Perimeter Editions wins Cornish Family Book Prize

Perimeter Editions wins Cornish Family Book Prize

Books+Publishing12 hours ago
The award, which honours excellence and innovation in art and design publishing from around the world, was announced at the Melbourne Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). To Note: Notation Across Disciplines is described as a book of ‘notes on notetaking’ that ‘both informs and …
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10 Books I Believe Will Help You Grow a Lasting Business

EntrepreneurFeb. 26, 2018
And a cool bonus is that not all good business books are about business! They may have underlying themes that you can apply, or are biographies and autobiographies of people who have tackled your problem before you. In no particular order, here are the ten best books to help you build and grow a …
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Graton chairman Sarris’s new book embraces familiar territory

Petaluma Argus Courier19 hours ago
Sarris went on to write more stories and books, including the novel “Watermelon Nights” and a biography of the renowned Pomo basketweaver Mabel McKay. But the all-consuming and often controversial tribal work took the university English professor on a sharp detour from publishing into unfamiliar …
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Stuck in a Reading Rut? How to Create New Book Habits

Wall Street JournalFeb. 27, 2018
“For people who read romance, it’s not that they only like love stories, it’s how it makes them feel,” Ms. Glazer says, noting that those books often evoke cozy or hopeful emotions. “There are lots of books outside that genre that will make you feel that way.” Ms. Glazer, who trains her colleagues on improving …
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One of the World’s Most Irreplaceable Books Was Used as a Cutting …

Atlas ObscuraFeb. 27, 2018
The Exeter Book, inscribed in the 10th century, is a rare treasure. Many scholars consider it one of the building blocks of English literature. But it’s suffered damage along the way that goes far beyond the usual wear and tear. For one thing, one of the book’s previous owners used it as a cutting board. And an …
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Beware the Big Five

The New York Review of BooksMar. 15, 2018
This is the subject of Alexander Klimburg’s prescient and important book, The Darkening Web: The War for Cyberspace, written largely before the revelation of … Algorithms employed by a few large companies determine the results of our web searches, the posts and news stories that are featured in our social media feeds, …
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When Truth and Reason Are No Longer Enough

The AtlanticMar. 17, 2018
Earlier books and articles have made this point, as Pinker acknowledges. Among them, in fact, is one that he wrote, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. But arraying all the evidence in one place is an impressive and useful accomplishment. And Pinker is honest about some significant exceptions to …
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Book Towns Are Made for Book Lovers

Atlas ObscuraMar. 12, 2018
It can’t be too big—not a city, but a genuine town, usually in a rural setting. It has to have bookshops—not one or two, but a real concentration, where a bibliophile might spend hours, even days, browsing. Usually a book town begins with a couple of secondhand bookstores and later grows to offer new …
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Will Office Affairs Ever Be the Same? Not in Romance Novels

Wall Street JournalMar. 18, 2018
Her book due out in May is the second in a series that started with “Ben from Accounting” and will continue with “Dane from Tech Support.” Office romances aren’t the only love stories taking cues from the headlines. Lenora Bell’s historical romance out this month, “What a Difference a Duke Makes,” initially …
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8 New Books We Recommend This Week

New York TimesMar. 8, 2018
The book began as a series of articles exploring different aspects of aging, and in addition to the self-help has expanded to include research findings, philosophical insights from sources including Seneca, James Brown and Jack Kerouac, and Leland’s own struggles — relating to an aging mother, starting …

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