After Firing Bryan Singer, The Queen Movie Has A New Director

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After Firing Bryan Singer, The Queen Movie Has A New Director

GameSpot15 hours ago
Days after announcing that X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer had been fired from the upcoming Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, 20th Century Fox has announced who will take the reins and complete production on the film. Dexter Fletcher, best known as the director of 2016’s Eddie the Eagle, …
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Tarantino Wants His Star Trek Movie R-Rated

IGN1 hour ago
By Matt Davidson Following reports earlier this week that Quentin Tarantino has pitched an idea for a Star Trek movie to JJ Abrams, developments are rattling along at some speed, with Deadline indicating that Tarantino has already met with a writers’ room in preparation for directing a new installment, with …
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John Travolta Cries Foul Over “Fake News” Reports On Mafia Movie …

DeadlineDec 6, 2017
EXCLUSIVE: John Travolta told Deadline he is upset that fast-spreading news reports twisted the truth as Lionsgate pulled his upcoming film Gotti off its release calendar 10 days before its bow. He worried the reports marginalized what he considers one of his better performances as the iconic Gambino …
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Shashi Kapoor, Indian Film Star in ’70s and ’80s, Dies at 79

New York TimesDec 4, 2017
“Of course, a lot of these films look silly,” he told The Times for an article about how movies had become a sort of balm for India’s poor. “But this is exactly what people want, pure escapism. You have people who are uneducated, poor, hungry — they want to escape from all that, they want and need some …
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Fandom Site Movie Pilot Acquired by France’s Webedia Digital …

Variety17 hours ago
[UPDATE: The company engaged in a restructuring that began in October, in a pivot toward video and away from text-based articles, which is resulting in at least 20 employees losing their jobs.] He added that Movie Pilot’s Aaron Kelly and Phil Walden will take over day-to-day operational management of …
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Ryan Reynolds to Star as Detective Pikachu in Pokemon Movie

IGNDec 6, 2017
By Jonathon Dornbush Ryan Reynolds has reportedly been cast in Legendary’s live-action Detective Pikachu film as the titular character. According to THR, Reynolds’ role as Pikachu in the Pokemon adaptation will involve motion capture in some way. Reynolds had been one of several names reportedly …
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7 Things to Expect from ‘Psych: The Movie

BuddyTV (blog)20 hours ago
“I think Maggie Lawson turns in a very sort of beautifully emotionally grounded performance in this movie. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Tim wasn’t with us, which you will most definitely feel,” Roday said. “You don’t make Psych without Lassiter, so it’s not like it’s something that you’re not …
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Chris Evans Pitches a Captain America/Human Torch Movie Should …

IGNDec 6, 2017
By Alex Gilyadov Should the Disney/Fox deal happen, Chris Evans jokingly suggested a spin-off movie where he plays both Captain America and Human Torch. Evans pitched the idea on Twitter, noting he has a particular genre in mind for the film. “So who do I talk to about a Cap/Human Torch buddy …
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Kids’ movies promote poor diet and stigmatize obesity

Medical News Today21 hours ago
A new study — published in the journal Pediatrics — looks at another possible factor: the way that movies influence perceptions of body image and diet. The study asks how frequently obesity-promoting content and weight-stigmatizing messages appeared in children’s movies. It is not yet clear if or how …
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Cinema Blend

Justice League Box Office Disappointment Leads to DC Films Reorg

IGN14 hours ago
Multiple sources have told Variety Jon Berg will no longer run DC Films’ production division, and will instead become a production partner alongside Roy Lee (The LEGO Movie, Stephen King’s IT). A search for Berg’s replacement is said to currently be underway, and the restructuring is expected to happen …

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