Remember when Amazon only sold books?

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Remember when Amazon only sold books?

Los Angeles Times
When Jeff Bezos launched in 1994, he gave himself a 30% chance of success – slightly better than the 1 in 10 odds for Internet start-ups.

YouTube announces plan ‘to fight online terror’, including making incendiary videos difficult to find

Washington Post
YouTube has long struggled with the conundrum of how to police videos that advocate hateful ideologies but don’t specifically encourage acts of violence.

Can You Build a $500 Gaming PC to Match the Xbox One X?

ExtremeTech  – ‎24 minutes ago‎
Microsoft’s Xbox One X got an official price tag at E3 last week. At $499, it’s coming in at the same price the original Xbox One debuted at.

Colorado Campaign Wants To Ban Sale Of Smartphones For Children Below 13 Years Old

Tech Times
Use of touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones pose health risks to children. Now, a campaign in Colorado seeks to stop retailers from selling phones for use by children younger than 13 years old.

You won’t be able to use your Surface Book if you want to take the bar in Tennessee

The Verge
If you’re planning on using your Surface Book or a laptop with the Windows 10 Creator update on it to take the bar exam in Tennessee next month, you’re out of luck.

Leak: OnePlus 5 To Feature A 3300mAh Or 4000mAh Battery

Android Headlines
Two new OnePlus 5 leaks have just surfaced, and both are battery-related. Unfortunately, though, these two leaks are giving out completely different info, so you’ll have to choose which one to believe.
Android Headlines
The LG G6 is one of the best smartphones out there at the moment, and the company has just announced a new variant of the device in South Korea, and also a couple of new color variants for the existing variant of the device.

iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2: Price Factor Comparison

The already crowded smartphone marketplace is set for three fantastic releases in the remainder of 2017, with the iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2 all due for release.

Take-Two shuts down three GTA Online cheat tools; makes devs donate proceeds to charity

After popular Grand Theft Auto mod OpenIV closed down last week following a cease and desist letter from Take-Two Interactive, the game was hit with thousands of negative Steam reviews as a protest against the action.

What Does Pokemon Go’s Gym Update Mean?

Pokemon Go is about to shut down its gyms so they can extensively renovate the oft-criticized feature. While the gyms were supposed to be a rallying point for the three Pokemon Go teams, the system has turned stagnant due to a combination of every gym …

Latest Google Pixel 2 Concept Renders Are Inspired By LG G6

Android Headlines
A set of new Google Pixel 2 concept renders emerged online on Saturday, with one Reddit user posting several mockups of the upcoming Android flagship that they said were inspired by both the LG G6 and Essential PH-1.

Why Atari’s New Console Could Be Just What The Gaming Industry Needs

Yesterday, I reported on the recent GamesBeat interview with Atari CEO Fred Chesnais, a chat that confirmed the existence of an upcoming Atari console.

Moto C Plus Is Now Official In India With A 4000mAh Battery

Android Headlines
The Moto C Plus smartphone is now official in India as well, following the device’s original announcement back in May. Motorola has, as promised, announced its all-new budget offering in India, and if you’re in a market for budget smartphones, the Moto

Shadow of the Tomb Raider looking increasingly legit, following new leak

PC Gamer
It was always inevitable that Rise of the Tomb Raider would get a follow-up, and almost as inevitable that it’d be called “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” (games with “shadow” in the title are popular, you see).

‘YotaPhone 3’ isn’t the dual-screen powerhouse you were expecting

If you’re one of the few people who are still waiting for the next dual-screen YotaPhone, listen up: we finally have an update for you.

Surface Pro 2017 vs iPad Pro with iOS 11 : Productivity Showdown

The two premium tablets of the year have been revealed and all gloves are off in the fight between Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro and the new iPad Pros, especially when they get the iOS 11 update later this year.

Apple Hires Veteran TV Executives to Head Video Programming
Cupertino based tech giant, Apple Inc (AAPL – Free Report) , has been ramping up its original content efforts. As part of the move, the company recently announced that it has brought on board two top TV executives – Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg

Review: Honda Civic Type R

The Independent
The last Civic Type R – the FK2 – had legions of fans, but maybe they weren’t quite as fervent as the fans of the Type R two models before that, the second-gen EP3.

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