You’re Doing Hot Chocolate Wrong

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You’re Doing Hot Chocolate Wrong

BloombergDec. 21, 2017
This more advanced recipe from Dandelion Chocolate is an homage to San Francisco’s Mission District, where Dandelion has its cafe and whose Mexican American population has made the neighborhood a center of food, culture, music, and murals. Spicy and rich, it could be its own dessert course and …
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The Most-Read Food Stories of 2017

New York TimesDec. 13, 2017
Anything Instant Pot was popular with readers of the Food section. In January, Melissa Clark tried one (that article is No. 2 on this list), and in the fall, she shared more recipes for it (No. 6). But two articles, published in mid-December, became late additions to the list, as they reported on inappropriate sexual …
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Panlasang Pinoy shares home-style recipes perfect for Noche Buena

GMA NewsDec. 19, 2017
Narrowing down the food options for Noche Buena is a hard task but it’s even harder to cook the meals you’ve chosen. Thanks to the internet, … To help enlighten people on preparing Filipino food, Merano began posting articles about his favorite dishes including their recipes. As his audience grew, …
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Kale With a Side of Hedonism: A German Comfort-Food Recipe

Wall Street JournalDec. 13, 2017
In the U.S., kale became curiously faddish a few years back. In northern Germany, where I have spent a good part of the last few decades, this leafy green is more soul food than superfood. Grünkohl, as the vegetable is known here, features centrally in a classic cold-weather dish of the same name. Braised …
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The Best Inflammation-Fighting Recipes Of 2017

mindbodygreen.comDec. 16, 2017
We love anti-inflammatory, super-functional recipes here and publish them regularly so you can get the most out of your food. This year, we went through over 50 recipes to find the ones that tasted amazing, had unique ingredients, were easy to make—and of course, that you absolutely loved. Here are the …
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What is your family’s food culture at holiday time?

Michigan State University ExtensionDec. 20, 2017
This series of articles will help you look at your own culture and those around you, and maybe create some new traditions. By better understanding your own culture, hopefully you can understand and appreciate those around you. Winter holidays are full of cultural traditions centered around food. Often …
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Recipe: Venison Crackers & Cheese Meatloaf

American Hunter (press release) (blog)18 hours ago
Some snacks and appetizers are common throughout all of North America. Crackers and cheese are a staple for entertaining, and they provide an excellent lunch in the field, fill a void when you have the growlies and are easy to prepare. There are comfort foods, which make you feel warm and cozy, like …
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30-Minute Recipe: Winter-Vegetable Rice Bowl With Fried Egg

Wall Street JournalDec. 13, 2017
Take bibimbap, the Korean rice bowl this recipe is based on. Too often, Mr. Lee laments, the dish features the same, conventional combination of ingredients. “The term means mixed rice,” he said. “So people should add whatever they like!” For his second Slow Food Fast contribution, the chef shares his …
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Want To Stop A Cold In Its Tracks? Eat This Food

mindbodygreen.comDec. 3, 2017
Those omega-3 fatty acids may be helpful for counteracting the effects of stress-hormone cortisol that tends to spike when we’re wigged out about all the stuff you don’t have time to be sick for! When you’re freaking out about a cold coming on, try this easy, delicious recipe for dinner. If turning on the oven is …
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Marijuana Wine Is Actually a Thing You Can Buy Now

SheKnows.comDec. 15, 2017
Wine is getting a completely new spin thanks to Rebel Coast Winery’s new cannabis-infused, alcohol-removed wine. More: 13 Cute, Affordable Wine Glasses You Won’t Stress About Breaking. Yes, you read that right. The wine will be available beginning January 2018 (assuming all the new legislation for …

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