Dolly Parton Donates 100 Millionth Book to Children In Need

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Dolly Parton Donates 100 Millionth Book to Children In Need

BillboardFeb. 28, 2018
In addition to her iconic country hits and breakup ballads, Dolly Parton has also been using her star power for good the past 20 years by donating books to children in need. Parton’s nonprofit, called Imagination Library, donates books to families in need once a month, from their birth until they go to …
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Stuck in a Reading Rut? How to Create New Book Habits

Wall Street JournalFeb. 27, 2018
Even the most accomplished readers get stuck in a rut, defaulting to books in a genre they know they’ll enjoy instead of taking a chance on something different. But publishing professionals and readers who regularly flick between genres say you can find a new groove by looking to reliable sources and …
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One of the World’s Most Irreplaceable Books Was Used as a Cutting …

Atlas ObscuraFeb. 27, 2018
The Exeter Book, inscribed in the 10th century, is a rare treasure. Many scholars consider it one of the building blocks of English literature. But it’s suffered damage along the way that goes far beyond the usual wear and tear. For one thing, one of the book’s previous owners used it as a cutting board. And an …

21 Book to TV Adaptations We Can’t Wait to Watch

IGN19 hours ago
By Laura Prudom and David Griffin From The Godfather to Gone With the Wind, Hollywood has always relied on books to provide some of its best ideas — and lucky for TV fans, the ambitious novels that were previously reserved for big budget blockbusters are finally getting the sprawling small-screen …
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Broker Newswire

Book distributor to terminate 147 employees in local closure

Indianapolis Business Journal10 hours ago
The country’s largest book distributor plans to close its distribution center on the northwest side of Indianapolis, resulting in 147 job losses. Readerlink Distribution Services LLC on Wednesday notified the Indiana Department of Workforce Development that it expects to permanently close its facility at 5045 …
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10 Books I Believe Will Help You Grow a Lasting Business

EntrepreneurFeb. 26, 2018
And a cool bonus is that not all good business books are about business! They may have underlying themes that you can apply, or are biographies and autobiographies of people who have tackled your problem before you. In no particular order, here are the ten best books to help you build and grow a …
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A Prisoner Got a Book Deal. Now the State Wants Him to Pay for His …

New York TimesFeb. 17, 2018
But his literary success was clouded by his dark past, and some questioned whether he deserved a book deal. In an interview with The New York Times for an articleabout Mr. Dawkins, Kenneth Bowman, the brother of the victim, said he thought Mr. Dawkins shouldn’t be able to write and publish from …
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Exit Interview: I Curated Rare Books for a 200-Year-Old Library

Atlas ObscuraFeb. 19, 2018
The Boston Athenaeum—a 211-year-old independent library in the center of Beacon Hill—is home to about 150,000 rare books. Some are old, and some are brand new. Some are huge, and some are tiny. Some are made of lead, some are made of shredded army uniforms, and one is, famously, made of …
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Professor explores Toledo’s black history

Toledo Blade10 hours ago
The 317-page book includes newspaper articles, academic papers, census data and popular writings about Toledo that chronicle more than 200 years of Toledo’s African-American history. It covers events from the Underground Railroad to boxer Wilbert “Skeeter” McClure winning a gold medal at the 1960 …
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What to Read After Watching ‘Black Panther’

New York TimesFeb. 23, 2018
Howard, who wrote “Encyclopedia of Black Comics,” presents a collection of analytical essays that explore the historical and vast contributions of black artists to the graphic book genre, including comic strips, political cartoons, manga and graphic novels. One essay, “Brief History of the Black Comic Strip: …

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