Undecided Voters Particularly Unpredictable This Year


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Undecided Voters Particularly Unpredictable This Year
What happens when you’ve got two historically unpopular candidates.

WATCH: Flashback: Donald Trump Says Birtherism ‘Resonated With a Lot of People’
Trump tells ABC’s Jonathan Karl that he has “no idea” whether President Obama was born in U.S.

WATCH: Ryan Struyk and Katherine Faulders Talk Polls and Politics in Lafayette Park
ABC News’ Ryan Struyk and Katherine Faulders recap the latest polling data while walking in Washington DC

WATCH: Obama: Trump Shows He’s Unfit for Presidency ‘Every Time He Speaks’
President Obama said Thursday that Donald Trump’s controversial public statements confirm his belief that the GOP nominee is unfit to sit in the Oval Office.

WATCH: Clinton: Trump Is ‘Totally Unqualified’ for Office
The presidential nominee criticizes her rival’s comments about the U.S. military and Russia.

WATCH: America 101: How Are Presidential Campaigns Financed?
“Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary gives us a lesson in how presidential campaigns are financed.

WATCH: Gary Johnson Explains Aleppo Gaffe on ‘The View’
Explaining his Aleppo gaffe in an ongoing interview on “The View,” Gary Johnson said there’s “no excuse” for his lapse on Aleppo while reiterating his paper statement that he thought the question was referring to an acronym.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Does Not Rule Out Sexism in 2016 Race
Hillary Clinton did not rule out sexism when responding to criticism by the Republican National Committee that she appeared “angry” during a forum on national security Wednesday night.

WATCH: Speaker Ryan on Donald Trump’s Plan for ISIS
Asked if Donald Trump needs to present voters with a plan to defeat ISIS, Speaker Ryan said they should look at what House Republicans have proposed.

WATCH: Obama Reflects on Vietnam War, Veterans Who Served
The president says the American men and women who served “put their lives on the line.”

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Rips Donald Trump for Praise of Vladimir Putin
Hillary Clinton ripped into Donald Trump for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin during a forum on national security Wednesday night, calling his comments “unpatriotic” and “dangerous.”

WATCH: Clinton: Islamic State praying for Trump win
Hillary Clinton, while being interviewed by Israeli Channel 2 Reporter Yonit Levi, said Trump has made Islam and Muslims part of his campaign.

Hillary Clinton Does Not Rule Out Sexism in 2016 Race
Clinton responded to criticism from the RNC chair Reince Priebus.

ANALYSIS: 5 Things the Commander-in-Chief Forum Told Us
Clinton’s and Trump’s weaknesses were on stark display last night.

Trump Campaign Announces $90 Million Fundraising Haul in August
The Republican nominee had his best fundraising month but still trails Clinton.

Clinton Rips Donald Trump for Praise of Vladimir Putin
Hillary Clinton today called Trump “unpatriotic” and “scary.”

Battleground State Polls Show Tight Races Between Trump and Clinton
Quinnipiac polls show races in four key battleground states are close.

Trump Responds to Accusations of Flip-Flopping on Iraq War
The businessman attempted to clarify his stance following inconsistencies.

Pres. Obama, Bob Woodruff Share Coming of Age During Vietnam War
Even supporters knew “there needed to be some mechanism to bring it to an end.”

Ryan Criticizes Putin Amid Trump’s Praise for Russian Leader
Ryan made the remarks after Trump praised Putin.

Election Complaint Filed Against Florida AG for Trump Foundation Contribution
Pam Bondi’s fundraising group received a 2013 check from the Trump Foundation.

Clinton Stresses Importance of Her Ties to Black Churches
In doing so, she’s taking a dig at Donald Trump.

Broncos’ Brandon Marshall Kneels During National Anthem
Marshall followed in the footsteps of Colin Kaepernick.

Trump Says He Doesn’t Dislike Clinton
In an RT interview, Trump surprisingly toned down his anti-Clinton rhetoric.

WATCH: Donald Trump Calls for Military Cuts to Be Lifted
The GOP presidential nominee discussed foreign policy issues at a rally held at the Union League of Philadelphia.

WATCH: Congressman Brings Mosquitoes to House Floor for Zika Speech
Republican Rep. David Jolly held a jar of mosquito larvae while discussing Zika funding.

Florida Congressman Takes Mosquitoes to House Floor
Rep. David Jolly wants Congress to pass Zika funding.

House to Vote on 9/11 Lawsuit Bill Ahead of Sept. 11 Anniversary
The bill would allow 9/11 victims’ families to sue Saudi Arabia.

Top Intel Official Says US Should ‘Not Bother’ Labeling Some Info Classified
He said agencies are “guilty” of labeling too much information as classified.

WATCH: Obama Hints at Post-Presidency Plans During Laos Visit
The president said he will work with young people through his presidential center.

Trump Calls for Military Cuts to Be Lifted
Donald Trump calls for major increases in military spending and an end to the military sequester.

Obama Hints at Post-Presidency Plans on Laos Trip
Obama said he will work with young people through his presidential center.

Trump Campaign Manager Unsure if Ailes Is Giving Debate Advice
Kellyanne Conway talked to “Good Morning America” Wednesday.

The Note: Commander-in-Chief Tryouts
NOTABLES –TRUMP WANTS PLAN TO DEFEAT ISIS IN 30 DAYS IF ELECTED: Donald Trump is expected to unveil a plan to end the military sequester — across the board budget cuts — during a speech in Philadelphia today after saying last night he will ask his top military officials to formulate a plan for defeating ISIS within his first 30 days in office. “We are going to convey my top generals and give them a simple instruction,” Trump told the crowd in Greenville, N.C. last night. “They will have 30 days to submit to the oval office a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS. We have no choice.” http://abcn.ws/2cEU7bq –HAPPENING TODAY: In a briefing with the campaign, an aide previewed his address to the Philadelphia Union League today, adding that Trump will begin a substantial increase in military spending, as the candidate has advocated before. Trump’s address will largely focus on military spending, presenting a contrast between what the campaign calls the “adventurism” of…

WATCH: Obama Addresses Legacy of US Bombs in Laos
President Obama visits with amputees, acknowledges U.S. secret war in Laos

Obama: Laos Living Under ‘Shadow of War’
Obama: US dropped more bombs on Laos than Germany and Japan during World War II.

Congress Halts Zika Funds Over Planned Parenthood as Cases Spread
Congress is hung up on a dispute over Planned Parenthood.

Trump Wants Plan to Defeat ISIS in 30 Days if Elected
The Republican nominee will lay out a defense spending plan on Wednesday.

Clinton, Kaine Hit Trump on National Security
The Democratic presidential ticket needles Trump on national security

TRANSCRIPT: ABC News Anchor David Muir Interviews Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
On Monday, September 5, 2016, ABC News “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir interviewed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine. The following is a transcript of the interview: MUIR: It’s Labor Day as we mentioned, 63 days to go until Election Day. And you mentioned Donald Trump in this country, Secretary Clinton, and people know he wants to build a wall, tough on immigration, he has called himself the ‘law and order’ candidate. I’m curious, when a voter is asked what Hillary Clinton stands for, with 63 days to go, what do you hope they’ll say? CLINTON: I hope what they’ll say is that I stand for the kind of future that will help them and their families. In fact, Tim and I are issuing a book today because we care so much about voters knowing– we want to get the economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top, we’re going to make college affordable and help people pay back their debt. We’re going to help people balance family and work,…

TRANSCRIPT: ABC News Anchor David Muir Interviews Donald Trump and Mike Pence
On Monday, September 5, 2016, ABC News “World News Tonight” anchor David Muir interviewed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence. The following is a transcript of the interview: MUIR: Mr. Trump, Governor Pence, thank you for doing this. We sit here in the great battleground state of Ohio. 63 days to go. How badly do you need to win Ohio to win that White House? TRUMP: Well we’re up in Ohio and you see the kind of crowds we’re having in Ohio and I think we’re going to win it and certainly I think it will be very important to win Ohio. We’re going to do very well in Pennsylvania. We’re leading in Florida. We’re doing well pretty much all over but winning Ohio. First of all, I worked here for a long period of time and I loved this state and I love the people and I think we’re going to win Ohio. MUIR: You’ve heard what people have said. Republicans do not win the White House without Ohio. TRUMP: Well I’ve heard that and certainly we intend to win…

Brady Campaign to Congress: ‘While You Were Out, 4,500 People Died From Gun Violence’
After August recess, campaign demands action on gun control reform.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton on Emails: ‘I Take Classification Seriously’
Hillary Clinton tells ABC News’ David Muir that she takes responsibility for having a private email server.

WATCH: Clinton Maintains Trump Should Release Tax Returns
Hillary Clinton stood by her stance that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump should release his tax returns and talked about how she’s prepping for the debates.

What to Expect at This Turning Point in the 2016 Race
The general election campaign is in full swing.

Clinton Calls for Scrutiny of ‘Questionable’ Trump Foundation Dealings
Hillary Clinton also tells ABC News she’s proud of her family’s foundation.

Hillary Clinton Defends Not Knowing Classified Email Markings
Hillary Clinton told ABC’s David Muir, “There are no excuses.”

Trump Says He’ll Release Full Medical Records
ABC News’ David Muir interviewed Trump and running mate Pence Monday in Ohio.

Trump Offends Some With Comment That Clinton Lacks ‘Presidential Look’
One expert views his remark as an attempt to distract voters.

WATCH: Conservative Activist Phyllis Schlafly Dies at 92
Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly died Monday at her home in St. Louis, Missouri, ABC News has confirmed. She was 92.

WATCH: America 101: What Is a Swing State?
George Stephanopoulos uncovers the secrets behind America’s swing states.

The Note: David Muir Marks Final Sprint to Election Day with Exclusive Interviews
NOTABLES –CLINTON SAYS TRUMP CHOKED IN MEXICO: Hillary Clinton said in an exclusive interview with ABC’s DAVID MUIR yesterday that Donald Trump created a “diplomatic incident” last week with his trip to Mexico. “He came out saying one thing and the Mexican president contradicted him almost immediately,” Clinton said, referring to Trump’s claim that he did not discuss payment for the border wall, a centerpiece of his presidential campaign. “He didn’t raise it, so he did choke. He didn’t know how to even communicate effectively with a head of state. And I think that’s a pretty clear outcome from that trip,” she said. ABC’s JOSH HASKELL has more: http://abcn.ws/2bSKbbF –TRUMP SAYS HE DIDN’T: Trump responded to  Clinton’s remark that he “did choke” by failing to get Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to say that his country would pay for the building of a wall on its border with the U.S. “I don’t choke,” Trump told ABC’s DAVID MUIR in the battleground state of Ohio yesterday….

Congress Braces for Busy September
Lawmakers have four weeks to fund the government and the fight against Zika.

Clinton Unleashes Allies on Trump as Election 2016 Hits Home Stretch
Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders will campaign for Clinton.

Obama Doubles Spending to Clean Up Leftover US Bombs in Laos
The United States has a “moral obligation to help Laos heal,” he said.

Trump, Clinton Running Neck and Neck in New Poll 2 Months Before Election Day
A CNN/ORC poll today shows Trump and Clinton in a statistical dead heat.

Clinton Hits Trump With Attack Ad Featuring Veterans
“Sacrifice” blasts Trump for his comments about veterans.

‘People Don’t Care’ About Tax Returns, Trump Says
Running mate Mike Pence said that the calls to release them are a “distraction.”

Trump Says He Did Not ‘Choke’ on Mexico Wall Deal
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and Gov. Mike Pence speak with ABC News’ David Muir.

Trump: ‘Could Be’ That Some Undocumented Immigrants Stay
He spoke with ABC News’ David Muir in a joint interview with Gov. Mike Pence.

Trump ‘Disappointed’ in Kasich for Not Endorsing
Trump sat down with ABC News’ David Muir for an interview Monday in Ohio.

Clinton: Possible Russian Interference in Election ‘a Concern’
Clinton spoke to reporters Monday aboard “Hill Force One.”

Clinton Blames Coughing Fit on Being ‘Allergic’ to Trump
Clinton’s latest coughing fit triggered the trending hashtag #HackingHillary.

Conservative Activist Phyllis Schlafly Dies at 92
Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum, a pro-family conservative group, in 1972.

WATCH: Donald Trump Says He’ll Attend All 3 Debates
Donald Trump, announced Monday that he would attend all three presidential debates, capping speculation about whether the GOP candidate and real estate mogul would do so.

Bernie Sanders Campaigns for Hillary Clinton
Sanders bashed Trump at event in Lebanon, NH.

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton: No ‘New’ Donald Trump When It Comes to Immigration
The Democratic presidential ticket spoke to ABC News’ David Muir about whether Donald Trump had changed its stance on immigration in the U.S.

Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump ‘Did Choke’ on Mexico Trip
She told David Muir that Donald Trump created a “diplomatic incident.”

Clinton Hits Back at Trump’s Questions About Her Stamina
Hillary Clinton tells ABC’s David Muir that she is “now in full campaign mode”

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Says Husband Bill Should Not Resign From Foundation Post Until After Election
The Democratic presidential nominee told ABC News’ David Muir that she does not think there are conflicts of interest with Clinton Foundation.

WATCH: First U.S. President Visits Laos
Obama is the first U.S. president to visit Laos.

WATCH: Bill Clinton ‘Dumbfounded’ by Donald Trump’s Visit to Mexico
Addressing union workers from the bed of a pickup truck, Clinton publicly addressed Trump’s recent trip to Mexico for the first time, saying he was “dumbfounded” by the trip and arguing that Trump’s visit was damaging to the United States.

Trump Supporter Booby-Traps Yard Sign to Thwart Thieves
Video of an attempted theft shows a woman tripping after attempting the theft.

Bill Clinton ‘Dumbfounded’ by Trump’s Visit to Mexico
After a brief hiatus from campaigning, President Bill Clinton is back.

Trump Says He’ll Attend All 3 Debates
Trump held an impromptu press conference aboard his plane.

WATCH: Karma Comes Swiftly For Would-Be Trump Sign Thief
A woman in Indianapolis is caught trying to steal yard signs.

WATCH: Obama Says Cyber Hacking Can’t Become ‘Wild, Wild West’
The president warns against acts of conflict by countries “with significant cyber capacity.”

WATCH: Obama Reacts After Philippines President Uses ‘Colorful’ Language
Obama on possible meeting with Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

WATCH: Clinton to Reporters: ‘Welcome to Our Big Plane’
Hillary Clinton, who has abstained from the common campaign practice of flying on the same aircraft as her traveling press corps, has landed a new ride, a large jet dubbed Hill Force One, and welcomed reporters on board.

President Obama May Call Off Meeting With Philippine President After Insult
Duterte does not want to be questioned about killings in his war on drugs.

PHOTOS: President Obama travels to China and Laos
President Obama’s trip to China and Laos.

Obama Met With Putin, Said Hackers Shouldn’t Create a Cyber ‘Wild Wild West’
President Obama held a press conference at the end of the G-20 Summit in China.

WATCH: Obama: Kaepernick Is ‘Exercising His Constitutional Right’ With Anthem Protest
The president says the San Francisco 49ers quarterback “cares about some real, legitimate issues.”

Obama Said Kaepernick Is ‘Exercising His Constitutional Right’
Obama’s remarks came at a press conference after the G20 conference in China.

Bill Clinton Hangs With Beyoncé and Surprises Fans at Music Festival
Social media erupted with photos today of Bill Clinton.

Major Virginia Newspaper Endorses Gary Johnson for President
The third party candidate is trying to get on stage for the fall debates.

Kaine Compares Trump’s Comments on Russian Hacking to Watergate Break-In
Kaine attacked Donald Trump as a danger to national security.

‘This Week’ Transcript: Sen. Tim Kaine and Kellyanne Conway
Rush transcript for “This Week” on September 4, 2016.

Trump’s Campaign Manager Says His Position on Border Wall ‘Never Changed’
“He will build that wall,” Trump’s campaign manager said.

Most Voters Think Trump Could Not Get Mexico to Pay for Wall
Only 13 percent of voters think Trump could deliver on this promise.

Obama Reaffirms Ties With UK, Encourages US-Russian Talks for Syrian Ceasefire
President Obama holds first meeting with UK’s new prime minister

Trump Met by Polite, Yet Skeptical Audience in First Visit to Black Church
The Republican nominee’s first visit to an African-American church is met with warmth…and skepticism.

Trump to Black Church Members: I’m Here to ‘Learn’
Donald Trump told black church members in Detroit the “nation is too divided.”

Obama Arrives in China, Marking His Final G20 Summit
What to expect from President Obama’s final trip to Asia

Trump to Address Black Detroit Church Saturday
Trump will attend the Saturday service at Great Faith International Ministries.

WATCH: Trump Zigs and Zags While Clinton Focuses on Money
Trump traveled to Mexico and Clinton continued to focus on raising money. ABC News’ Rick Klein recaps the week in politics.

Sunday on ‘This Week’: Sen. Tim Kaine and Kellyanne Conway
Kaine and Conway will appear on “This Week” Sunday.

Clinton Foundation to Close Overseas Fundraising Branches If Hillary Wins
The two branches are based in Europe.

Clinton ‘Will Hold Press Conferences’ as President, Rep Says
Brian Fallon joined this week’s episode of “Powerhouse Politics” podcast.

How the Current Immigration System Goes After Criminal Non-Citizens
Donald Trump says criminals should be targeted, but they already are.

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