Debit Card Danger: Double Charged for Beach Vacation

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A selection of photographs submitted to the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

Record Number of Passengers Will Fly This Summer, Trade Group Says
More travelers will likely mean longer security airport lines.

Zika Virus Forces Shift in Summer Travel Plans
The Zika virus outbreak has travelers scrambling to change summer vacations.

Backstage at La Nouba at Walt Disney World
Behind the scenes at the Cirque du Soleil show.

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These places should be on your travel bucket list.

Tips for Traveling With Pets on Planes
Never put your pet through the X-ray machine.

‘Flavor Lab’ at Walt Disney World Is Where Park Food Is Born
The answer to where your favorite Disney theme park food came from.

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Alisha Marie shares ways to make your camping trip more glamorous.

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Summer Airfare on the Decline
It should be easier to fly the wallet-friendly skies this summer.

NYC Airports: We Can No Longer Tolerate TSA’s ‘Inadequacy’
JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports are considering private security screening.

Rappel 1,900 Feet Down With 2 of the World’s Best Climbers
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of our National Parks, “GMA” is taking viewers on an amazing camping adventure.

Mickey and Minnie Take Flight to Celebrate Shanghai Disneyland
It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s Mickey Mouse!

9 Jaw-Dropping Views from 9 Beautiful Hotel Pools
Here are 9 amazing hotel pools from around the world.

Cheap Destinations for Summer
These strategies can help you get to almost any city for less.

7 Beautiful Spots in Nature That Will Make You Feel Small
You will love the natural surroundings of these seven hotels.

Crying Babies Mean Free Flights During JetBlue Flight
JetBlue tries to shift the flying public’s attitude towards crying kids.

Creepy Photo Snapped by Tourist at ‘The Shining’ Hotel
The Stanley hotel was the inspiration for the movie that scared a generation.

Travel Eco-Friendly on Earth Day at These Airbnbs
The rent-a-room website has locales from Los Angeles to Michigan.

This Kind of Pat-Down Can Get ‘Hairy’ for the TSA
The Transportation Security Administration on why hair pat-downs are necessary.

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Indulge at these seven spots to celebrate the end of tax season.

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The eight islands that make this list are far from the ordinary.

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Here are 11 retreats perfect for a jungle vacation.

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3 Vacations Worth Blowing Your Tax Refund On
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Super Savers Reveal How They Flew on a Private Jet for Free
Flying on private jets is usually reserved for the very rich. Not anymore.

8 Cheap Retreats on the World’s Most Famously Beautiful Beaches
These retreats sit on the sand of eight of the world’s most renowned beaches.

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When airlines merge, competition disappears.

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8 Hotels You Don’t Think You Know But You Do (If You’ve Seen These Classic Movies)
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Special Airline Discounts That Still Exist
Let’s examine four major airlines’ discount policies.

Airbnb Now Inviting All Travelers to Cuba, Not Just Americans
The company has been beating the bushes there for a year.

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6 Hotels You Would Never Guess Used to Be Prisons
These six awesome hotels make doing time a real treat.

Meet the Woman Whose Angry Splash Mountain Photo Became a Meme
The hilarious photo has more than 2 million views.

See This, Skip That: Sonoma
This town is a haven for foodies.

The 12 Best Value Hotels in Mexico
Get inspired for your affordable, yet excellent, getaway.

Why the 13 Hotel in Macau Is Fit for a King
The hotel, opening this summer, offers butler service and Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

Meet Piper, the Airport K-9 Wildlife Control Dog Who Keeps Runways Safe
Piper keeps Cherry Capital Airport’s runways clear of animals.

What to Do if You Miss Your Flight
These three strategies should ease some of the pain and maybe save some money.

5 Healthy Spring Break Getaways That Will Change Your Life
These spring break destinations are offering healthy options to help you relax.

3 Ways to Possibly Save on Spring Break Tickets
FareCompare shares some helpful hints on saving money.

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