International Clothing Company Exhibits Santa Fe-Based Art

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Myrtle Beach Sun News

International Clothing Company Exhibits Santa Fe-Based Art

U.S. News & World Report5 hours ago
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — An international clothing company based in San Francisco is introducing a spring fashion line that exhibits Native American-inspired art and designs, including a collaboration with the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture and work by Santa Fe-based artist Gregory Lomayesva, who is of …
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Art lives here

Fairfaxtimes.comMar 30, 2018
Appropriating a classic line from the film “Casablanca,” Robert Goudie, chairman of the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE) Board of Directors, gleefully announced, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” The friendship that is making Goudie so happy is a partnership between GRACE, …

School of Art Presents ‘Milk’ MFA Thesis Exhibition by Lindsey Heiden

University of Arkansas Newswire6 hours ago
The exhibition will be on display today through April 7 at the Walker Stone House near the downtown Fayetteville square. The artist welcomes audiences to attend the reception during community event, First Thursday Fayetteville, at 6:30 p.m. April 5. Milk highlights scenes from the contemporary fairy tale …

Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Ken Kewley to Speak April 5

University of Arkansas Newswire6 hours ago
The Drawing and Painting Association hosts artist Ken Kewley for a lecture, “Stills and Animations,” at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 5, in Hillside Auditorium Room 206. Kewley is a contemporary artist who has a unique understanding of the relationship between abstraction and representation. His primary …
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No Rent, Cheap Flights, $100 Art: How One Hedge Fund Keeps …

Wall Street JournalApr 1, 2018
Art displays—once a must-have for aspiring hedge funds—are two paintings by a Uruguayan street artist that cost $100 each. Hospitality includes lettuce cookies baked by Ms. Perdomo, a healthy eating devotee. Devet also refuses to pay retainers to external salespeople, who can demand from £2,000 to …
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Meet the artist who makes trash into art

High Country NewsMar 9, 2018
It all started while she attended Bowdoin College for visual arts. Reading decided to use the waste from sculptural art projects as materials for new art. She felt better seeing the leftovers upcycled rather than thrown away. Then, in 2016, Reading took a cross-country road trip from Maine to California to start …
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The Guardian

Artists discuss their work

Herald-Mail Media7 hours ago
The Jean Cushwa College Internship is offered to one qualified college student who is majoring in fine artart history, art education, museum studies or a similar field of study. The intern will conduct curatorial work to support art collections, exhibition planning and management, and/or art education program …
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Does Having a Day Job Mean Making Better Art?

New York TimesMar 22, 2018
“When I create, I want this sense of quietness and wisdom to seep in,” she told me, echoing Rama. “But leading a company has made me tough on myself as an artist. You experience so much discomfort [in writing]: pitching articles, revising, building your brand. Having a business primes you for that kind of …
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A Provocative New Space for Art Emerges in Virginia

Wall Street JournalMar 24, 2018
Out went plans to show highly conceptual art inspired by architect Steven Holl’s sleek building design, which features a 41,000-square-foot stack of boxy galleries that evoke an oversize game of Jenga. Instead, the ICA plans to open on April 21 with “Declaration,” a roiling survey of 34 artists whose pieces …
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Kiki Kogelnik’s Feminist Pop Deserves Its Place in Art History

ArtsyMar 9, 2018
News articles similarly portrayed her as a well-dressed muse or woman about town. As the lede for a September 1965 Women’s Wear Daily article about one of her gallery shows began, “Kiki Kogelnik came into the Fischbach Gallery in her Jacques Kaplan black broadtail dress and jockey cap.” Kogelnik …
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This Startup Is Using Blockchain to Fight Art Forgers

BloombergMar 23, 2018
“I had a dealer in Japan who had been telling me I needed to have better forms of certification for my artwork, because people are buying art as an investment,” said the British artist, who appropriates pop culture images in his paintings, fashion and furniture. “Art is a currency in a way; at the end of the day …
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Milwaukee Art Museum mistakenly acquires wrong Winslow, Homer …

OnMilwaukee.comMar 31, 2018
In a stunning announcement, the Milwaukee Art Museum revealed today that it had made a major collections error, accidentally acquiring a number of Carl Winslow and Homer Simpson artworks mistaken for Winslow Homer originals. MAM Director Dr. Marcelle Polednik said the museum recently received …
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NH1 News

Guerrilla Artists Stage Stunt With Live Rats at Trump Hotel

U.S. News & World ReportMar 31, 2018
Guerrilla Artists Stage Stunt With Live Rats at Trump Hotel. An activist art group has staged an exhibit featuring live rats and a Donald Trump impersonator inside a Trump hotel in New York City. March 31, 2018, at 9:46 p.m.. Guerrilla Artists Stage Stunt With Live Rats at Trump Hotel. Share. ×. Share on Facebook.
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At Burning Man, Art Is Now More Permanent Than Perishable

Wall Street JournalMar 24, 2018
Burning Man has evolved from a bacchanal into a major art event, says Laura Kimpton, an artist who has participated in the Nevada gathering since 2003. “You don’t see many naked people anymore,” she says. “It’s a five-mile-by-five-mile, no money, no schmoozing, crazy party. It just used to be ‘Mad Max,’ …
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Art Fairs Are Popping Up Everywhere. Do They Make Any Money?

BloombergMar 6, 2018
While some art fairs have become destinations—most collectors at Art Basel Miami Beach don’t live in Miami, and last year there seemed to be more people speaking German than English at the Frieze Art Fair in London—the fair, in its essence, is a venue for dealers to travel to customers.
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Miami Herald

Nebraska Bank VP Turns Art Hobby Into an Award-Winning Craft

U.S. News & World ReportMar 30, 2018
One of his paintings was chosen this month to be featured in an international artexhibit in New York City. Sullivan was among 10 finalists selected from an international pool of thousands for the ARTBOX.PROJECT. The project hosts these competitions at art galleries all over the world, with the one in March …
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Drawing from another perspective, City Hall exhibit features work by …

WHYYMar 26, 2018
The program began in 1984 as a small juried art exhibition program, but eventually grew into the program that exists today, which features exhibitions year-round that highlight the diverse cultures of Philadelphia. The Autism Project Art Show is the first of its kind, but exhibitions manager Tu Huynh said it’s …
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On the Gallery Walls: Black Power Art in Arkansas

The New York Review of Books18 hours ago
How would “Soul of a Nation”—this very black art made in the 1960s to 1980s—look in a museum situated in one of the whiter areas of Arkansas? … pieces conveyed their meanings through materials—leather, cloth, found articles, and metallic collage—that were not evident in the catalog reproductions.
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A New, 8000-Square-Foot Art and Design Mecca to Open in Tribeca

Wall Street JournalMar 7, 2018
TWO’S COMPANY Zesty Meyers (left) on a 1950s Martin Eisler chair and Evan Snyderman on a 1950s José Zanine Caldas lounger at R & Company’s new Tribeca gallery. The wall installation is by Jeff Zimmerman, and the stool is a 1968 design by Pietro Derossi, Giorgio Ceretti and Riccardo Rosso.
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Backroads: Local talk to focus on 250 years of Texas art

Temple Daily Telegram12 hours ago
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Met Museum Brings Some Versailles to New York

Wall Street JournalMar 31, 2018
To transport visitors to the grandest palace in France, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is counting on wallpaper and a recording technique with roots in the 19th century. “Visitors to Versailles (1682-1789),” which opens April 16, “is a very different show” for the Met, says Daniëlle Kisluk-Grosheide, …
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Midland Daily News

Forum Explores Role of the Arts in Improving Prison System

U.S. News & World ReportMar 31, 2018
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Exploring the role that the arts can play in overhauling the criminal justice system is the subject of a conference at the University of Michigan. The Michigan Art for Justice Forum , scheduled for Tuesday at the Michigan Union, is expected to draw lawmakers, artists, advocates and …
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High Tech Meets High Art at the Armory Show

Wall Street JournalMar 5, 2018
New York’s biggest contemporary art fair might look more like a sci-fi convention when it opens to VIPs on Wednesday. Dozens of artists on offer at this year’s Armory Show are exploring ways technology can transform the human body. From avatars to encoded paintings to 3D-printed recreations of religious …
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An Influencer Among Artists, Adrian Piper Gets a Retrospective at …

Wall Street JournalMar 27, 2018
At the 2015 Venice Biennale, Ms. Piper received the Golden Lion best artist award for “The Probable Trust Registry.” The MoMA exhibition is her first U.S. museum show in more than 10 years, but it comes as museums across the country are intensifying their efforts around female and nonwhite artists.
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Whole30 Co-Founder Melissa Hartwig’s Invaluable Advice On How …

mindbodygreen.comMar 28, 2018
The art of apology has been one of the most important social skills I’ve ever crafted. I wish I hadn’t had so much practice, but issuing a fast, sincere, direct AF public apology is perhaps the only reason I’ve received a second chance from some members of my loyal and compassionate community. I hope the …
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Fact, fiction and the art of deception

Nature.comMar 20, 2018
As fake news continues to be big news, the Science Gallery Dublin nudges visitors to look anew at the value of distortion with its latest show, FAKE. The exhibition “probes our society’s flexibility with fact and fiction”, notes head of programming Ian Brunswick. “We want visitors to consider contexts where …
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The Artist Making Bunches of Banana Art

Atlas ObscuraMar 12, 2018
Bananas, like many fruits, are a fleeting treat. If you wait too long to eat one, it will brown and turn. But the time limits seem to be freeing for artist Keisuke Yamada, who carves incredible designs—from pop culture figures to grotesque faces—on bananas. Based in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, Yamada spends …
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New York Times

‘Artists fail to produce hard-hitting plays’

DailyNews3 hours ago
HARARE – Local theatre artists have in recent years failed to effectively use their artform to probe Zimbabwe’s leadership on the deteriorating living standards in the country, amid growing disgruntlement among the people. In the past, theatre artists were known to provide the sole platform for robust debates …
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Spotify CEO Daniel Ek: Once the Music Industry’s Slayer, Now Its …

Wall Street Journal1 hour ago
Spotify Chief Executive Daniel Ek has described the company’s mission as the ‘hard work of helping one million artists live off their art.’ Photo: TORU … Mr. Ek and other Spotify executives declined to be interviewed for this article, citing, among other things, a SEC-mandated quiet period ahead of its IPO.
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French art world shock at sacking of Bordeaux museum director

Art NewspaperMar 13, 2018
A pressing concern is whether the City of Bordeaux may want to give a new identity to the CAPC (founded in 1973), as some articles in the French press have suggested. An ambiguous press release from the City of Bordeaux mentioned its commitment to contemporary art, yet ended by stating that the …

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