When it comes to your health, where you live matters

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When it comes to your health, where you live matters

The Conversation USJan. 23, 2018
According to a recent report, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia have the worst health in the U.S. These states have higher rates of premature deaths, chronic diseases and poor health behaviors year after year. Why are people in some places in the U.S. consistently less healthy …
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The digital health ecosystem in Singapore

Global University Venturing1 hour ago
Medisave is a mandatory health savings account. Every employee contributes 8% to 10.5%, depending on age group, of monthly salary to a personal Medisave account. Patients can use their Medisave accounts only to purchase pre-approved drugs, and the government subsidises many medical bills …
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What the government shutdown means for the health of Americans

The Conversation USJan. 21, 2018
Many may wonder what this means for the nation’s public health battles against threats like the flu and the opioid crisis. In a shutdown, contingency plans allow the federal government to meet most short-term health care needs. Most American hospitals are privately run. Public hospitals are, with very few …
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Vaping Can Be Addictive and May Lure Teenagers to Smoking …

New York Times19 hours ago
WASHINGTON — A national panel of public health experts concluded in a report released on Tuesday that vaping with e-cigarettes that contain nicotine can be addictive and that teenagers who use the devices may be at higher risk of smoking. Whether teenage use of e-cigarettes leads to conventional …
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Family meals may boost kids’ physical, mental health

Medical News TodayDec. 25, 2017
Regular family mealtimes may benefit children’s physical and mental health. Researchers have found that children who often ate meals with their family at the age of 6 years old had better social skills and general fitness by the age of 10, compared with those who rarely spent mealtimes with their family.
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What is kombucha and how do the health claims stack up?

The Conversation AU11 hours ago
Many claims are made about the health benefits of drinking kombucha, but what does the science say? For those of you who haven’t tried it, kombucha is a quirky-tasting drink. Depending on what’s added to it, it’s best described as a sour apple cider, perhaps with vinegary notes. Kombucha is an ancient …
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Britain’s May Slaps Down Foreign Minister Over Health Funds

U.S. News & World ReportJan. 23, 2018
Boris Johnson, whose promises that Britain’s departure from the European Union would boost funds for the National Health Service helped persuade many voters to back Brexit, raised his demands at a regular meeting of her top ministers after publicly calling for an extra 100 million pounds ($140 million) a …
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It’s not you. Commuting is bad for your health.

VoxJan. 22, 2018
You’ve likely seen the articles warning you of the dangers of commuting, but despite all the negative effects, millions of people — including me — make the choice to commute every day. So I started to wonder: Just how bad is this for me? Is the media hyping it all up? Turns out long commutes really are bad …
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Social media affecting children’s sleep says study

TheHealthSite4 hours ago
“The impact social media can have on sleep patterns is a topic of great interest given the well-known adverse effects of sleep deprivation on health,” said senior author Dr. Jean-Philippe Chaput, of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute. He further added that electronic screen devices …

Evangelical to reveals its health bus

News Item3 hours ago
SUBMITTED PHOTO Evangelical Community Hospital wants to improve delivery of health care in rural communities through its new mobile health unit. LEWISBURG — The Mobile of Health of Evangelical bus will be revealed on the campus of Evangelical Community Hospital on Thursday, Feb. 1.

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