Lowcountry movie watch: 5 new movies to see this weekend and …

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Lowcountry movie watch: 5 new movies to see this weekend and …

Island Packet2 hours ago
In this week’s Lowcountry movie watch, one of the best reviewed movies of 2017 so far hits theater screens, and it is joined by a critically …
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The Dark Tower Review: The Rare Bad Movie That Should Be Longer

Vanity Fair19 hours ago
The movie certainly had potential. The source material is rich, a dense saga about the titular tower, which binds worlds (dimensions?) together …
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Christopher Nolan Wanted to Shoot ‘Dunkirk’ Without a Script

Hollywood Reporter1 hour ago
After exposition-heavy films like ‘Interstellar,’ the director considered a change: “It’s almost like I want to just stage it.” Christopher Nolan’s …
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Eyewitness to horrific night depicted in ‘Detroit’ movie shares story

Detroit Free Press5 hours ago
It has been 50 years since Julie Delaney survived the terrifying events portrayed in “Detroit,” the new movie about the 1967 Algiers Motel …
Movie Review: Detroit
Reason10 hours ago

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Trailer: ‘Justice League’ Is Being Sold As A ‘Super Friends’ Movie

Forbes21 hours ago
We got a new Justice League trailer this morning. It’s a 2.5-minute version of the SDCC sizzle reel, one that is now of a length that will allow it to …
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The Emoji Movie review – zestless, pointless boilerplate animation

The Guardian10 hours ago
One thing no one needed this summer was a very rubbish version of Inside Out, that animated gem about the personified emotions inside the …
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The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Movie Being Called “Better Than …

Kotaku5 hours ago
It seems like most live-action movie versions of manga and anime are terrible. (Remember Attack on Titan?) However, the release day buzz …
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‘Step,’ ‘Columbus,’ ‘Wind River’ and more movie picks, Aug. 4

Los Angeles Times15 hours ago
Movie recommendations from critics Kenneth Turan, Justin Chang and other reviewers. Baby Driver Edgar Wright’s exuberant, one-of-a-kind …
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Wonder Woman II Movie Logo Revealed?

Bleeding Cool News1 hour ago
The name of the t-shirt listing is “Wonder Woman II Movie Symbol” which could just mean a second version of the Wonder Woman movie logo …
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All hail Halle Berry, Hollywood’s last surviving B-movie queen

Telegraph.co.uk22 hours ago
That Crawford, Oscar winner and Hollywood icon as she was, somehow ended up in such a movie left her ripe for mockery – a belief that …

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