How to make American great again

How to make American great again

News Item3 hours ago
How to make American great again. By News-Item Staff | on March 15, 2018. To the editor: First, I agree with President Trump that America isn’t as great as it once was. It has slipped from its greatest nation … We are allowing a certain number of articles to be read each month. If you are a subscriber, please login below.
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Boeing May Become a Target in a Trade War Over Trump’s Tariffs

New York Times17 hours ago
President Trump will visit a Boeing plant in St. Louis on Wednesday to celebrate the tax cut his party handed to American companies. But lurking in the background is a clash over trade — one in which Boeing is the most vulnerable target. The tariffs on steel and aluminum that Mr. Trump announced last …
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Jordan Times

The Political Forces Behind Rex Tillerson’s Firing

The American Conservative10 hours ago
FDD’s anti-Qatar crusade was led by the its vice president for research, Jonathan Schanzer, a former terrorism finance analyst at the Treasury Department who, over the course of the last eight years, has authored dozens of articles (in Foreign Policy, Politico, The Atlantic, the New York Times, and the New …
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National School Walkout: Thousands Protest Against Gun Violence …

New York Times12 hours ago
The Gun Owners of America, a smaller organization often seen as more militant than the N.R.A., was more defiant. The group urged its supporters to call their elected officials to oppose gun control measures like Fix NICS, which is intended to improve reporting by state and federal agencies to the criminal …
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All Politics is Religion

The American Conservative10 hours ago
Yet the people of North Korea adore him more than most American Christians adore Jesus Christ. We can’t imagine any such scenario, of course, which is a grim testament to Pyongyang’s propaganda machine. But I think we can imagine what would happen if NATO committed to surgical strikes against …
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American Crime Story Review: Ego, Therefore I Am

Paste Magazine8 hours ago
As we’ve discussed, people are not born sociopaths. They are made. And it generally happens in early childhood. It’s a humbling thing for a well-meaning but fallible parent to contemplate, and the idea at the core of “Creator/Destroyer” from the first minutes, in which we see young Gianni Versace in his …
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How Do ‘American Idol’ Winners Fare in the Music Industry?

Wall Street JournalMar. 14, 2018
The new rendition of “American Idol” is being judged primarily on the ratings and buzz it generates for ABC. But can the show, whose 16th-season premiere over the weekend drew 10.3 million viewers, still make good on its stated mission to catapult singers into music-industry stardom? Based on sales by …
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Washington Post

Native American Overdose Deaths Surge Since Opioid Epidemic

U.S. News & World Report12 hours ago
Federal officials say the scope of the opioid epidemic’s impact on Native Americancommunities is immense and straining tribal resources. … ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Overdose deaths in Native American communities have skyrocketed in the time the opioid epidemic has swept the U.S. and federal …
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Don’t Worry About American Consumers

Wall Street Journal21 hours ago
It is possible to spin a tale about how Americans have become more unsettled about the outlook and are opting to save more in order to build up a buffer against a weaker economy. Or how about one in which extra money many Americans are seeing as a result of the tax cut really isn’t all that meaningful, …
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American Idol Contestant Says Katy Perry Did Not Sexually Harass …

E! Online12 hours ago
In Wednesday’s NYT article, entitled “An Unwanted Kiss on American Idol”, the former contestant said he “was a tad bit uncomfortable” during the onscreen smooch from the singer. The publication also quoted him as saying, “I wanted to save it for my first relationship. I wanted it to be special…Would I have …

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