The Chef Who Carves Traditional Patterns Into Fruits and Vegetables

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The Chef Who Carves Traditional Patterns Into Fruits and Vegetables

Atlas Obscura15 hours ago
Fruits and vegetables can be beautiful. Ask any artist who’s painted a still life. But for Japanese chef Takehiro Kishimoto, produce is his canvas and a knife is his paintbrush. On his extremely popular Instagram account, Kishimoto carves everything from radishes to avocados. Some he turns into elegant …
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Chef Tom Oldroyd to open second restaurant in Hackney this spring

The Caterer.com18 hours ago
Tom Oldroyd – former chef director of Polpo – has revealed he will open a second restaurant, the Duke of Richmond, in Hackney this spring. The Duke of Richmond pub and dining room will be located on the corner of Queensbridge Road and Richmond Road. Originally opened in 1841, the building will be …
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Chef Masa’s Basement Is Now Open Underneath Tetsu

UrbanDaddy16 hours ago
Three Michelin starred Chef Masa’s new kaiseki restaurant is now open under Tetsu, and it’s an upscale, meat-heavy sort of spot. Come by the landmarked building that houses both eateries sometime and head down to the subterranean space: all exposed brick and cast iron columns, with a massive …
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Calgary SunMar. 3, 2018
We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the “X” in …
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Everything You Need to Know About Amy Schumer’s Husband Chris …

Cosmopolitan.comFeb. 15, 2018
Put simply, Chris Fischer is a chef from Martha’s Vineyard whose focuses on cooking with farm-fresh local produce. He’s worked in … August 2017. His articles mostly focus on the food culture and community of Martha’s Vineyard, with the occasional detour into personal essays about his family and friends.
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Chef David Chang Dishes On The ‘Ugly’ Side Of ‘Delicious’ Food

NPRFeb. 24, 2018
Mark’s one of my favorite, favorite chefs. There’s there’s just something romantic about watching Mark make pizza, because he uses a wine bottle instead of a traditional rolling pin. And even though he’s just making pizzas, it’s one of my favorite spots to go. But you get to hear their philosophy. It’s not just a …
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Charged ‘Putin’s Chef‘ Runs News Sites Along With Troll Army

U.S. News & World ReportFeb. 24, 2018
The Federal News Agency, the largest of 16 media outlets allegedly controlled by Prigozhin, has carried a stream of fawning accounts of Putin’s activities along with articles containing scathing criticism of the U.S. and its allies. As the presidential election approaches, it has regularly published glances and …
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The Underground Farm Delivering Rare Herbs to New York’s Top …

Atlas ObscuraFeb. 14, 2018
The sprouts and flowers are as recherché as they are delicious: nepitella, wood sorrel, papalo, micro cressida, afilia pea shoots. While diners may see garnish as little more than a sprig of green to fork aside, chefs see garnish in multiple dimensions—hue, flavor, texture, scent—and have exacting …
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Why Europe’s First Celebrity Chef Named His Dishes After the Rich …

Atlas ObscuraFeb. 26, 2018
Without Georges-Auguste Escoffier, there could be no Gordon Ramsay. No Nigella Lawson, no Alain Ducasse, not even—perish the thought—Guy Fieri. Escoffier has some claim to being not just the first celebrity chef, but the first person even to invent the concept, through a unique career that spanned …
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Meet Hercules, One of America’s Early Celebrity Chefs

Atlas ObscuraFeb. 21, 2018
After a long day in president George Washington’s executive kitchen, chef Hercules hit the streets of Philadelphia with sartorial flair and a keen eye for late-18th century fashion. Atop his head, the enslaved cook wore a voguish tricorn hat. Bright metal buttons held together his blue velvet-collared coat, …

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