America Is the Gun

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America Is the Gun

New York TimesFeb. 25, 2018
The current push for stricter gun control is aiming too low. Sure, passage of new regulations would be a welcome change from our political intransigence and lack of response to our ongoing epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings in this country. But we often talk about The Fix, as if any half-measure …
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Is America a ‘Nation of Immigrants’? Immigration Agency Says No

New York TimesFeb. 22, 2018
The director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services informed employees in a letter on Thursday that its mission statement had been revised to “guide us in the years ahead.” Gone was the phrase that described the agency as securing “America’s promise as a nation of immigrants.”.
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Australia’s Gun Laws Are Not a Model for America

New York TimesFeb. 23, 2018
SYDNEY, Australia — The rampage at a high school in Parkland, Fla., has prompted calls for an Australian-style response, as have previous massacres in the United States. Australia introduced a comprehensive gun control regime after a massacre in Tasmania 22 years ago, and mass shootings here …
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Robert Merry Responds to Charlie Savage’s Twitter Challenge

The American Conservative8 hours ago
Charlie Savage of the New York Times has thrown down a Twitter challenge to me based on my TAC web article dated February 6 in which I took him to task for … In my February 6 piece, I wasn’t writing about the Nunes memo so much as about the state of American journalism, as reflected in Mr. Savage’s …
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American Air, Qantas Renew Push for Trans-Pacific Venture

Bloomberg15 hours ago
Without a venture that would be immune from antitrust restrictions, the airlines “will have no choice but to further reduce codesharing on their networks,” American said in a statement. “This will jeopardize the number of services and routes each carrier flies between the U.S. and Australia and New Zealand.”.
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The American who fled ‘gay conversion’ in Africa

BBC NewsFeb. 25, 2018
A midnight taxi to the US embassy; an emergency flight home; a new life in New York. An ex-Muslim tells his story. Mahad Olad was in a Nairobi hotel room, looking at his mother. She was holding two articles from a student newspaper in New York. In the first article, Mahad, then 19, said he was atheist.
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To Stay on the Land, American Farmers Add Extra Jobs

Wall Street JournalFeb. 25, 2018
It’s still tough to make ends meet, despite putting in 12- to 16-hour days. In 2015, he added yet another job, as a mail carrier. “We’re constantly doing something around here to keep things moving,” said Mr. Myhre, who is 50 years old. His wife is a physician’s assistant, and sometimes climbs into the seat of …
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Before Apple, America Dominated Watchmaking. Then History Forgot

Bloomberg4 hours ago
… to 1981, is actually a whale of a watch tale that deserves its place in watch history. What follows is the lost chapter of the quartz-watch revolution: a concise history of the American LED watch. Consider it an addendum to the “Four Revolutions” series of articles we have published over the past few months.
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John Shuster and the US Curling Team Win First Gold Medal

New York TimesFeb. 24, 2018
GANGNEUNG, South Korea — John Shuster, the face of American curling for the past four Winter Olympics — and all the good and bad those experiences have entailed — had a gold medal draped around his neck for the first time in his life on Saturday. Moments before, he and his teammates had done …
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Trump’s Tax Cuts in Hand, Companies Spend More on Themselves …

New York Times11 hours ago
President Trump promised that his tax cut would encourage companies to invest in factories, workers and wages, setting off a spending spree that would reinvigorate the American economy. Companies have announced plans for some of those investments. But so far, companies are using much of the …

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