The shortest day of the year is here

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The shortest day of the year is here

The Boston Globe
Wednesday marks the winter solstice for us – the shortest day of the year. But what does that mean? Astronomical winter will arrive at 5:44 Wednesday morning with temperatures in the 20s, basically seasonable for the date.

In breakthrough experiment, scientists shine a light on antimatter

Washington Post
Antimatter is weird stuff. It was created during the Big Bang along with traditional matter, but it has the exact opposite properties of the kinds of matter we know: anti-electrons (or positrons) have a positive charge rather than negative, for example

Russian deep sea fisherman becomes online hit after revealing bizarre catches

Daily Mail
It can be easy to forget that an alien world lives right beneath us – the mysterious ecosystem of the deep ocean, where the creatures of your nightmares lurk far below the surface.

North Pole 10°C hotter than normal tomorrow as Arctic temperatures hit ‘extreme’ highs

Daily Mail
The North Pole is forecast to warm up to 10°C (50°F) higher than normal tomorrow. For the second year in a row in December, and for the second month running, Arctic temperatures will hit alarming highs.

Japan Launches ERG Satellite To Study Earth’s Radiation Belt

Tech Times
Japan has successfully launched its ERG satellite specially designed to monitor activity in the Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts.

Trump’s Team Appears To Be Going After The State Department’s Climate Work, Too

Huffington Post
An inquiry about how much the department contributes to environmental groups comes weeks after a similar request to the Energy Department.

The electoral college is thwarting our ability to battle global warming

Washington Post
Who (you might ask) is David Brearley? Brearley plays a critical, and entirely accidental, role in climate change because of his position as the chair of the Committee on Postponed Parts within the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Scientists amazed by iron ‘jet stream’ in Earth’s molten core

Christian Science Monitor
Measurements made by Europe’s Swarm satellites suggest a river of liquid iron deep within the Earth. Monitor’s Best: Top 5. For Evangelicals, Trump brings new hope – and a thorny question · What’s behind push for Electoral College to defy Trump …

Klingon-looking Newt, Dragon-like Lizard, And More: 163 New Species Discovered In Greater Mekong Region In 2015

Tech Times
Nearly 163 new species have been discovered in the Greater Mekong region that included a rainbow-headed snake and dragon-like lizard.

Bogoslof Volcano in Alaska Unexpectedly Erupts

An unexpected explosive eruption rocked Bogoslof in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory. The eruption was noticed by pilots flying near the remote volcano along with satellite imagery (see below) that revealed an

How demand for cellphones and computers threatens ghostly octopod known as Casper

Los Angeles Times
In March 2016, the world met Casper, a milky-white deep-sea octopus that makes its home 2.5 miles beneath the ocean surface. Now, a new study suggests that the newly discovered cephalopod could be under threat from deep sea mining.

The Curiosity Rover’s Drill Has Been Out of Action for Weeks

NASA is working to resolve an increasingly frustrating problem with the Curiosity Rover’s drill, which has stalled, leaving the Martian explorer out of action on the slopes of Mount Sharp for more than two weeks.

Drone video captures killer whales eating a shark alive

Washington Post
Shortly after Monterey Bay Whale Watch took about a dozen hopeful whale-watchers out to sea last Tuesday, the group received a call from a fishing boat.

2016 Will Be The Warmest Year, But This Is How Deniers Will Spin It

BuzzFeed News
When opponents of the scientific consensus on climate tell you that global temperatures are plummeting, this is how they are cherry-picking the data.

Look up tonight! How to spot ‘Santa’ in the night sky as the International Space Station passes overhead

Daily Mail
With Christmas approaching, children around the world will be hoping to get a glimpse of Santa as he takes to the skies. And it seems that this year, parents may be able to keep the magic alive by showing their children proof of Father Christmas in action.

Unidentified Complex Sound From Earth’s Deepest Trench May Be New Whale Call

The Mariana Trench, a massive rift stretching from Japan to Australia, contains the deepest sections of the world’s oceans. Despite decades of research and even manned missions to the bottom of the trench, researchers are still discovering new species

Coyote Peterson stung by a bullet ant with the most painful sting in the world sting

Daily Mail
Animal expert Coyote Peterson had, so he travelled to Costa Rica in search of the bullet ant – infamous for its sting which is meant to feel similar to being shot.

Small troughs growing on Mars may become ‘spiders’

This sequence of three HiRISE images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the growth of a branching network of troughs carved by thawing carbon dioxide over the span of three Martian years.

Flight Lines: Difficult conditions don’t stop local bird count; local birders take part in hemisphere-wide census

West Fargo Pioneer
A rough-legged hawk–a high Arctic nesting bird–sits warming itself in the sun near the Fargo landfill last Saturday. It was one of eight seen during the Fargo-Moorhead Christmas Bird Count.

A Deep Space Illusion: Mimas, Saturn’s Rings and Cassini
Mimas, one of Saturn’s moons, seems to be on a collision course with the planet’s rings. No fear though, it’s simply an illusion in this image snapped by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.

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