Meet Fashion’s First Computer-Generated Influencer

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Meet Fashion’s First Computer-Generated Influencer

The Business of FashionFeb. 4, 2018
Over a decade later, the fashion industry woke up to the opportunity. In 2013, Louis Vuitton’s Marc Jacobs designed tour costumes for virtual avatar Hatsune Miku, a sixteen-year-old Japanese singer who performs her concert onstage as an animated projection hologram and has collaborated with Lady …
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Gucci or Balenciaga: Which Was the Hottest Fashion Brand in 2017?

The Business of FashionJan. 29, 2018
But which of the two Kering-owned fashion houses generated the most heat overall? After analysing data from over 70 million consumers, BoF can reveal that while Balenciaga scored big in the second half of 2017, Gucci triumphed overall, taking the top spot in the Lyst Index “Hottest Brand” ranking for …
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Fashion’s potential to influence politics and culture

The Conversation CAJan. 22, 2018
Fashion is an emerging scholarly discipline, which makes it very fashionable right now. Slap the word fashion to the title of an academic article or book and readership is likely to follow. Is political dressing is fashion trend? The #tiedtogether movement used white bandanas to indicate the ‘common bonds of …
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Sanchez-Kane Emphasizes Sex and Fashion at NY Fashion Week

U.S. News & World Report14 hours ago
The Sanchez-Kane Fall 2018 collection is modeled during Fashion Week in New York, Monday, Feb. … On opening day of New York Fashion Week: Men’s, coming just before the twice-annual display of womenswear, Sanchez-Kane urged her guests to “find your group of misfits and levitate together.”.
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Op-Ed | Why I Unfollowed Miroslava Duma

The Business of Fashion6 hours ago
Following the Duma/Sergeenko affair, I found something profoundly pertinent in the dystopian issues raised by the series and the book, because of their relevance to our societal fascination with fashion media culture. Our lives have become fabricated representations of what we think we are experiencing …
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The Growing Power of Latin Fashion Media

The Business of FashionJan. 15, 2018
Latin America boasts a colourful deck of beloved, local magazines that continue to persuade loyal readers to buy fashion and luxury, despite turbulent times for print …. A previous version of this article misstated that Daniela Pizzeta is the marketing manager for Iguatemi Empresa de Shopping Centers.
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Want a Fashion Job in Italy?

The Business of Fashion21 hours ago
MILAN, Italy — The international influence of Italian brands is once again on the rise, and though the Italian economy stuttered in 2017, Milan as a fashion capital had a knock-out year. Donatella Versace’s supermodel tribute to her late brother Gianni went viral back in September while Gucci continues its …
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Juicy Couture to Make NYFW Debut

The Business of FashionJan. 28, 2018
NEW YORK, United States — An iconic aughts brand is taking its comeback efforts to the next level. On February 8, Juicy Couture — purveyor of one of the era’s most distinctive status symbols, the velour tracksuit — is making its runway debut at New York Fashion Week. A revival has been in the works …

What Makes a Great Fashion CEO?

The Business of FashionJan. 31, 2018
In times of turbulent change, leaders must balance quantitative and qualitative strategies with a sharp understanding of the consumer and a knack for nailing risks. Source: Shutterstock. 525 Shares. 2 Comments. BoF Professional Exclusive. By Chantal Fernandez January 29, 2018 16:52. Save. 525 Shares.
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Kanye West Finally Gets His Fashion Right

New York TimesFeb. 1, 2018
New York Fashion Week may not begin until next Thursday, but as far as Kanye West is concerned, it has already started. He’s not on the official schedule, but this week he made his presence known nonetheless. Well, he does like to be first. He, or some of his much-followed famous friends/collaborators, …

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