Tracking the spread of culture through folktales

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Tracking the spread of culture through folktales

Ars Technica19 hours ago
Understanding the spread of folktales can help us understand cultural evolution more generally, and a paper in this week’s PNAS does just that …
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Fremont: Festival of India spotlights a formerly invisible culture

The Mercury News10 hours ago
Such was the backdrop when Japra founded the Festival of India in 1993 in an effort to showcase a culture and values that were being lost in …
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MalwareTech’s arrest sheds light on the complex culture of the …

Salon3 hours ago
But to me as a sociologist studying the culture and social patterns of cybercrime, Hutchins’ experience is emblematic of the values, beliefs and …
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What trees teach us about life and happiness

BBC News1 hour ago
“But new writing about trees is also part of very old literary traditions,” she tells BBC Culture. “The paradox of pastoral is that it always seems to …
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India Day brings colorful celebration of culture to Naperville

Chicago Daily Herald12 hours ago
The orange, white and green of the India flag was just the beginning of the spectacle of color on display Sunday near downtown Naperville as …

Why culture – at home and work – cannot be left to chance

Bowling Green Daily NewsAug 13, 2017
The other issue – creating an empowering culture for growth – is also important. While culture building is never urgent, it’s the thousands of little …

Small firms that expand face culture, communication challenges

Minneapolis Star Tribune16 hours ago
Your top two concerns should be firm culture and employee communication. At the current size, it is relatively easy to establish and maintain the …
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Donald Glover and YA Twitter: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

The AtlanticAug 12, 2017
Sam Shepard and Confederate: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing … humor that involves the unapologetic intermingling of high and low culture.
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The Power of Appreciation to Transform Your Culture … and Your …

HuffPost7 hours ago
What would be different in your operation if you could experience a 170 percent in engagement, a 294 percent increase in innovation, and a …
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British Museum exhibition to showcase communist currencies

The Guardian5 hours ago
A 1980 50-yuan note from China shows the people leading the development of a modern China: an intellectual, a farmhand and an industrial …

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