Why Trying to Be Less Awkward Never Works

Q&A on the Book Improving Agile Retrospectives

InfoQ.com23 minutes ago
The book Improving Agile Retrospectives by Marc Löffler provides practices and approaches for doing agile retrospectives that support continuous improvement. According to Löffler, agile retrospectives are workshops which need to be prepared and facilitated well in order to be beneficial to teams.
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Why Trying to Be Less Awkward Never Works

New York TimesFeb. 12, 2018
Awkward moments like these can be panic-inducing, and judging by the number of books and articles and videos on awkwardness that have popped up in recent years, this is far from a unique worry. So many of these try to help by offering outrageously specific advice. Don’t let a conversational silence last …
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Book review: America The Cookbook by Gabrielle Langholtz

The Caterer.com2 hours ago
I’ve never been to America. That might be confusing, considering I’m reviewing a book that explores the culinary tastes of the country throughout each of its 50 states. But when I – an outsider – think of American food, I imagine supersized, greasy, beige dishes, smothered in melted cheese. And on that front, …
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Risking Everything for Democracy

New York TimesFeb. 12, 2018
THE UKRAINIAN NIGHT An Intimate History of Revolution By Marci Shore 290 pp. Yale University Press. $26. On Nov. 21, 2013, Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s president, abruptly suspended long-running negotiations on an association agreement with the European Union. Though Yanukovych personified …
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Microsoft Surface Book Sale: Systems from $699

Laptop Mag15 hours ago
Microsoft Surface Book Sale: Systems from $699 … The current-generation Surface Book 2 even managed to win our coveted Editors’ Choice award. … S0 it’s only natural we’d get excited over the latest crop of Surface Book sales we’ve uncovered both on the previous-gen Surface Book and the current-gen …
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‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ Author Expelled From Writers’ Group Over …

Billboard13 hours ago
Best-selling children’s author Jay Asher has been expelled from a prominent writers organization because of allegations about sexual harassment. Lin Oliver, executive director of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, told The Associated Press on Monday that Asher had violated the …

PRH and Books on the Rail launch ‘blind date with a book‘ initiative

Books+Publishing9 hours ago
Penguin Random House Australia has partnered with Books on the Rail and the Street Library to launch a ‘blind date with a book‘ campaign to coincide with Valentine’s Day. The campaign involves wrapping copies of PRH’s local and international paperback titles in orange paper, and dispersing them on …
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Plagiarism Software Unveils a New Source for 11 of Shakespeare’s …

New York TimesFeb. 7, 2018
The findings were made by Dennis McCarthy and June Schlueter, who describe them in a book to be published next week by the academic press D. S. … Most of that scholarship, however, uses function words such as articles and prepositions to create a “digital signature” that can be used to identify a writer …
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In YA, Where Has All the Good Sex Gone?

New York TimesFeb. 9, 2018
So begins Judy Blume’s “Forever,” the ur-text of “dirty” teenage books — read at countless sleepovers, banned in a thousand classrooms. Since its publication over four decades ago, it has been reliably controversial, but not because it is tawdry, or vulgar. The novel’s crime is that it depicts two ordinary …
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Strong Results in Inglis Classic Yearling Sale Book 2

BloodHorse.com18 hours ago
Inglis Bloodstock concluded its Classic yearling sale Feb. 13 near Sydney, Australia with strong results during the one-day Book 2 session that followed a record three-day Book 1. With an average of $44,914 (US$35,186) for 157 sold, a clearance rate of 88%, and a gross of $7,051,500 ($5,524,230) Inglis …

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