Health Tip: Keep Pet Food Safe

Health Tip: Keep Pet Food Safe

U.S. News & World Report46 minutes ago
Wash your hands with soap and water after handling raw food, or after handling objects that may have been in contact with the food. Disinfect all surfaces that come in contact with raw pet food. Freeze raw meat until you are ready to use it. Always thaw foods in your refrigerator or microwave, instead of …
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The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right

Grub StreetMar 19, 2018
In any event, the diet to which we are adapted is almost certainly much better for health, and reversing illness, than the prevailing modern diet. There is abundant evidence of disease-reversal with diets of whole, minimally processed food; plant-predominant diets; and even plant-exclusive diets. So plants …
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Top reasons you must eat organic food

TheHealthSiteMar 31, 2018
In today’s busy urban life, with both partners busy pursuing their careers, the consumption of canned or preserved food is on the rise. With an intent to keep the food habits healthy, people often move towards trends which are healthy and emerging. Here are some insights by Amy’s Kitchen on all that we …
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Andover residents seek to ban plastic, styrofoam

Eagle-Tribune1 hour ago
Article 55 seeks to ban the use of thin film plastic bags in food establishments in town including grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, and restaurants … Smith, Bunting, and Aktar have met with several town boards and committees including the Conservation Commission and the Board of Health.
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Eating out increases exposure to ‘hormone disrupters’

Medical News Today4 hours ago
In the spring of 2016, around 19 million people in the United States visited a restaurant, and a further 49 million visited a fast food restaurant. We’re a peckish bunch. When we read about the health consequences of eating out, it tends to involve obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and the like. But the latest …
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Walmart and Humana Move Closer as Separate Upheavals Threaten

Bloomberg18 hours ago
Different threats from major shifts in two industries are pushing Walmart Inc. and health insurer Humana Inc. toward the same solution. … The company agreed to offer Medicare plans with Humana in 2010, and struck a deal to provide healthyfooddiscounts to some Humana customers in 2012.
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Cooking Classes Aim to Restore Health After Addiction

U.S. News & World ReportApr 1, 2018
For years, the hospital has offered cooking classes tailored to specific medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and it runs a food pantry for low-income patients who are prescribed fresh food as part of their treatments. The newest class is “Cooking for Recovery” and is part of a growing trend …
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The unstoppable rise of veganism: how a fringe movement went …

The GuardianApr 1, 2018
People cite one or more of three key motives for going vegan – animal welfare, environmental concerns and personal health – and it is being accompanied by an endless array of new business startups, cookbooks, YouTube channels, trendy events and polemical documentaries. The traditional food …
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Sweetgreen’s Tech-Driven Menu Shakes Up the Fast-Casual Food …

BloombergMar 29, 2018
A bowl of Chicken Pesto Parm represents more than just a new dish on the Sweetgreen menu. That warm salad of roasted chicken, organic spinach, quinoa, spicy broccoli, and Middle Eastern spiced za’atar bread crumbs, with pesto vinaigrette and hot sauce, represents 3,000 hours of research and work …
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Can pecans protect heart health?

Medical News TodayMar 27, 2018
Among foods that have shown promise are nuts in general. These healthful, nutrition-dense food items contain “good” fats, omega-3s, and a whole host of micronutrients. A wide-ranging review — published in 2016 — concluded, “Higher nut intake is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, …
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American Adults Just Keep Getting Fatter

New York TimesMar 23, 2018
“Most people know that being overweight or obese is unhealthy, and if you eat too much that contributes to being overweight,” said Dr. James Krieger, clinical professor of medicine at the University of Washington and executive director of Healthy FoodAmerica, an advocacy group. “But just telling people …
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Some foods better for your brain, memory

CNNMar 7, 2018
A recent study from Rush University involving close to 1,000 adults found that those who ate just one serving of leafy greens per day (think spinach, kale, collard greens and arugula) appeared 11 years younger in terms of their cognitive health compared with those who rarely or never consumed green leafy …
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How This Southern Town Became One Of The Best Healthy Food …

mindbodygreen.comMar 19, 2018
Healthy” isn’t often the first word that comes to mind when considering the cuisine of the South: Fried okra. Hush puppies. Smoky BBQ, fresh off the grill, and slathered in sticky, sugary sauce. While these can still be found in Charleston, the historic, picture-perfect South Carolina city, they’re accompanied …
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This Mission-Driven Company Is Shaking Up The Junk Food Industry

mindbodygreen.comMar 15, 2018
As a child, Natasha found herself indulging in the junk food offerings available to her, unaware—as most children are—of the possible health consequences of consuming poor-quality food on such a consistent basis. In retrospect, Natasha suspects her early diagnosis of ADHD was linked to her incessant …
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The “organic” label is often meaningless. Here’s the next food …

MicMar 8, 2018
“Regenerative agriculture” is a bit of a mouthful compared to “organic,” but there’s a good reason why consumers should familiarize themselves with the term: It will start appearing on food labels as a way for brands to demonstrate they work with farmers dedicated to healthy soil. On Tuesday, Annie’s …
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Putting money where the mouths are

Food Business NewsMar 16, 2018
ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Emerging brands in the natural and organic marketplace continue to capture the attention of hungry investors. As conventional food brands lose share to start-ups, the pace of investment has accelerated, and the models of investment are evolving, said Bill Tuohig, senior vice-president …
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Coffee Drinkers Need Cancer Warning, Judge Rules, Giving Sellers …

New York TimesMar 30, 2018
“Since defendants failed to prove that coffee confers any human health benefits, defendants have failed to satisfy their burden of proving that sound … But the government agency also mentions on its website that acrylamide levels in food vary widely and that “people are exposed to substantially more …
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Jane Brody’s Personal Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss

New York TimesMar 5, 2018
I believe in learning how to create a healthy lifestyle, and the formula is simple.” The most salient points of her well-practiced advice are these: 1) Stop eating crap, 2) Eat good food that is real, not processed, 3) Avoid drinking your calories, 4) Know what one serving is and do not eat more than that in a …
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Dr. Mark Hyman On Food Hysteria, Climate Change & Why The …

mindbodygreen.comMar 6, 2018
Plus, we delve into the real-time effects of climate change’s impact on food production and the consumption of meat in the context of healthy food—like how eating beef can help to save the environment. If you’re an avid follower of Dr. Hyman’s inspiring work in functional health or are looking for answers …
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Livestock emissions still up in the air

Chemical & Engineering News4 hours ago
The air near large-scale industrialized pig, chicken, and dairy cow operations not only stinks, it can be hazardous to public health. But no one knows exactly what is in the air surrounding such facilities because the U.S. livestock industry has long been exempt from reporting hazardous air emissions under …

Another Voice: An insecticide threatens the next silent spring

Buffalo News11 hours ago
A groundbreaking new study exposes a huge threat to the Great Lakes. Neonicotinoid insecticides (neonics) have been found year-round in major tributaries to the Great Lakes. Of great concern in New York is the Genesee River. Neonics came on the market with great expectation that it caused less toxicity …
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Data From SUV Shows Deadly Wreck May Have Been Intentional

U.S. News & World Report6 hours ago
A passing motorist discovered the vehicle on March 26, three days after social service authorities in Washington state opened an investigation apparently prompted by a neighbor’s complaint that the children were being deprived of food. Authorities believe at least one felony was committed but Van Patten …
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Food Boxes, Not Stamps? Idea in Trump Budget Worries Grocers

U.S. News & World ReportMar 5, 2018
“This notion that they need to be told what to buy is not borne out the by the data,” said Alex Baloga, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association. “We want to provide healthy, affordable products to everybody, and we want to give customers a choice to take these dollars and make …
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Prostate cancer: How a full stomach could improve treatment

Medical News Today4 hours ago
Currently, it is recommended that people take four 250-milligram Zytiga pills when they wake up, but that they should not eat any food overnight or eat … of care for metastatic disease,” but the article’s authors also warned that the “duration and cost of treatment may influence clinical decision-making.” Prof.
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Fruits & Vegetables Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

American Kennel Club (blog)Mar 7, 2018
Dogs digest differently than humans, and eating the wrong foods can lead to long-term health problems and, in extreme cases, even death. As carnivores, they have no need for fruits and vegetables as part of their diet, but an occasional fruit or veggie as a treat is OK. Read below to find out which fruits and …
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Big Sugar Versus Your Body

New York TimesMar 12, 2018
Big Sugar has paid researchers to conduct misleading — if not false — studies about the health effects of added sweeteners. … This guide will walk you through how you can make smart food choices to reduce sugar consumption, and how you can keep your life sweet, even without so many sweets.
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The Cannabist

From Horse to Hemp: Colorado Rancher Eyes Second Calling

U.S. News & World ReportMar 27, 2018
Aside from the CBD products, Lyons intends to build as many as eight related businesses at the ranch, with plans for testing and research facilities, a medical office staffed with doctors, a medical research facility, a day spa, an organic food grow that will provide organic foods to a restaurant on-site, a hemp …
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California Today: A Space for Students Who Need Something to Eat

New York TimesMar 27, 2018
“For students, knowing there is somewhere to get your food and feel dignified doing that, it is an empowering thing,” said Ernest Devin Rankin, 19, a sophomore in public health policy and educational science, who works at the pantry part time. “We have frozen meat, eggs, bread, milk, cereal — all that goes …
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Positive well-being: health, rest and fitness

Irish Times21 hours ago
Health and cookery books are best sellers, TV programmes on food and diets abound, and most people know the elements of the food pyramid and the importance of eating … The final article in the Positive Well-Being series appears in two weeks and describes how you can cultivate a positive mind.
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Most of America’s Fruit Is Now Imported. Is That a Bad Thing?

New York TimesMar 14, 2018
Jessica Shade, director of science programs at the Organic Center, a nonprofit organization that provides information about organic food and farming, said all certified organic produce, foreign or domestic, is subject to residue testing and on-site farm inspections by certifiers. Even so, Mr. Pollan said, …

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