Science mourns Stephen Hawking’s death

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Sexual-minority students more likely to abandon science majors

Nature.com17 hours ago
Undergraduates who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or queer switch to non-science degrees at higher rates than their heterosexual peers. … STEM programmes raises more questions than it answers, Falk says, and the issue will be difficult to understand without talking to the students about their stories.
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Science mourns Stephen Hawking’s death

Nature.comMar. 13, 2018
Stephen Hawking, one of the most influential physicists of the twentieth century and perhaps the most celebrated icon of contemporary science, has died at the age of 76. The University of Cambridge confirmed that the physicist died in the early hours of 14 March at his home in Cambridge, England.
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Learn to tell science stories

Nature.comMar. 8, 2018
The path from science fiction to science fact has been well explored, especially in areas such as space and technology, with inventions from satellites to iPads first imagined in stories. But can the influence go further? What if it is not the concepts described by science fiction that could have the most impact, …
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A brief history of Hawking’s scientific legacy

Pursuit7 hours ago
The world is mourning the passing of iconic theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, an inspiration for his scientific achievements as well as his tenacity in dealing with a debilitating illness. Much has been written about Hawking’s impish wit, his celebrity and his personal life. But what about his scientific …
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On Twitter, the lure of fake news is stronger than the truth

Science NewsMar. 8, 2018
Deb Roy, a media scientist at MIT, and colleagues investigated how far and fast each cascade spread. Discussions of false stories tended to start from fewer original tweets, but some of those retweet chains then reached tens of thousands of users, while true news stories never spread to more than about …
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Vietnamese scientist awarded by world-renowned publisher

VnExpress International7 hours ago
Phong obtained his PhD degree in Materials Science at Institute of Materials Science, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, and has published 52 articles in prestigious ISI journals. Elsevier is considered one of the world’s leading publishers for scientific credentials. Only eminent scientists can be …
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Scientists at NTU Singapore develop lensless imaging technology

OpenGov Asia19 hours ago
Scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) have developed a new camera technology that can take sharp, colour images without using a lens and colour filters. A conventional camera utilises optics made from glass or plastic lenses to capture light and guide it onto colour filters and …
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Neil Woodford picks household names of tomorrow

Interactive Investor22 minutes ago
If you go back to the 18th century and before, UK scientists have led the world in terms of scientific discovery and innovation and the application of science. … For example, Oxford University is the number one science university in the world. …. These articles are provided for information purposes only.
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Keene students show off science skills

Sun Community News20 hours ago
KEENE VALLEY | Students at Keene Central School put their minds to work March 8 at the seventh annual Super Scientific Science Slam, with numerous experiments and tests taking place by students and on display for the community. “K-12 students enthusiastically presented science projects and …
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Why is Victor Dillard, COO/CFO/Founder of Desktop Genetics … (blog)1 hour ago
I read every email newsletter from, and read probably between 1-3 articles a week. (We have … I also really like your articles about best books and best podcasts in biotech. … I read GenomeWeb and FierceBiotech, and of course, have my healthy dose of scientific papers to review every week.

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