Is Science Broken?

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Is Science Broken?

Slate Magazine2 hours ago
The journal Science had just published a landmark effort to reproduce the findings of 100 recent peer-reviewed psychology experiments, and …
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Harassment and Sexism in Science—the E-Mail Diaries

Scientific American (blog)1 hour ago
Women in science still get emails from men who act like Neanderthals. Photo for illustration purposes only. Credit: Eric Audras Getty Images.
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US government disbands climate-science advisory committee

Nature.com13 hours ago
Scientists in academia and at government agencies have raised concerns that climate sceptics within the Trump administration — particularly …
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Science Is Uncovering The Exquisite Detail In This Faded Painting

Forbes3 hours ago
A young Roman woman peers out across the centuries from a crumbling fresco in an ancient town. Thanks to new technology, we may soon …
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The Solar Eclipse: What to Expect

New York Times3 hours ago
Scientists are hoping their studies of this eclipse will lead to important discoveries about the sun’s mysterious corona, which burns more than a …
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SFUSD takes research-based approach to science

San Francisco Examiner4 hours ago
In fact, our science department has distributed 22,250 NASA-approved glasses donated by Google, the Exploratorium, Multiverse and the …
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Vatican scientist visits Hopkinsville to expound on faith, science, the …

WKRN.com9 hours ago
HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WKRN) – The Chief Science Observer for the Vatican was in Hopkinsville on Sunday to talk about faith and science …
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Dr. Marc Siegel: Solar eclipse – science, safety, and wonder

Fox News18 hours ago
Sun worship is not new, in fact, the 14th century B.C. Egyptians worshiped the sun god in a religion known as Atonism. In modern times we …
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Bill Nye on an eclipse’s beauty and the wonder of science

CBS News21 hours ago
We’re just a day away from the greatest show ABOVE Earth … which, of course, CBS News will bring tomorrow afternoon. Right now, though …
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NASA science aircraft using Seattle as base during mission to …

GeekWire16 hours ago
NASA’s Gulfstream III science aircraft arrived on Sunday from the Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

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