Adidas Ventures Further Into Lifestyle Gear With Zound Deal

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Adidas Ventures Further Into Lifestyle Gear With Zound Deal

Bloomberg3 hours ago
Sporting-goods maker Adidas AG is venturing further into lifestyle products as it teams up with Zound Industries International AB to sell headphones. Closely held Zound of Stockholm is developing two lines of headphones that will be sold under the Adidas brand from next year, including one for sports, the …
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Soul Sisters bringing former NHLer to town

Westlock News5 hours ago
“You get used to it. Watching videos of my accident or reading articles about it is a lot harder, but talking about it isn’t because I meet so many people who are still in a dark place, so it’s actually quite gratifying,” he said. There were some dark times between now and then though, as Malarchuk dealt not only …

This Week’s Lifestyle Articles

The Paper MagazineFeb. 1, 2018
The Paper is an online-only Community Newspaper Serving The Woodlands, Spring, & North Houston, Texas areas. We Mash Traditional and New Media Journalism and have a staff of editors/journalists and community reporters/columnists who help us to bring timely and relevant content to our site on a …
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So Facebook is getting (more) personal

Inquirer.net15 hours ago
Facebook has introduced sweeping changes in the kinds of posts its more than 2 billion members will often see. It says it will now prioritize what friends and family share and comment on, while de-emphasizing nonadvertising content from publishers and brands. Users will see fewer viral videos and news …
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What Lifestyle Changes Can Help Fight Off Depression?

U.S. News & World ReportJan. 12, 2018
Lifestyle choices such as exercising, avoiding alcohol and drugs, eating well and being social are well known. But there are a number of other ways to help brighten your mood. Track your sleep. “Sleep is like the brain’s wash and rinse cycle,” says Dr. Drew Ramsey, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry …
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Mark Zeff Sees His Lifestyle Brand as the Ultimate Expression of His …

Interior DesignJan. 8, 2018
Growing up in Cape Town, Mark Zeff was a stellar athlete and, he admits, a mediocre student. Fortunately, the confidence he gained on the rugby field has served him well for a career in which he’s roved geographically and stylistically, orchestrating a staggering range of projects. He has designed hotel …
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Heart failure risk might depend on your neighborhood

Medical News TodayJan. 9, 2018
While there is currently no cure for heart failure, lifestyle changes, medications, and surgery are some of the treatments that can help to prolong survival. Still, around 50 percent of people with heart failure die within 5 years of being diagnosed. As such, it is important to identify all risk factors for heart failure, …
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Apple News shows promise delivering traffic but won’t make up for …

DigidayJan. 15, 2018
But Apple News remains tough for lifestyle publishers, according to conversations with seven publisher executives, which is problematic because they depend on Facebook more than other publishers. About 87 percent of the referral traffic for lifestyle articles comes from Facebook, according to Parsely.
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Bitcoin price latest: Cryptocurrency value slides amid suggestions …

The IndependentFeb. 2, 2018
The price of bitcoin is plunging, amid fears that the cryptocurrency mania that gripped the world in recent weeks is over. Over December, the price of bitcoin and other digital currencies surged to record highs, leading many people to attempt to make their own money. But the value is now plunging, …
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Facebook to roll out drastic news feed changes altering what every …

The IndependentJan. 12, 2018
On the other hand, passively reading articles or watching videos – even if they’re entertaining or informative – may not be as good.” The move to highlight posts that Facebook considers “meaningful” and reduce the emphasis on others could shrink the social media giant’s role as a major news source for …

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