Jordan stakes its future on science

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Jordan stakes its future on science

Nature.com5 hours ago
When the World Science Forum kicks off on the shore of the Dead Sea in November, it will be the latest jewel in the crown for one of Jordan’s …

The Plan to End Science’s Sexist #Manel Problem

WIREDAug 1, 2017
In October 2016, the organizers behind a microbiome conference sent promo materials to some prominent scientists. Elisabeth Bik was one of …
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EPA Science Integrity Panel Says Pruitt’s Climate Denial Is …

InsideClimate News3 hours ago
The policy “explicitly protects differing opinions” held by any agency employee, including Administrator Scott Pruitt, on any matter of science …
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Could diabetes spread like mad cow disease?

Science MagazineAug 1, 2017
In the new study, neurobiologist and biochemist Claudio Soto of McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center in …
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US Scientists, Please Run for Office. The Planet Needs You

WIREDAug 1, 2017
The new GOP regime looks to be catastrophic for science: The first Trump budget proposed slashing funding on everything from ocean …
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The world’s first flower may have looked like this

Science Magazine21 hours ago
Combining those data with a DNA-based family tree and information about fossils, the scientists tested millions of configurations of how flowers …
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Elderly chimps may get Alzheimer’s, renewing interest in studying …

Science MagazineJul 31, 2017
But either way, the work suggests that chimps could help scientists better understand the disease and how to fight it—if they could get …
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University of Tokyo probe says chromosome team doctored images

Science Magazine19 hours ago
After a nearly year-long investigation into anonymous allegations of data and image falsification in numerous papers, a University of Tokyo …
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Diamond joins the realm of 2-D thin films, study suggests

Science News MagazineJul 31, 2017
GOING FLAT Scientists report evidence that they have created 2-D sheets of diamond by squeezing a pair of graphene sheets together.
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Bangor Daily News

Science is clear on danger of fire retardants

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel13 hours ago
As a career firefighter of 27 years, and a leader of the Professional Firefighters of Maine, I was disappointed to see Matthew Blais attack Maine …

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