Social Media, Not Phones, Get Kids Addicted

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Mom, 3 kids killed in NYC house fire; dad, teens critical

WBTDec. 18, 2017
NEW YORK (AP) — A mother and three children, ages 11, 7 and 3, died early Monday in fast-moving New York City house fire that also left the children’s father and two teenagers in critical condition, a fire official said. The fire was reported around 2:30 a.m. in Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay neighborhood.
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Social Media, Not Phones, Get Kids Addicted

Bloomberg17 hours ago
They’re considering requiring parental approval for kids under the age of 16 to open a social-network or messenger account, but that won’t work too well: Teens would hate it and the networks would be complicit. Regulators probably can’t address addictive software as they have, say, tobacco. Users will …
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How US Kids Might Have Performed Better in Math

U.S. News & World ReportNov. 20, 2017
Scores rose for the American teens who were bribed. The economists estimated that if U.S. students had put this much effort into the real PISA test, they would have scored 22 to 24 points higher in math, moving the U.S. from 36th to 19th in the 2012 international rankings. (The U.S. ranked 39th in 2015.).
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#KidsTakeOver: These youngsters are all set to change the world

Independent OnlineNov. 20, 2017
As part of the global “takeover” on World Children’s Day today, Unicef in partnership with Independent Newspapers invited some local youth to write their own articles for The Star, in which they shared their views and hopes. Pictured with The Star’s multimedia reporter Khaya Koko, right, are Nkanyiso Zulu, …
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Marijuana and Vaping Are More Popular Than Cigarettes Among …

New York TimesDec. 13, 2017
Cigarette smoking has dropped so sharply among American teenagers that vaping and marijuana use are now more common, according to a national … “Kids are taking hits on their vape pens in the hallways and nobody notices,” Ms. Poncelow said, noting that some devices resemble flash drives, which …
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Does The Catholic Church Support Transgender People? Bishops …

Bustle6 hours ago
And based on an open letter written by Catholic bishops to parents of transgender kids, gender identity is no exception. On Friday … Zack Ford, the author of a ThinkProgress article about the letter, echoed Thoreson’s criticisms, writing that the Catholic church’s rejection of “a whole lot of science and human …
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Trans Teen’s War With His Body Started When He Was Just 10

U.S. News & World ReportNov. 20, 2017
Medical professionals have come up with protocols for children and teens. They recommend that some kids with gender dysphoria essentially pause puberty with hormone blockers until they’re certain they want to live as a different gender. But the child must be prepubescent. It was too late when Theo and …
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Kids Are Stuck Getting Their News From SNL and Snapchat. Save …

Slate Magazine (blog)19 hours ago
While teachers pick the articles they use (acting as a filter Snapchat doesn’t have), the site’s user data proves kids want to grapple with serious stuff. … For precocious teens and preteens interested in current events but unlikely to sit down with a newspaper, Saturday Night Live often serves as a glimpse at …
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Where We Put Kids Who Break the Law

SojournersDec. 13, 2017
Despite years of reform efforts, thousands of teens still wake up in large, secure, prison-like facilities such as Lincoln Hills, many of them for nonviolent offenses. Marcus is one of a growing number of voices arguing that such places should be shut down for good. “It’s clear that youth prisons are not places of redemption and …
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We Need to Talk About Kids and Smartphones

TIMEOct. 10, 2017
“But when you look at the economic or homework data, it doesn’t line up with the rise in teen suicide or depression,” Twenge says. Youth smartphone ownership does. “I’m open to exploring other factors, but I think the more we learn about kids and smartphones, the more we’re going to see that limiting their …

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