V The Movie Officially Announced

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V The Movie Officially Announced

IGN14 hours ago
By Lucy O’Brien A movie based on the ’80s sci-fi series V is coming from the show’s original creator, Kenneth Johnson. V The Movie will presumably retread the story of the two-part mini-series, which focused on human-suit-wearing reptilian visitors to earth who may or may not be there for nefarious …
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Nintendo May Abandon Mario Movie If The Idea Isn’t Interesting …

GameSpot7 hours ago
Nintendo is making an animated Mario movie with Minions and Despicable Me company Illumination Entertainment. This was finally confirmed in January. Now, Nintendo has shared some further details about the much-anticipated movie, including the fact that Nintendo is not afraid to back away from the …

The Rock’s movie schedule in way of Rousey meeting?

News Item3 hours ago
Speculation about the line-up for WrestleMania has begun in earnest, despite World Wrestling Entertainment having two more pay per view events on the schedule before everyone heads to New Orleans for pro wrestling ‘s biggest annual event in April. Rumor is that the company would love to score.
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Streaming Your Valentine’s Day

New York TimesFeb. 9, 2018
As such, we also need movies about love, and yes, in this category we often expect somewhat higher standards than those reflected in works like “Failure to Launch” or “Friends With Benefits.” As Valentine’s Day looms, I’ve compiled my list of outstanding romantic films available on streaming video services …
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‘Black Panther’ Brings Hope, Hype and Pride

New York TimesFeb. 9, 2018
16 release, “Black Panther” smashed box-office records, beating out “Captain America: Civil War” on first-day advance ticket sales and surpassing “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” to become Fandango’s top-selling superhero movie in history. Perhaps even more impressive, the film is also outpacing …
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What’s So Great About ‘The Greatest Showman’?

New York TimesFeb. 9, 2018
Moviegoers really like this tale of P.T. Barnum’s early years and have turned both the movie and its music into bona fide hits. The box office total is $138 million and counting, and the album, which just went gold, is No. 1 on the Billboard chart. The Oscar-nominated “This Is Me,” belted by Keala Settle as the …
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Make movies great again: The ‘alt-right’ cinematic backlash

WHYY21 hours ago
It was your typical piece of online video click-bait: a white guy yelling about moviesinto a camera and getting half his facts wrong (Ford will be in Indy 5). Of course, the only difference between that guy and your average irate YouTube producer is that, less than two years later, he became the 45th president …
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Cosmic Book News – Comics

From Deadpool 2 to Solo to Venom: What’s Your Favorite New …

IGNFeb. 9, 2018
A trailer for the third Cloverfield film, officially titled The Cloverfield Paradox, also aired during the Super Bowl, ahead of its surprise debut on Netflix immediately after the game. Trailers for a pair of highly anticipated Marvel antihero films — Venom and Deadpool 2 — also dropped this week. That begs the …
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Netflix Tricked Movie Bloggers Into Selling ‘Cloverfield Paradox’ For …

ForbesFeb. 6, 2018
They were counting on the commercial and breathless coverage of that commercial to create awareness, curiosity and hype for The Cloverfield Paradox, with the articles and posts filling in the marketing blanks for casual readers. And then once the movie came out, even those who didn’t think it was very …
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Marvel’s Black Panther Review

IGNFeb. 6, 2018
For a film that touches on so many very real and very serious topics, you might expect Black Panther to be an entirely solemn affair. Some parts are, but it’s also an entertaining adventure film about an action hero with awesome gadgets and a super-suit, a fun film with many laugh-out loud moments, and a …

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