Scientists Aim To Pull Peer Review Out Of The 17th Century

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Scientists Aim To Pull Peer Review Out Of The 17th Century

NPRFeb. 24, 2018
… quality and to look at whether an article is suitable for a particular journal.” Bloom says peer review does a reasonable job of picking studies of interest to journals such as hers, but it does a poor job of improving the quality of the paper. Some years ago, for instance, she says scientists sent around papers …

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Science needs to redefine excellence

Nature.comFeb. 21, 2018
Excellence is everywhere in science. Or that seems to be the plan: to make excellence ubiquitous in research. This month, the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, became the latest academic institution to encourage its scientists to excel, setting up a Regional Centre for Research Excellence …

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Martians welcome: Studies find people cheer—not fear—the …

Science MagazineFeb. 17, 2018
In the final study, Varnum’s group gathered the reactions of more than 500 different participants to newspaper articles. They gave one group a New York Times articledescribing evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars, and the other group read a New York Times article that claimed scientists had …

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Italian election leaves science out in the cold

Nature.comFeb. 20, 2018
As campaigning ahead of Italy’s national election enters its final weeks, researchers in the country fear that budget cuts and declining interest in science will only continue — whatever the outcome of the vote on 4 March. A complex coalition government is likely to emerge. The country’s traditional centre-left …

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Unusual mash-ups of art and science

Chemical & Engineering News6 hours ago
“The science of snowflakes is really fascinating,” says Susan Poulton, chief digital officer of the Philadelphia-based science museum, who came up with the idea to use the snowflake cutouts to reach an audience beyond the museum’s visitors. “Museums are very focused on physical attendance, and they …

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No, Time magazine, marriage is NOT a science – it’s a mindset

Fox NewsFeb. 20, 2018
Time magazine is boasting the bold title “The Science of Marriage,” in a special edition on shelves until April. The cover teases articles that promise to help you keep love alive and make your marriage stand the test of time. While advice and tips can be helpful, the success of a marriage can’t be boiled down …

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Japanese researchers say science-budget hike isn’t enough

Nature.comFeb. 6, 2018
Each year Japan’s Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) compiles the country’s total science spending, following the release of individual ministry budgets by the finance ministry in December. The year’s boost of 250.4 billion yen comes after minimal growth in the science budget since the …

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Why science blogging still matters

Nature.comFeb. 1, 2018
Science blogs have been around since the early 2000s, and in recent years the ‘microblogging’ platform Twitter and other social-media channels, which require less time to maintain than does a full blog, threatened to make them obsolete. But some scientists are keeping the practice alive, and it continues …

Bicentennial-Themed Program to Boost Math, Science Pursuits

U.S. News & World Report2 hours ago
Bicentennial-Themed Program to Boost Math, Science Pursuits … Leslie Munger announced the “Illinois Bicentennial STEM Fusion” campaign Friday at the Illinois Math and Science Academy. … It encourages math and science pursuits among students who are under-represented in those fields. Abbot and …

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Trump’s Science Advisor, Age 31, Has a Political Science Degree

Scientific AmericanFeb. 14, 2018
More than a year into his term, Trump hasn’t identified a potential nominee for the key position held by prominent scientists in Republican and Democratic administrations alike. And it stands to get harder. There’s a razor-thin margin for Senate approval, and Trump’s critics and supporters could complicate …

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