Indian science budget fails to impress — despite funding boost

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Indian science budget fails to impress — despite funding boost

Nature.comFeb. 1, 2018
India will raise its spending on science by 10% to 536.2 billion rupees (US$8.4 billion) for 2018–19, compared with the previous year, finance minister Arun Jaitley said on 1 February. The budget includes 30.7 billion rupees earmarked for a digital programme that includes artificial intelligence and cyber …
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Gender bias goes away when grant reviewers focus on the science

Nature.comJan. 26, 2018
They came out of a 2014 decision by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to phase out conventional grant programmes, in which reviewers evaluated both the science and the investigator. Instead, the CIHR started one programme that focused its evaluation on the applicants and another that …
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Science Notes – Updating radiocarbon-dating techniques

Current Archaeology18 minutes ago
In last month’s ‘Science Notes’ we took you on a tour of the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, discussing the intricacies of radiocarbon dating. There is the risk of portraying the process as fixed and static, but it is always being updated with new treatments and techniques – to make the method even …
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DNA solves the mystery of how these mummies were related

Science NewsJan. 16, 2018
That muted family tie came to light thanks to the successful retrieval of two types of DNA from the mummies’ teeth, the scientists report in the February Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. The finding highlights the importance ancient Egyptians placed on maternal lines of descent, Drosou’s group …

New ‘SciPop’ Series to Combine Science and Pop Culture

U.S. News & World Report15 hours ago
New ‘SciPop’ Series to Combine Science and Pop Culture. A lecture series dubbed “SciPop Talks” is kicking off again with a discussion about chocolate. Feb. … The series combines science and popular culture. It’s organized by the University of Nebraska, Doane College and the Nebraska Local Section of …
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Meet the winners of Mongabay’s best intern articles awards

Mongabay.com2 hours ago
The program offers unique sessions to meet with editors, cover fascinating stories and talk to the leading scientists in the field, all within a flexible working environment. Over the past six years, our interns have made an invaluable contribution to the cause of environmental journalism through their hundreds …
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Warming ocean water is turning 99 percent of these sea turtles female

Science NewsJan. 8, 2018
Scientists have known that warming ocean waters are skewing sea turtle populations toward having more females, but quantifying the imbalance has been hard. Researchers analyzed hormone levels in turtles collected on the Great Barrier Reef (off the northeastern coast of Australia) to determine their sex, …
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When sickness interrupts science

Nature.comJan. 10, 2018
Mankoff is one of many scientists worldwide who face emotional and practical challenges in their work as a result of long-lasting or recurrent medical conditions. Working as a scientist can be physically and mentally demanding, in the laboratory and in the field. It can be even harder for those with physical …
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China declared world’s largest producer of scientific articles

Nature.comJan. 19, 2018
For the first time, China has overtaken the United States in terms of the total number of science publications, according to statistics compiled by the US National ScienceFoundation (NSF). The agency’s report, released on 18 January, documents the United States’ increasing competition from China and …
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New ways scientists can help put science back into popular culture

The Conversation USJan. 18, 2018
Clifford Johnson does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed … But really science is part of the wonderful tapestry of human culture, intertwined with things like art, music, theater, film and even religion.

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