Deliveroo Takes a Kitchen-Sink Approach to Food Apps

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Deliveroo Takes a Kitchen-Sink Approach to Food Apps

Bloomberg7 hours ago
Food delivery apps don’t make money. That’s one of the big lessons venture capitalists have taken away from the past few years, as the startup graveyard has filled with names such as Sprig, Jinn, and Take Eat Easy. Despite the $100 billion market, margins are thin or nonexistent, and apps haven’t been …
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This Co-Op Is Eradicating A Food Desert & Empowering Its Community

mindbodygreen.com2 hours ago
In 2008, it counted itself among one of the nation’s growing food deserts—expanses of inhabited land devoid of purchasable fresh food. It was estimated that in 2017, 23.5 million Americans lived in a food desert, where instead of supermarkets, liquor stores and fast food vendors provide residents their …
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Cheaper vegetables pull WPI inflation down to 4-month low of 3.58 …

Hindu Business Line4 hours ago
Similarly, the rate of inflation in the WPI Food Index also eased to 2.91 per cent in December from 4.1 per cent in November, according to official data released on Monday. WPI inflation in food articles cooled to 4.72 per cent from 6.06 per cent in November. Vegetable prices also eased to 56.46 per cent in …
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Why we choose the donut over the apple

Medical News TodayJan. 6, 2018
The investigators expected that when no stimuli were presented, the participants would choose the food that they thought was more healthful. But in contrast, they hypothesized that with stimuli, the participants would select the associated reward, regardless of whether it was the healthful or unhealthful …
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How We Cook, Eat and Drink: The Canada Letter

New York TimesJan. 12, 2018
(That article warns non-Canadian readers away from calling the drink a Bloody Caesar.) More articles will appear next week leading up to Wednesday’s publication in the print editions of the special Canada Food section. Tickets are still available to two events next week featuring Sam Sifton, The Times’s …
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Associate feature: Celebrating Scotland’s vital food and drink …

Holyrood5 hours ago
The food and drink industry, from agriculture, fishing, aquaculture through to manufacturing is a significant contributor to the Scottish economy – with an annual turnover of around £14bn. According to Scottish Enterprise – although the manufacturing part of the industry accounts for only about six per cent of …
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Ecosystems Are Collapsing, Food Bowls Are Next

BloombergJan. 8, 2018
From the tropics to the poles, the effects of climate change are transforming environments that humans have known since prehistory. Chances of saving the world’s coral reefs are disappearing because of mass bleaching, according to a paper by scientists on four continents published in the journal Science …
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Pathogens boosted by food additive

Nature.comJan. 5, 2018
Before 1995, high production costs made trehalose untenable as a food additive. But manufacturing innovations reduced the cost of trehalose production more than 100-fold, and the US Food and Drug Administration and European agencies approved the sugar as a safe food additive in 2000 and 2001, …

State Offers Grants for Local Farm and Food Businesses

U.S. News & World Report22 hours ago
State Offers Grants for Local Farm and Food Businesses. Rhode Island is offering grants to help grow local farm and food businesses and increase the competitiveness of their products in the marketplace. Jan. 14, 2018, at 9:42 a.m.. State Offers Grants for Local Farm and Food Businesses …
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Food Science Is Caught Between the Head and the Heart

BloombergJan. 4, 2018
When they tried the same experiment with canola oil, they found the mice getting the extra oil did worse on memory tests and had built up more brain plaques. The results may not be sufficient to make anyone give up canola oil, but they do make an important point — food affects the brain. Some media critics …

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