Barnes & Noble Wants to Clear ‘Tchotchke’ Clutter, Sell More Books

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Barnes & Noble Wants to Clear ‘Tchotchke’ Clutter, Sell More Books

Wall Street Journal15 hours ago
Barnes & Noble BKS -11.54% is on a mission to declutter its stores of gifts and games and make room for what it sees as its next big moneymaker—books. “There’s too much stuff in the stores,” said Barnes & Noble Inc. Chief Executive Demos Parneros, in an interview after the company’s earnings call.
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Comic Book Reviews for November 29, 2017

IGN21 hours ago
By Jesse Schedeen, Blair Marnell and Kat Calamia The comic book industry closed out November with some major releases. DC delivered a new wave of annual issues, with books like Aquaman Annual #1, Batman Annual #2 and Super Sons Annual #1 rising above the crowd. Marvel wrapped up a major …
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Time to Talk Impeachment

New York TimesNov 30, 2017
This article is part of the Opinion Today newsletter. You can sign up here to receive the newsletter each weekday. A few weeks ago, I read a short new book by the legal scholar Cass Sunstein titled, simply, “Impeachment.” The book doesn’t mention President Trump once. Sunstein started writing it, he told …
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5 lessons from the comic book superhero movies of 2017

WHYYNov 28, 2017
“Logan” has more in common with a western than with a comic-book blockbuster, and it became his most-beloved take on the character. Even Chris Hemsworth’s Thor got a literal and figurative make-over in “Thor: Ragnarok.” Indie director Taika Waititi essentially transitioned the God of Thunder away from …
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A prison called Gaza: new book offers a startling insight into …

The Conversation UKNov 29, 2017
James Rodgers does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no … As Donald Macintyre observes in his important new book, Gaza: Preparing for Dawn, the sea might also offer economic salvation.
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The best books on drink of 2017

The Guardian2 hours ago
There were even articles complaining that such places were much too expensive for the working man. The other thing that doesn’t change is that the poor old pub seems always to have been in a permanent state of crisis. So do some positive drinking next year, have a few at your local or it will disappear.
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100 Notable Books of 2017

New York TimesNov 22, 2017
LaValle’s novel, about Apollo Kagwa, a used-book dealer, blends social criticism with horror, while remaining steadfastly literary. CHRISTMAS DAYS: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days. By Jeanette Winterson. (Grove, $24.) A gift book from the British novelist, containing otherworldly and wickedly funny …
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Defending the Faith: Introducing ‘An Introduction to the Book of …

Deseret News21 hours ago
In January 1994, for example, I published an article in the Ensign magazine under the title “News from Antiquity.” It was subtitled “Evidence supporting the book of Abraham continues to turn up in a wide variety of sources.” Later, with John Gee and William Hamblin, I published a 2005 article bearing the title …
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Marian Keyes: ‘Write your book as if no one is ever going to read it’

The Globe and Mail19 hours ago
I’d read various magazine articles about people in mid-life, in long-term relationships taking “marriage sabbaticals. … Sorry if this sounds like bragging, but when I was going through a lengthy spell of horrible depression, which started in 2009, I started writing a book in which I gave my terrifying state of mind …
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How Can We Curb Fake News?

[email protected]22 hours ago
Advertisers don’t care whether the person who read that story or saw that advertisement was reading something completely nonsensical or very a well-reported, well-edited article. All they care about is quantity, not quality. [email protected]: You talk in the book about libraries, which aren’t being used …

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