A $350,000 luxury condo … for your car


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A $350,000 luxury condo … for your car
Car collectors will be able to buy a condo unit to store their luxury cars at the AutoHouse in Miami, which is slated to open in 2018.

Ford moving all small car production to Mexico
Within two years, Ford Motor Co. will move production of the Focus compact car from Michigan to Mexico.

What it feels like to sit behind the wheel of a self-driving Uber
Uber is now letting Pittsburgh customers traveling in self-driving cars. Here’s a sneak peak.

Electric Chevrolet Bolt to go 238 miles on a charge
The Chevrolet Bolt could beat its competitor, the Tesla Model 3, on miles traveled per charge.

Nissan recall: Park away from buildings if this happens
Nissan and U.S. regulators are recalling 120,000 cars because of fire risk.

Acura NSX — 190 mph hybrid
Honda engineers have created a high-performance tour de force of hybrid technology in the Acura NSX.

Four-door Bentley goes 200 mph
The new Bentley Flying Spur W12 S will be the fast four-door Bentley ever produced.

Elon Musk to Tesla employees: Let’s make a profit!
Elon Musk says Tesla needs to report a profitable third quarter to win back investors.

The rich are still buying lots of cars
Auto sales have slumped in the U.S. lately. But luxury brands Ferrari and Jaguar, owned by India’s Tata, are holding up well. Lincoln and Cadillac posted sales increases too — even as overall sales for Ford and GM fell.

This city has the nation’s safest drivers
Madison, Wisconsin is home to the nation’s safest drivers, according to Allstate insurance.

Tesla: Autopilot improvements coming
Tesla will roll out “major improvements” to its so-called Autopilot software with new versions of the software that will soon be downloaded to owners’ Model S and Model X electric vehicles, CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday on Twitter.

Jaguar leaps into SUVs and it’s super fun
The new Jaguar F-Pace is for those who want a little excitement along with the practicality of an SUV.

Cadillac exec spills company strategy … in the comments section of a blog
Johan de Nysschen, president of Cadillac, revealed future product plans in the comments section of a Web blog.

German-built Ford Focus: Outrageously fun
The new Ford Focus RS combines outrageous performance with good manners.

Volkswagen agrees to compensate US dealers over emissions scandal
Volkswagen agrees on compensation deal for more than 650 US car dealerships that have VW cars rigged with emissions cheating software.

How Tesla caused home prices to soar in this Nevada town
Tesla started building its massive Gigafactory in June 2014. Since then, home prices in the nearby market have risen faster than the national average.

Don’t trust automatic braking to prevent a crash, says AAA
AAA study says there significant differences between different cars’ automatic braking system ability to stop a car, and even the best might not avoid a crash.

Cheap gas helps fuel surge in traffic deaths for second year in a row
Cheap gas and an improving economy have been blamed for a spike in traffic deaths for a second straight year. Florida has seen a particularly grisly increase with traffic deaths up 43% since 2014.

The only thrill in driving Toyota’s Rav4 Hybrid is the gas mileage
Toyota’s latest hybrid is about as exciting as riding a bus, but the fuel economy actually is remarkable.

Great-looking cars on a budget
It’s not easy to wrap great looks around a small, inexpensive car. But the designers behind these five models totally nailed it.

My new favorite truck is a Honda
The Ridgeline new Ridgeline has all the benefits of a crossover SUV but with a bed you can load with mulch.

Inside Tesla’s ginormous Gigafactory
This is where Tesla plans to build enough lithium ion batteries to catapult Tesla’s electric vehicles into the mainstream.

Volkswagen profits back on track, despite scandal
Volkswagen says it will post better than expected profits despite costs of emissions cheating scandal

Elon Musk says Autopilot upgrade could be coming
Elon Musk says Tesla plans Autopilot upgrade, says owners don’t want feature disabled despite criticism.

EPA lowers fuel economy expectations
Automakers are doing a great job meeting tougher fuel economy rules, regulators say, but shift to SUVs means fuel efficiency will be lower int he long term.

Takata settles case of woman who died 2 years after crash
Takata settles with family of Florida woman who had recalled airbag replaced in 2009, then had fatal accident five years later.

Pickup trucks honored on postage stamps
A new series of postage stamps features classic American pickups.

Consumer Reports to Tesla: Reel in Autopilot
The semi-autonomous driving technology is still too limited in its capabilities to live up the expectations of many drivers that it can drive the car on its own, the magazine said.

Tesla reveals ‘cheaper’ Model X SUV
Tesla just put a cheaper version of its Model X SUV on the market. Don’t get too excited, though. The Model X is a luxury SUV and it still costs like one. Prices for the new Model X 60D start at $74,000.

Tesla confirms another Autopilot accident
A third Tesla Autopilot crash report brings additional attention to self-driving car feature.

These SUVs have lousy headlights
Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety tests find that most small SUVs have weak headlights.

U.S. government worried about risky car loans
A top banking watchdog warned on Monday that the “unprecedented” growth in auto loans poses higher risks for banks.

Elon Musk teases new master plan for Tesla
Tesla’s first master plan in 2006 eventually became the Model S. What does Elon Musk have up his sleeve now that he’s hinted at a second big plan? A connected home with SolarCity? A Tesla truck? Teslas that pick you up like Uber?

Cheap, off-brand gasoline is bad for engines, AAA says
AAA says there is a difference in gasoline quality, that off-brand gas can cause problems for engines that hurts mileage.

The most dangerous thing about Autopilot is that it’s called Autopilot
The name of Tesla’s semi-autotonomous driving feature implies a level of ability that it just doesn’t have.

Tesla owner says his car also crashed in autopilot
A Tesla Model X involved in a serious accident Friday evening was in autopilot mode, the driver told CNNMoney.

Ford Explorer under investigation for exhaust fume leaks
Federal safety regulator looking at complaints about exhaust fumes leaking into passenger compartment of Ford Explorers.

Most valuable American car up for auction
Carroll Shelby’s own very first Shelby Cobra will be sold in August. It’s almost certain to be the most valuable American car ever sold.

Ferrari to reveal its fastest convertible ever
While its name and price have not yet been revealed, the new car will be a convertible version of the LaFerrari supercar.

Can we trust driverless cars?
Autonomous cars face numerous challenges, but they still offer the potential to save millions of lives around the world.

Tesla driver killed in autopilot crash said the technology was ‘great’
An outspoken advocate of self-driving technology dies in a crash while using autopilot.

Stop driving these Hondas right now, says regulator
Feds warn more than 300,000 Hondas and Acuras pose grave risk of exploding airbags and should be parked until fixed.

Toyota recalls 1.4 million cars for airbag problem
Toyota says it will need to fix 1.4 million cars for problem with side airbags made by a supplier other than Takata.

Ralph Nader goes from auto industry nemesis to Hall of Famer
Ralph Nader being inducted into Automotive Hall of Fame for his work on auto safety despite his consistent criticism of the industry for more than 50 years.

Fuel scandal drives Mitsubishi Motors to first loss in 8 years
Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors says it expects to post a net loss of $1.4 billion for the current financial year.

Fix ready for Jeep gear shift problem that killed Anton Yelchin
Dealers have quietly begun installing a fix for some vehicles with confusing gearshifts.

Fiat Chrysler scrambling to fix roll away problem
Fiat Chrysler said it should have a fix by July or August for gear shift design tied to dozens of injuries and possible death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin.

Why car gear shifters are so confusing
Putting a car in Drive or Park used to be a simple matter. These days it requires some thought.

Jeep that killed ‘Star Trek’ actor Anton Yelchin was flagged for safety problems
The Jeep Grand Cherokee that killed “Star Trek” actor Anton Yelchin is due to be recalled for the very problem that cost him his life.

Scandal-plagued Volkswagen gives 120,000 workers a 5% pay hike
The Volkswagen Group is in big trouble for its emissions cheating scandal, but that’s not stopping its workers from getting a healthy raise and bonus.

Coolest cars for $18,000
These are the best budget cars, according to the experts at Kelley Blue Book.

This self-driving car company is on fire
Nvidia, a chip company that is most well-known for gaming technology, is making a big bet on autonomous cars. The stock has soared for the past year and a half. But are shares about to run off the road?

Tough times for auto stocks as Uber rules the world
Read full story for latest details.

Tesla fires back at reports of safety flaws
Tesla fired back Friday at reports of a potentially dangerous suspension problems in the Model S.

Driving the $185,000 McLaren supercar
The McLaren 570S costs considerably less than the more powerful 650S but you don’t lose very much.

Tesla releases cheaper version of Model S
Read full story for latest details.

GM unveils new feature to prevent child deaths in hot cars
The new GMC Acaida full-size crossover SUV will have a feature designed to prevent parents from leaving children in the car.

Jetsons-style Mini Cooper concept unveiled
The Mini Vision Next 100 would make steering wheels optional and enable a customized look for whomever happens to be ‘driving,’ says BMW.

The Rolls-Royce of the 22nd century won’t need a chauffeur
BMW has unveiled the first Rolls-Royce concept car ever to explore what the ultimate luxury car might look like a hundred years from now.

Jetsons-style Mini Cooper concept unveiled
The Mini Vision Next 100 would make steering wheels optional and enable a customized look for whomever happens to be ‘driving,’ says BMW.

The Rolls-Royce of the 22nd century won’t need a chauffeur
BMW has unveiled the first Rolls-Royce concept car ever to explore what the ultimate luxury car might look like a hundred years from now.

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