If your pet has this tapeworm, it could kill you

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If your pet has this tapeworm, it could kill you

The Conversation CADec. 3, 2017
Usually, dogs, and sometimes cats, carry the tiny tapeworms in their intestines, where they cause no problems for the pet. In humans, the tapeworm behaves differently. It can invade the liver and spread throughout the abdomen and the rest of the body like a tumour. Without early detection and aggressive …
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Dog dies after Sydney walker abandons pet in care

NEWS.com.auDec. 13, 2017
Rod and I are inconsolable and to those of you that have reached out to us concerned about Beau due to the many press articles and associated social media posts they have read, I am devastated to let you know that it was our precious boy Beau… Beau tragically died on Tuesday in the most horrific of …
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‘Love hormone’ explains why your dog loves to see you smile

Medical News TodayNov. 25, 2017
Hopefully, very often, because the more you do it, the more your dog will love you — and new research helps us to understand why. Every time you gaze lovingly into your dogs’ eyes, its levels of oxytocin — the “attachment hormone” — go up. And so do yours. Oxytocin has long been referred to as “the love …
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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Director Explains Why You Can’t Pet the …

IGNDec. 9, 2017
But even with so many options, it lacks one critical opportunity: the chance to pet the good dogs you meet at various stables and towns, an oversight that many players (including IGN staff members) have noticed since launch. With many good boys unable to be pet, we spoke to series producer Eiji Aonuma …
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From The Dog’s Paw – The importance of veterinarian visits

Fairfaxtimes.comDec. 1, 2017
It is a beautiful warmish-coolish Fall afternoon. My human grabs his stuff and I put on my car harness which means we are going for a ride! I love these moments when we take off and go somewhere yet to be announced. I will know once we get there, of course, but my human likes to keep it a surprise.
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Think Twice Before Giving Pets as Holiday Gift

Newswise (press release)Dec. 13, 2017
Anyone considering a household pet as a gift this holiday season should take the time to carefully think the decision through, says a veterinarian at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. “The main concern with adopting dogs and cats over the holidays is that it is often an …
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Montreal to lift controversial pit bull ban

CBC.caDec. 8, 2017
In a news release, Sauvé said that the change was made with pet owners in mind. “Montreal is a welcoming city for pet owners and will remain so,” said Sauvé. The suspension of the articles that target specific breeds won’t affect regular restrictions on dogs deemed dangerous or hazardous to public …
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WDIV ClickOnDetroit

Veterinarian Says the Same Food Safety Rules That Apply to …

Newswise (press release)Nov. 17, 2017
“Thanksgiving is a time when a lot of people think that giving tidbits of the food to pets it thoughtful,” said Kate KuKanich, associate professor of clinical sciences in Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “A small piece of turkey breast, which is low in fat and salt, is OK for a dog or cat in …
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Carrie Fisher’s Dog Gary Cameos in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

IGNDec. 7, 2017
Star Wars fan Clair Henry spotted Gary in a promotional still for the upcoming film in what appears to be a very well hidden cameo appearance. As you can see in the left side of the image below, a brown alien creature can be spotted looking directly into the camera. Director Rian Johnson has confirmed this …
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The Real Benefits of Pet Ownership

Wall Street JournalOct. 27, 2017
It’s referred to as “the pet effect.” Some researchers have proposed that having a petbestows a dazzling array of health benefits, such as lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Others have claimed that pets can combat stress, relieve depression and …

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