California Couple May Have Used Food to Control Starving Children

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Food Stamps Should Be Spent on Food

BloombergJan. 17, 2018
If they ever finish arguing about immigration and the budget, members of Congress can be expected to turn to food stamps, which conservative Republicans want to cut and Democrats don’t. For their own sake and to promote public health, both sides might want to focus on a simple reform that deserves …
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California Couple May Have Used Food to Control Starving Children

U.S. News & World ReportJan. 19, 2018
The parents, who were charged with multiple counts of torture, child abuse and false imprisonment, gave little food to their children, ranging in age from two to 29 years old, according to prosecutors, who said the abuse may have gone on for years. The couple even taunted their offspring by displaying …
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Chef Giada De Laurentiis Shares Her Genius Secret For Making …

mindbodygreen.com2 hours ago
Giada de Laurentiis is one of the most known faces of the food world, with best-selling cookbooks, a number of Food Network shows, and a namesake Las Vegas restaurant. Now, she’s partnered with Simply 7 to empower other women, an act she thinks is especially important in the wake of the #metoo …
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Convenience Stores Are Getting Squeezed by Fast Food and Dollar …

BloombergJan. 18, 2018
The $550 billion convenience store industry last year recorded its weakest merchandise sales growth since 2013, and businesses are rushing to improve loyalty programs, offer better food and let customers order online. Some are even testing delivery. In a sign of the changing times, Circle K owner …

EU to lower limit for bisphenol A migration from food packaging

Chemical & Engineering News6 hours ago
Members of the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health, & Food Safety Committee voted on Jan. 11 to reject a proposal to ban BPA in food packaging. The committee instead endorsed the Commission’s proposal to lower the migration limit from 0.6 mg of BPA per kg of food to 0.05 mg/kg.

If You Own a Fast Food Joint in Florida, You May Want to Consider …

Greentech Media12 minutes ago
If you own a fast-food restaurant in Florida then you might want to consider investing in battery storage now. That is one of the conclusions of a study looking into battery storage economics in the America’s largest regulated energy state. The research, published by a team from the School of Global Policy …
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6 Things You Need To Know Today (January 22, 2018)

mindbodygreen.com2 hours ago
According to a new study published in the journal Cell Reports, when people feel social stress, certain neurons activate that make them crave junk food. So the next time you blame yourself for lack of self-control, consider taking yourself out of a situation that could be causing you social stress instead.
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Toronto Suddenly Has a New Craving: Syrian Food

New York TimesJan. 12, 2018
The barista (her younger brother, Alaa) even sports the scruffy beard and Blue Jays cap favored by food-service workers along this hip stretch of Queen Street. But Soufi’s offers hints of something more unusual than just a place to get lunch. They include the sinuous melodies of old Arabic pop songs, the …
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The Canada Issue

New York TimesJan. 16, 2018
Whisky and butter tarts, Syrian cooking and a Japanese-Italian menu: Canada’s foodscene is as textured and diverse as its population. Our Food section this week is devoted to some of the pleasures of Canadian cuisine. Photo. The chef Cezin Nottaway pours tea — one of her favorite culinary “secret …
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Elon Musk’s Brother Wants To Bring Silicon-Style Innovation To …

mindbodygreen.comJan. 19, 2018
Musk found his way to food in New York City, whereas a recently minted millionaire he enrolled in the French Culinary Institute. Then 9/11 struck. Musk spent six weeks cooking for first-responders at Ground Zero, not far from his own apartment. The experience spurred him to move to Colorado, where he …

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