7 best-read food and beverage packaging articles of 2017

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7 best-read food and beverage packaging articles of 2017

Packaging DigestDec. 12, 2017
That’s what we have in mind with our annual compilation of the best-read articlespublished at PackagingDigest.com over the past year. It’s our data-driven way to share with you the content that’s must-read with your peers in food and beverage packaging and likely deserving of your attention, too.
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This Doctor Says Everything You Know About Healthy Food Is …

mindbodygreen.com2 hours ago
Aaron Carroll, M.D., says we’re thinking about food all wrong. In his new book, The Bad Food Bible (which author John Green said dramatically changes how he thinks about food), Carroll goes through the latest scientific research to disprove a number of common food claims. He thinks GMOs aren’t so bad, …
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Why Does Some Food Taste Better as Leftovers?

Atlas Obscura14 hours ago
It seems counterintuitive: One would think that food tastes best when it’s most fresh. But try telling that to fans of leftovers as varied as chili, curry, and cold lasagna. Is the perceived superiority all in our heads? Or is something more scientific afoot? While cooking is a science, taste is a multi-sensory and …
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Blockchain: Its value for the food chain

All about feed3 hours ago
Traditionally, stakeholders in a food value chain are required to manually pass on data associated with the physical product. The shared nature of blockchain technology means that, once data is entered within the blockchain, it can be viewed by all participants. This means that stakeholders are better …
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Top 10 Food-Safety Challenges for C-Stores

CSPDailyNews.com20 hours ago
CHICAGO — The outlook is positive for the convenience-store prepared-foods category. C-store food visitation is up, menus are expanding, and the customer is responding favorably. However, with all of the focus on elevating convenience foodservice programs, operational challenges arise—particularly around food safety.
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Bucks’ new food program will feature dishes famous in visiting-team …

OnMilwaukee.com10 hours ago
That’s because the Bucks are launching a unique food initiative for select games, and the Dec. 15 contest is the first in which they will feature quintessential dishes famous in the city of the team Milwaukee is playing against that night. Fans will be able to purchase the special dishes in Club 50, located on …
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food in canada

Report: Food expenditures to rise for Canadians

Meat & Poultry22 hours ago
HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – Food prices in Canada are forecast to rise 1 percent to 3 percent in 2018, slightly lower than the forecast in 2016 but higher than what Canadians have experienced to date, according to the most recent edition of Canada’s Food Price Report, published jointly by Dalhousie Univ. and …
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The Athenian street food brand opens in Belgravia

The Caterer.com23 minutes ago
Greek street food restaurant the Athenian has opened in London’s Belgravia at Grosvenor’s Elizabeth Street development. The Athenian will serve Greek street foodsnacks, salads and meze dishes such as souvlaki, halloumi, pittas and dips using ingredients from small independent producers in both …
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Food prices accelerate November WPI inflation

Daily PioneerDec. 14, 2017
On a sequential basis, the expenses on primary articles, which constitute 22.62 per cent of the WPI’s total weightage, edged higher by 5.28 per cent, from an increase of 3.33 per cent in October. The prices of food articles rose by 6.06 per cent from an acceleration of 4.30 per cent in October. In terms of food …
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Red Robin Is Offering a Year-Long Burger Pass for $99

Food & WineNov. 27, 2017
The success of Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass appears to be driving more chains to offer prepaid dining deals. Mike Pomranz. November 27, 2017. Typically, dining at a restaurant goes something like this: You go for a meal; you pay for a meal; your commitment to that restaurant is over. But in the ongoing battle …

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