Ransomware: why paying extortionists is a risky 50-50 bet


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Ransomware: why paying extortionists is a risky 50-50 bet
Paying ransom attackers is becoming everyday practice for companies. But it guarantees little

14 biggest Apple security threats 2016

Universal Basic Income requires its own set of founding principles
If the robots are coming for your job, then it’s uncontroversial to say tremendous social upheavals are ahead, including in the way that we understand the role of work itself and what technology can do for the public at large. But there are grave questions ahead for the way in which it should be managed.

Quiz: How much UK tax have corporations paid?
Do you know how much UK tax Apple, Amazon, Uber and more pay? Test out your knowledge here!

Worried about WhatsApp privacy? Here are 5 secure alternatives
If not WhatsApp, what? We name five good alternatives for the privacy-conscious

Here are 111 UK women who could speak at your tech event
Here are more than 100 women based in the UK, working across a wide range of sectors within tech, who could speak at your next tech event.

11 UK AI startups to watch: the hottest machine learning startups in the UK

Quiz: How much do you know about WhatsApp?
How much do you know about WhatsApp? Test your knowledge here.

The DNSSEC master key securing DNS is about to change. Should we be worried?
A room, seven smartcards, one HSM. This is how the web really works

What does WhatsApp’s new privacy policy mean for you?
The Facebook-owned messaging service changed its privacy policy this week, paving the way to share more data with its parent company, including your phone number.

Top online communities for startups

How to make your PC or laptop run faster

11 UK insurtech startups to watch

The Deliveroo drivers strike: collective action in uncharted waters
Anyone familiar with the tech conference circuit will be all too aware of the opening tropes of any given talk: the biggest housing company in the world, Airbnb, owns no homes; the highest-valued transport business on the planet, Uber, owns no cars. This is the duplicitously titled sharing economy, but this month, it was struck a heavy blow.

Ever sent email to the wrong person? Solving email’s oldest most ignored hazard
The risk of mis-directing emails is the same it was when the technology was invented: considerable

What is artificial general intelligence?
The creation of artificial general intelligence would be one of the biggest breakthroughs in the field of AI for years. Has it already happened or are the claims of Kimera Systems just hot air?

Quiz: How much do you know about robots?
We test your knowledge of robots! Could you answer these five questions about robotics? Find out now

Meet Trussle, the one-year-old startup taking on the UK mortgage industry
Fintech startups have shaken up a whole range of traditional financial institutions, from payments in the early 2000s to banking and insurance today, but mortgages remain resistant to change. Trussle is the startup ballsy enough to take it on…

How dark is the dark web? Common misconceptions about the deep or hidden web
It terrifies the public, who barely understand what it is. We take a closer look

A brief history of robotics – a timeline of key achievements in the field

The UK’s 13 most infamous data breaches 2016
Software vulnerabilities, lost hard drives and CDs, malicious insiders, poor security – the UK’s most important data breaches reveal just how many ways data can be put at risk

Quiz: Can you guess which are real companies Marissa Mayer acquired at Yahoo?
Marissa Mayer’s track record for buying companies during her time at Yahoo! was less than stellar, can you tell the difference between the companies she acquired and the ones we have made up?

Is it possible to hack a plane?
Far from the almost-quaint days of viruses and keyloggers, the somewhat abstract threat of cyber attacks has evolved into something more concrete. As infosec crosses the bridge from cyberspace to the physical we ask: is it possible to hack a plane?

Startup WeRoam promises to let you work remotely in 12 cities in 12 months
The first trip starts in January 2017 and will take participants to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Morocco, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

11 of the UK’s hottest 3D printing startups to watch

Android’s 6 biggest security flaws 2016
Android is inherently hard to patch. with more severe issues being found, this is becoming a major problem

Phishing attacks: is it time to take employee training more seriously?
Anti-phishing training should be a bigger business. Now British startup Hook is trying a new approach

Seven pointless things Tim Peake did in space

Quiz: Can you answer these five questions about Windows 10?
How much do you know about Windows 10? Take our quiz to find out!

Meet Bulb, the renewable energy provider that’s lighting up the utilities sector
It seems too good to be true: an energy provider that cuts your bills, provides renewable energy and is digital-first. So how do they do it?

The best pocket-sized PCs for your startup

Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories: has Instagram broken the law?
We chatted to a specialist intellectual property (IP) lawyer to find out if Instagram broke any laws with its blatantly Snapchat-influenced new feature – also called stories – and weigh in on what this means for the two social media giants.

Seven of the best messaging and ChatOps apps for work

16 innovative UK companies using open data

‘Facebook makes me angry’: Stack Overflow’s CEO on developers’ ethical choices
Here’s why Stack Overflow’s CEO Joel Spolsky dislikes Facebook but is a fan of Twitter and Instagram – for now.

10 people all developers should follow on Twitter

Post-Quantum: the UK startup that wants to save the world from quantum computers
Post-Quantum is a slow-burning, brilliant oddity of a startup. We assess its prospects

Can you spot the fake tech story? Take our quiz and find out
Take our big ‘real or fake’ quiz to see if you can spot a fake tech story

UK retail tech startup Anatwine sets out its plan for world domination
Ambition certainly isn’t a problem for this retail tech startup from Gloucestershire, but can Anatwine really transform the way brands and retailers work together online?

Which is the best online payments solution for your startup? Stripe vs Braintree
Startups looking to sell their product or subscriptions will need a payments solution, ideally one that is flexible, seamless, frictionless and mobile optimised. Here are the best online payments infrastructure options for tech startups.

Amazon account hijacking: how to defend yourself against fraudsters
From phishing awareness to two-step verification

The UK’s 10 fastest growing fintech startups

We tried to work out what Tinder Social is by watching the promo video
What is Tinder Social you ask? Luckily the dating app has produced this super realistic representation of what the new feature can bring to your social life, namely scantily clad beach excursions, Squad Goals and incongruous panthers.

Five interesting ways tech is being used in sports

Why your startup shouldn’t go to a VC for funding
If you are looking towards more measured growth for your startup, want to keep control or you’re simply not established yet, you probably want to avoid VCs.

26 hilarious vintage tech ads you’ll love

Elliptic: UK Bitcoin startup plots future in dark web forensics
Elliptic started as a top-notch Bitcoin Vault. Now the story has moved in to the blockchain

Eight tech crazes that have come and gone

UK edtech startups to watch

Quiz: How much do you know about the most popular gaming fads of the past?
Think you know a lot about Pokemon Go, Flappy Bird and Farmville? Take our quiz to find out.

9 Pokémon Go thinkpieces listed without comment

Eight best VPNs for statups and small businesess

Meet Yodit Stanton: cofounder of IoT startup OpenSensors
Meet OpenSensors: a startup doing remarkable things with open data and IoT.

These 7 proptech startups will help you climb the property ladder
The property industry is ripe for disruption, as the estate-agent led business model remains deeply ingrained in the way people buy, sell and rent properties in the UK. Here are the startups looking to change that.

Quiz: Which tech giants have been under investigation?
With Facebook being investigated by the IRS, can you guess which of these tech giants have been investigated by the authorities?

TfL lays out its innovation roadmap, says network-wide Wi-Fi is a priority
The innovation manager at Transport for London laid out his approach to emerging technologies yesterday, from IoT to VR and what he plans to do with the increasing amount of data they are collecting to make commuters lives better.

Do startups need a rating agency? Early Metrics thinks so
The French company Early Metrics wants to become the Moody’s for rating startups, and here’s how the business rates London’s startup ecosystem

15 technology books to read this summer

Brexit and beyond – the issues that worry a UK tech sector still in shock
Is Brexit good or bad for tech? Arguably it might eventually be an uncertain mix of both

Free must-see tech events happening next week

Quiz: Can you tell which of these celebrities were hacked?
Take our quiz to see if you can tell which of these celebrities were hacked.

Cycling 2.0 – how the Tour de France is reinventing itself using big data
Cycling’s had a difficult few years. Can technology ride to the rescue?

Venture capital explained: What is a venture capital company?
The questions you’ve always wanted to ask: what do VCs do? Where do they get their money? How do they decide where to invest? And how do you become one?

How MADE.COM ‘scaled up’ from niche startup to global company
What the team behind MADE.COM learned when launching then expanding their startup, from funding to expanding abroad to the differences between the US and European tech scenes.

How to scale up your UK startup
Here’s the advice these legal, finance, marketing, insurance and HR experts have to offer startups as they seek to grow.

11 startups told us their biggest mistakes, and how you can avoid them

Quiz: Can you answer these 5 questions about mergers and acquisitions?
Take our weekly quiz to test out your knowledge!

How to value your tech startup
Tech valuations aren’t an exact science, but there is a way to get the best valuation for your company, even if it is loss making, plus avoiding the pitfalls when it comes to giving away precious equity.

14 best free project management software programs 2016

An ex-Ethereum developer describes the night the crypto-currency was hacked
Millions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency ‘ether’ was stolen in a hack last week. Ex-Ethereum developer Kenneth Kappler describes how that night played out and offered his advice on the best way to avoid similar breaches in the future.

Tech IPOs: here’s why UK tech companies are choosing not to IPO
A combination of a buoyant private funding market and the various burdensome factors attached to going public means that a number of the UK’s newest and most valuable tech companies are choosing to stay private.

Top coworking spaces in the UK 2016

15 coding courses and bootcamps in the UK

Seven drone startups to watch in 2016

Travelex muscles in on the fintech market with the launch of its Supercard
Travelex is fighting the fintech startups in their own back yard, by developing consumer facing apps and products in-house.

‘The world of software developers is changing radically’ says GitHub VP
However there’s still ‘so much work to be done’ to increase diversity within development, Kakul Srivastava admits.

HutZero: the UK’s first cybersecurity bootcamp is on the hunt for lost talent
The UK has plenty of cybersecurity smarts – but someone has to find them first

HutZero: the UK’s first cybersecurity bootcamp will pay entrepreneurs to attend
Cyber London and CSIT join forces to rear new entrepreneurial talent

Twitter and Snapchat are becoming complementary according to Twitter’s UK MD
Speaking in London today the managing director for Twitter in the UK spoke about “mega trends”, influencers, and how social networks are becoming more complementary.

Eight companies working on driverless cars

Meet Attest: the British startup bringing SaaS to the market research industry
Market research is the latest multi-billion dollar industry that is ripe for disruption. British startup Attest thinks it has the formula to knock the incumbent players off of their perch.

Nine best uses of chatbots in business in the UK

London Technology Week: What is it, when is it and our tips for the best events
All you need to know about London Technology Week, set to run from 20 June until 26 June 2016.

CoinCorner: the cryptocurrency exchange battling to make bitcoins simple
Ever bought a bitcoin? Most people haven’t. CoinCorner is a startup that would like to change that

Seven amazing examples of high-tech innovation in China

Facebook flops: 19 failed Facebook products

Quiz: Who said what?
Test your knowledge of famous tech quotes! Think you can spot an Elon Musk or Bill Gates quote? Take our big Friday quiz to find out!

6 days to register to vote in the EU referendum – how the tech sector is helping
Tuesday 8 June is the deadline to register to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June – make sure you don’t miss it.

Credits: the startup building blockchain-as-a-service one customer at a time
The first generation of blockchain platforms is taking shape on the Isle of Man

We went to the launch of the £9,500 Solarin smartphone, and it was really weird
The international startup Sirin Labs launched its first product yesterday in London, the £9,500 Solarin smartphone, which it calls the most secure ever made

Robots could save jobs, claims CEO
Fetch Robotics makes service robots for businesses, which differ from industrial robots as they directly work with people, assisting them with tasks such as moving goods around distribution centres.

How Manchester’s tech scene can succeed beyond the UK and into Europe
Manchester’s digital sector indirectly employs about 85,000 people, setting it up to compete and succeed against some of the biggest tech cities in Europe.

The Isle of Man: how a tax haven reinvented itself as a startup paradise
Tax havens are doomed. Luckily, the Isle of Man has a backup plan.

10 technologies that could revolutionise retail

Hacking the human: 3D printed living cells, editing genes and meat grown in labs
A new breed of startups have started focusing on an area they believe to be ripe for disruption: biology.

General Electric CDO says automation will create “winners and losers”
The Chief Digital Officer of General Electric – the fourth largest business in the world – has claimed there will be “winners and losers” in the oncoming seismic shift pushed forward by technology like automation, AI, and the internet of things. Read on for the insider’s take on how all this emerging tech will impact the world.

Meet Shpock: The boot sale app taking on Ebay and Gumtree
Austrian startup Shpock hopes to expand its ‘classified adverts for the smartphone generation’ mobile app in the UK. But how does it work, what’s the company like and who’s backing it?

The 8 coolest startups we met in Singapore last week

Entrepreneur First takes its London blueprint for building startups to Singapore
London’s unique startup cohort Entrepreneur First announced it was expanding overseas late last year, and as the first group of budding entrepreneurs nears graduation we went to find out how Singapore compares to London as a tech city

How open access to artificial intelligence changes everything
Using these toolkits anyone will be able to use AI or machine learning platforms – which are as sophisticated as anything currently on the market, offering the potential to unleash vast innovation.

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