Science’s Communication Problem

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Science’s Communication Problem

Inside Higher Ed5 hours ago
WASHINGTON — Views on higher education are becoming increasingly hostile among certain Americans, and scientists say some of the blame …
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Who Needs Hard Drives? Scientists Store Film Clip in DNA

New York Times17 hours ago
A pixelated image from an early film shows a mare running. Scientists stored the short film in bacterial DNA and then retrieved it. Seth Shipman.
Who needs film when you can store a movie in bacteria DNA?
Highly CitedLos Angeles Times18 hours ago

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Science Says: Not all cancers need treatment right away

The Seattle Times15 hours ago
FILE – In this Oct. 13, 2009 file photo, a surgeon performs robotic prostate surgery on a patient in Chicago. According to a report released on …
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Astronomers Just Discovered The Smallest Star Ever Known to …

ScienceAlertJul 11, 2017
Scientists have reported the discovery of the smallest star ever found, detecting a star only slightly larger than Saturn some 600 light-years …
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Trump Nominates DOE Science Undersecretary

The Scientist16 hours ago
The previous DOE science undersecretary, Franklin “Lynn” Orr, a chemical engineer and a professor at Stanford University, left the position in …
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Regulators announce new ‘science panel’ review of drinking water …

WBTV10 hours ago
Regulators, scientists, environmentalists and residents who live near Duke Energy’s coal ash ponds have debated the acceptable level for …
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Q&A: Former Obama science adviser John Holdren on the White …

Science Magazine21 hours ago
Yesterday, Science Insider reported on developments at the White House’s Office of Science and Technology (OSTP), which under President …

Local View: Science makes America great

Lincoln Journal Star7 hours ago
The proposed federal budget cuts funding for National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and Centers for Disease Control and …
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Climate scientists push back against catastrophic scenarios

Ars Technica13 hours ago
The second is that, since its predictions are for very negative changes, all of climate science has been branded “alarmist.” In fact, if you do a …
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Protein tangles behind Alzheimer’s disease may be critical for …

Science MagazineJul 11, 2017
“I’m sure that from the very first time scientists described semen fibrils, they must have been speculating what their natural function was,” says …

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