Publication by Design

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Publication by Design

Inside Higher EdFeb. 8, 2018
Rather than submitting finished articles, authors submitted proposals to gather and analyze data. Eight of the most well-designed proposals asking important questions, out of 71 total, were accepted and guaranteed publication — regardless of whether the results supported their hypotheses, and as long as …
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Companies Should Stop Hiding Privacy Settings. Just Ask Strava

Co.Design (blog)Feb. 7, 2018
The fitness-tracking app caused an uproar recently when it inadvertently revealed secret military sites–highlighting the need for better privacy design, write two design… [Screenshot: courtesy the author] Compare that to Pocket, a plug-in app that allows you to save interesting articles you want to view later.

Elements of a Good Graphic Design Strategy – Find Out to Craft Your …

Domain informer6 hours ago
Promotional or marketing activities need your story to be communicated well, and for that, a complete digital marketing strategy needs to be in place. That will include a well-designed website, web or mobile app, an active social media presence, very good search engine optimization and social media …
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How to Design a Dining Room

Mansion GlobalJan. 24, 2018
Each week Mansion Global tackles an interior design topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week we look at how to design a warm but stylish dining room. Formal or casual, reserved for special occasions or used daily, a dining room can be versatile …

The Kubernetes Effect

InfoQ.comFeb. 7, 2018
These new primitives and the platform capabilities dictate the guiding design principles and designpatterns we use to implement all future services. … For the rest of this article, we will dive deeper and see examples from each category. … Principles for Container based application design are as following:.
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Bi-Coastal Design Duo on Why London, New York and Los Angeles …

Mansion GlobalJan. 29, 2018
EM: I have to go with L.A., but I could be biased as that’s my home now. The L.A. luxury homes market never ceases to amaze us. The demand is still strong due to the real emergence of the tech industry now coming to the city whilst the freedom to express great design with amazing topography is a massive …
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Insecure by design – lessons from the Meltdown and Spectre debacle

The Conversation AUFeb. 4, 2018
It turns out that computer systems are insecure not because of mistakes made in the implementation, but because of ill-conceived design. As a community of computer systems experts, we have to ask ourselves how such a debacle is possible, and how a recurrence can be prevented. We have known for a …

Should Fashion Brands Bet on Star Designers?

The Business of FashionFeb. 9, 2018
The film is set in the world of 1950s couture but the fairy dust that a so-called “star designer” can bring to a brand is more relevant than ever. As the fashion industry becomes larger and more international, and the audience grows more knowledgeable and demanding, the need to stand out is vital. A person …
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Classroom design should follow evidence, not architectural fads

The Conversation AUFeb. 6, 2018
Of the 5,521 articles retrieved (since 1960), only 21 studies evaluated impacts of the physical environment of primary and secondary schools on measures of student learning outcomes. In particular, the review highlighted how little is understood about the long-term impact of different learning spaces.
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​PICTURES: Lufthansa takes new design on European tour

FlightglobalFeb. 7, 2018
Lufthansa will showcase its new colours tomorrow (8 February) when it takes a Boeing 747-8I and an Airbus A321 on a tour of Germany and Europe. These two aircraft are the first to feature Lufthansa’s new livery. They will make an appearance at 10 German airports as well as Milan Malpensa and Paris …

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