Feast Your Eyes on This Glorious Crocheted Food

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Feast Your Eyes on This Glorious Crocheted Food

Atlas ObscuraJan. 31, 2018
Like many who crochet, Trevor Smith is hooked. “I find the repetitive nature therapeutic,” he says. But there’s nothing repetitive about his series of crocheted foods. A Technicolor ham, a whole fish garnished with lemons, and an elaborate cheese platter are part of his yarn oeuvre, all of which pop in three …
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Dining at Salt Bae’s Controversial New Steakhouse

Bloomberg18 hours ago
Almost all the buzz about Nusr-et, set in the former China Grill space in prime Midtown Manhattan, has been negative. The New York Post labeled its review “Public Rip-Off No. 1” and noted that after a $521.45 dinner for three, critic Steve Cuozzo still wanted a snack. GQ referenced mundane, rather tough …
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Food Distributors Sue Tyson, Pilgrim’s Pride and Others Alleging …

Wall Street JournalJan. 31, 2018
The two largest U.S. food distributors are accusing top poultry suppliers of conspiring to limit stocks and manipulate wholesale prices, fueling a legal battle that has pitted buyers and consumers against chicken processors. Sysco Corp. SYY -1.40% and US Foods USFD -0.53% Holding Corp., which sell food …
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Fair-minded rats pay helpers with food

Nature.com16 hours ago
Common rodents called Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) are known to exchange food with each other, and to exchange grooming sessions, too. But Manon Schweinfurth and Michael Taborsky at the University of Bern wanted to know whether the animals would swap dissimilar resources, such as food in …
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Less meat, more choice: A look at key food issues in 2018

The Conversation CAJan. 3, 2018
Food is increasingly in the day-to-day consciousness of Canadians. Consumers are hearing more about food in the media and in the broader conversation. They’re also seeking more information about their food, including where it comes from and how it’s produced. New issues of interest regularly emerge.
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Polar Bears ‘Running Out of Food

Novinite.com45 minutes ago
High-tech tracking collars on nine female polar bears have measured the animals’ efforts to find food on the diminishing Arctic ice, writes BBC. Each bear wore a collar – recording video, location and activity levels – for 8-12 days, while metabolic tracers tracked the bears’ energy use. This revealed that most …
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A FEMA Error Drove Fears That Food and Water Aid to Puerto Rico …

New York TimesJan. 31, 2018
The prospect of food and water assistance coming to an end for Hurricane Maria survivors in Puerto Rico blindsided the island’s government this week, prompting angry reactions from local leaders and alarming lawmakers in Washington, who urged the Federal Emergency Management Agency to reverse …
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Food to help you live longer and beat heart disease, cancer …

Daily MailJan. 27, 2018
What if I told you there was a miracle pill that could drastically improve your health and the length of your life? What’s more, this life-saver is cheap, readily available and comes with no debilitating side-effects. It’s been rigorously tested (including by a Nobel Prize-winning scientist) and almost every doctor in …
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The Simple Trick To Cure Your Snack Cravings

mindbodygreen.com2 hours ago
Adding, not subtracting, food from your diet. The absolute best way to quit mindlessly snacking is to stock your diet with protein, especially in the early hours. Protein increases satiety, which pacifies ghrelin, your body’s primary hunger hormone. When you feel satiated, you won’t want to reach for those …
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Hostess acquires certain Aryzta breakfast assets

Food Business NewsFeb. 1, 2018
KANSAS CITY — Hostess Brands, Inc. has acquired certain U.S. assets of Aryzta L.L.C., including one of the company’s Chicago Cloverhill bakery facilities and its Big Texas and Cloverhill brands. Additionally, the transaction includes supply partnerships with some of Hostess’ key retailers. Financial terms …

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