drug Mr. Palopoli and his team of researchers developed in the 1950s.

Fact-Checking Hillary Clinton’s Economic Speech
What Mrs. Clinton got right, and wrong, in her promotion of her economic agenda and attacks on that of her rival, Donald J. Trump.

D.E.A. Keeps Marijuana on List of Dangerous Drugs, Frustrating Advocates
The agency decided not to reclassify marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug to a Schedule 2 drug, but removed a roadblock to medical studies of marijuana.

Report on Racial Bias in Baltimore Policing Also Exposes Gender Bias
Baltimore officers humiliated women who reported sexual assault, failed to gather basic evidence, and disregarded prostitutes’ complaints, the Justice Department found.

Military Officials Distorted ISIS Intelligence, Congressional Panel Says
The United States Central Command altered its analysis to portray a more optimistic picture of the war than events in Iraq and Syria warranted, a report concluded.

Employees Sue Four More Universities Over Retirement Plan Fees
Duke, Johns Hopkins, the University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt are accused of costing their employees millions of dollars each year.

Federal Court Rejects North Carolina Legislative Districts
Twenty-eight House and Senate districts were struck down as illegal racial gerrymanders, but the November elections will still be held using them.

Shooting in North Carolina Draws Comparisons to Trayvon Martin’s Death
Chad Cameron Copley killed Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, a 20-year-old black man, after telling a 911 dispatcher that there were “a bunch of hoodlums” outside his home.

Ben Bradlee’s Mausoleum Sets Off a Gossip-Laden Squabble
In a reversal of its own judgment, the city of Washington has decided to exempt mausoleums like Mr. Bradlee’s from regulatory hurdles, infuriating preservation groups.

Postcard From Texas: New York, Tex.: If You Can Make It There, You’ll Make It Anywhere
“Mr. Reynolds shrugged when I asked if he and his wife had ever been to that other New York.”

Donald Trump, Insisting He Won’t Change His Style, Repeats Claim Obama Founded ISIS
The Republican presidential nominee said that he intended to stick by his unorthodox campaign style, even if it meant taking “a very, very nice long vacation” after Nov. 8.

Mike Pence Campaigns With an Eye on His Own Future
In addition to being cast as cleaner-up in chief for Donald J. Trump, Mr. Pence and his loyalists are hoping to position him for a post-2016 landscape.

Gay and Lesbian High School Students Report ‘Heartbreaking’ Levels of Violence
Sexual-minority teenagers are at far greater risk for depression, bullying and many types of violence than their straight peers, the C.D.C. has found.

Common Sense: How Much Does Donald Trump Pay in Taxes? It Could Be Zero
Mr. Trump has not released his tax returns, but tax experts say it is possible and legal that he pays little or nothing in federal income tax.

South Carolina Law on Disrupting School Faces Legal Challenge
A federal suit says the law, which was used last year when a white sheriff’s deputy dragged a black student from her desk and arrested her, violates due process.

Letter From America: Hillary Clinton and the Evolution of American Politics
Voters once compared male and female candidates through the lens of characteristics they assumed to be inherent. Things have changed.

Puerto Ricans in Florida Are Being Courted by Hillary Clinton’s Campaign
With as many as 1,000 families a month relocating to Florida from Puerto Rico, Democrats aim to register as many coveted new voters as possible.

Hillary Clinton to Attack Donald Trump on Tax Plan in Michigan Speech
Mrs. Clinton plans to eviscerate her Republican rival over policies that she said would favor the super wealthy and hurt average Americans.

The 2016 Race: Does Donald Trump Need the Hispanic Vote? Not as Much as You Might Think
Yes, Florida is a crucial state, but there are more than enough whites to put a Republican candidate like Mr. Trump over the top.

Road Rules: Driving Tips: How You Can Help Limit Traffic Jams
Some driving advice should be obvious, but a subtle thing like tapping on your brakes could have effects miles behind you.

The Millions of Americans Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Barely Mention: The Poor
While their economic platforms are markedly different, both candidates promise to create jobs but have said little about helping people while they are not working.

One Ally Remains Firmly Behind Donald Trump: The N.R.A.
With the nominee increasingly isolated in his own party, the gun rights group has become one of his remaining supporters within the G.O.P. coalition.

A Subdued Donald Trump Says He Would Improve the Economy
A day after many thought that he suggested violence against Hillary Clinton, the Republican presidential candidate focused on trade deals and coal mining.

Harassment Crisis Builds at Fox News, Despite Its Swift Moves
The ouster of Roger Ailes and an internal inquiry have done little to halt a drumbeat of new accusations of misogyny at Fox News.

Hack of Democrats’ Accounts Was Wider Than Believed, Officials Say
A Russian cyberattack is now thought to have breached the private email accounts of more than 100 party officials and groups.

Explanation Given for Clinton Charity Donor’s Seeking Out State Dept.
The billionaire Gilbert Chagoury wanted to contact someone to offer his insight into the elections in Lebanon in 2009, his spokesman said.

A New Way to Reach Obama: Facebook Messaging
The White House’s public Facebook page will allow people another avenue to advise, criticize or compliment President Obama.

‘Grim Sleeper’ Serial Killer Gets Death Sentence
Lonnie D. Franklin Jr.’s sentencing brings closure to the families of nine young women and a teenager killed in Los Angeles over a span of about 30 years.

Mayor’s Brushes With Law Enforcement Divide a Struggling Stockton
Anthony Silva, the mayor of Stockton, Calif., is under intense scrutiny for an arrest and a missing gun tied to a homicide.

In Baltimore Report, Justice Dept. Revives Doubts About Zero-Tolerance Policing
The broken-windows style of policing that New York evangelized is increasingly seen as a source of community tensions, not a successful crime-fighting strategy.

Obama Administration Set to Remove Barrier to Marijuana Research
The new policy could spur broad scientific study of a drug being used to treat dozens of diseases despite little rigorous evidence of its effectiveness.

Florida Civilian Killed in Training Exercise
Officials in Punta Gorda, Fla., said on Wednesday that the city is mourning the death of Mary Knowlton, 73, a resident killed in a police training exercise, and that an investigation would be conducted.

Mike Pence Hints at Trump’s Muslim Ban Extending to Other Religions
Mr. Pence, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, did not rule out barring other faiths, if the people were coming from nations or territories that support terrorism.

How Did People Migrate to the Americas? Bison DNA Helps Chart the Way
Two groups of experts generally agree when a gateway from Siberia to North America opened, but not on who used it first.

Appeals Court Prevents Voting Without ID in Wisconsin
The Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit blocked a lower court from ordering the state to allow any registered voter to cast a ballot without photo identification.

Here’s How Racial Bias Plays Out in Policing
In investigations of nearly two dozen police departments around the country, the Justice Department found common tactics that showed widespread bias.

Self-Service Checkouts Can Turn Customers Into Shoplifters, Study Says
The study of purchases in countries like Britain and the United States suggested that shoppers may find it easy to justify not scanning merchandise and taking it without paying.

Hillary Clinton Hopes to Capitalize on Republican Defectors
The Democratic nominee has a group, called Together for America, aimed at persuading reluctant Republicans to not only reject Donald J. Trump, but also to support Mrs. Clinton.

Woman Is Accidentally Killed by Police Officer Playing ‘Bad Guy’ at Training Academy in Florida
Mary Knowlton, 73, was participating in a role-play exercise hosted by the Punta Gorda Police Department when she was shot with live rounds.

The 2016 Race: Donald Trump’s Red-State Problem
He’s winning whites without college degrees, but there’s little way to gain in the South — and more room to fall — because that group already tends to vote Republican.

Findings of Police Bias in Baltimore Validate What Many Have Long Felt
A Justice Department report showing that officers systematically stopped, searched and arrested blacks is a step toward a settlement to overhaul police training and practices.

When Her Family Needed Money, Hillary Clinton Faced Stark Choices
In an aspirational life on the edges of power, Mrs. Clinton shouldered her family’s financial burdens but has been accused of going against her principles.

Modest to Majestic: A Look at Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Homes Over the Years
The Clintons’ shift over time from middle class to multimillionaires has been perhaps most pronounced in the places they have called home.

Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act Against Hillary Clinton
Mr. Trump, in emphasizing gun issues and the Supreme Court during a speech, issued what some saw as a threat to Mrs. Clinton.

Polls Show Donald Trump Staying Close to Hillary Clinton in 3 Swing States
Newly released surveys of likely voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania show Mrs. Clinton leading but Mr. Trump within striking distance.

Is Trump Mentally Fit? ‘Sure,’ Gingrich Says

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