Can Woody Allen Work in Hollywood Again?

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Can Woody Allen Work in Hollywood Again?

New York Times15 hours ago
Hollywood says it’s done with Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Kevin Spacey and other figures ousted for misconduct through the #MeToo movement. But what about Woody Allen? His film distributor, Amazon, the presenters of his musical “Bullets Over Broadway,” and colleagues are now grappling with …
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Indiana Jones 5 To Be Steven Spielberg’s Next Movie, Will Shoot In …

GameSpot1 hour ago
Back in 2016, it was announced that star Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg will return for a fifth Indiana Jones movie. Last year the film was officially given a 2020 release date slot, but there has been little news about its progress since then. However, it has now been reported that Spielberg is …
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The Hidden Gems of 2017 Movies Are on … Netflix?

New York TimesJan. 19, 2018
It is a truth universally acknowledged that the first two months of the year are desolate times for movie lovers who prefer to gorge on new releases. Once the holiday season’s tidal wave of blockbusters and prestige pictures has receded there’s not much action beyond the awards season itself. Releasing …
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Bradford: Admit it, the Tom Brady movie was a good idea

WEEI.com16 hours ago
Just a few months ago, I was walking by a hotel near Fenway Park to find a film crew rolling on what looked like a groom getting ready for a wedding. Ten takes later, they finally reached the limo. Remember the first “Behind the B” episode? It was thick with Bruins executives piling on recently traded Tyler …
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India Braces for Opening of Film That Has Hindu Extremists Enraged

New York TimesJan. 24, 2018
NEW DELHI — Police forces across India have reinforced security for the Thursday opening of a contentious film that has prompted hundreds of women to threaten mass suicide and other people to threaten murder. The film, “Padmaavat,” is a lavish Bollywood epic about a Hindu queen, Padmavati, who …
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‘Star Wars’ Toy Sales Fall in 2017 as Movie-Tie Fatigue Sets In

BloombergJan. 17, 2018
Now, toymakers’ big bets on movie tie-ins look downright bleak. Playthings based on the “Star Wars” saga — the franchise that kicked off the whole phenomenon four decades ago — were down in 2017 despite a new film, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” in December during the all-important holiday-shopping …
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Netflix Plans 80 New Original Movies for 2018 — Here Are 5 to Look …

ZimbioJan. 27, 2018
If Okja, Mudbound, Bright, The Meyerowitz Stories, or I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore were on your top 10 list last year, good news! Netflix has more original movies planed — a lot more. Content chief Ted Sarandos, high off the release of the streaming monster’s third-quarter earnings last …
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The Shining Movie Sequel, Doctor Sleep, Finds A Director Very …

GameSpotJan. 26, 2018
Once Stephen King released the novel Doctor Sleep, a 2013 follow-up to The Shining that centers on Danny Torrance as an adult, it was only a matter of time until it was turned into a movie. Now, Warner Bros. has found the person it wants to direct the film. According to Deadline, Mike Flanagan has been …
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Oscar Nominations 2018: ‘The Shape of Water’ Leads the Race

New York TimesJan. 23, 2018
Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” is about racism and cultural appropriation, the film’s get-out-the-vote team says, but also (in this #MeToo moment) about the abuse of power. “Three Billboards,” which won the top prize at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, sees itself as the most topical: It features a woman …
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A Huge Bet That Movie Theaters Aren’t Going the Way of the Dodo

Wall Street JournalJan. 26, 2018
The takeover of Regal Entertainment RGC 0.22% Group by a much smaller European cinema chain is turning into a financial thriller. Working title: “The Big Long.” An Israeli family, the Greidingers, have bet the farm on U.S. movie theatres at a time when others are worrying about the impact of Netflix.

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