Students Design Ways to Mine the Moon for Rocket Fuel

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Students Design Ways to Mine the Moon for Rocket Fuel

Live Science
Forty-five years have passed since humans last set foot on an extraterrestrial body. Now, the moon is back at the center of efforts not only to explore space, but to create a permanent, independent space-faring society.

Dinosaur asteroid hit ‘worst possible place’

BBC News
Scientists who drilled into the impact crater associated with the demise of the dinosaurs summarise their findings so far in a BBC Two documentary on Monday.

Shockingly lifelike dinosaur fossil makes public debut

(CNN) It was 18 feet long and built like a tank. Now its mummified remains have emerged from an oil sands mine in Canada. No, it’s not the plotline of a summer blockbuster.

Falcon 9 set to launch Inmarsat satellite for in-flight wifi, mobile broadband

Spaceflight Now
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket arrived at launch pad 39A on Florida’s Space Coast on Sunday, a day before liftoff with a powerhouse Inmarsat communications satellite designed to spread broadband beams connecting airline passengers, maritime crews and U.S.

Did life ever exist on Mars? It could have

CBS News
More than 3B years ago, Mars had all the building blocks necessary for life including drinking water. Curiosity is the first rover that can drill for samples of Mars and analyze them in its built-in lab.

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