Macron at the Movies

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Macron at the Movies

Wall Street Journal11 hours ago
For decades Paris has allowed the French film industry to impose a cartel-like rule that a movie can’t be distributed via in-home media such streaming for three years after it’s released in cinemas. Netflix, which has experimented with simultaneous home and theater releases, doesn’t want to wait.
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Rampage, The Rock’s New Video Game Movie, Opens Strong

GameSpot16 hours ago
The newest video game movie, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Rampage, opened on Friday and it made a lot of money in its first weekend. The over-the-top action moviepulled in $34.5 million for its opening weekend to sit in the No. 1 spot in the US and Canada. It beats out last weekend’s No. 1, the horror …
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Remembering R. Lee Ermey’s 5 Greatest Movie Roles

Zimbio12 hours ago
The movie industry lost an underrated legend yesterday. R. Lee Ermey, 74, the ex-Marine staff sergeant and veteran of over 100 film, television, and video game roles, passed away in a Santa Monica, California hospital from complications of pneumonia, according to his longtime manager, Bill Rogin.
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‘Black Panther’ in Saudi Arabia? Hollywood Sweeps Into Islamic …

Wall Street JournalApr 16, 2018
Saudi Arabia wants to do more than export oil. So it’s importing popcorn machines. On Wednesday, when moviegoers in Riyadh take their seats to watch a screening of Walt Disney Co.’s “Black Panther,” it will be the first time a Hollywood movie has played in a theater in Saudi Arabia in 35 years.
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William Nack, Author of Secretariat Book That Spawned the Movie …

Hollywood ReporterApr 15, 2018
Nack spent 23 years at SI through 2001, then penned freelance articles for ESPN, GQ and others. He received seven Eclipse Awards for excellence in writing about horse racing, the first in 1978, the last in 2003. “He stands among the best sportswriters in the history of the genre, and in many ways, among …
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Comfiest Seat in the House: Struggling Movie Theaters Go Upscale …

Wall Street JournalApr 9, 2018
“There’s the face of what theaters were at one time,” said Rolando B. Rodriguez, the chief executive of Milwaukee-based Marcus Theatres, gesturing toward Eastgate. “If you’re building a product for the next 20 years, you need to either renovate it or you build new.” Marcus, the nation’s fourth-largest circuit, …
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Communities Digital News

Kennedy Clan Tries to Sink Chappaquiddick Film

RealClearPoliticsApr 15, 2018
She could be described as one of the first #MeToo victims — an intelligent young woman maltreated by a powerful boss and then dismissed as a “blonde floozy” when his career was threatened. But the desire for truth in what has been hailed as a new era of transparency about the abuse and …
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‘A Quiet Place’ Is a Huge No. 1 at the Box Office, Boosting Paramount

New York TimesApr 8, 2018
LOS ANGELES — A desperately needed turnaround may be starting to take hold at Paramount Pictures, which found its first hit in two years over the weekend by making a wild bet on a nearly dialogue-free horror movie. “A Quiet Place,” which received rapturous reviews, sold an estimated $50 million in …
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Why Did Incredibles 2 Take So Long? Brad Bird Explains the …

IGN18 hours ago
Bird admitted that the proliferation of superhero properties in recent years has made it much harder to tell an original story; the first film debuted before Pixar’s parent company, Disney, purchased Marvel, and predated Iron Man by four years – meaning that the new film is entering a very different cinematic …
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Iraq on Syria Strikes: We’ve Seen This Movie, and It Doesn’t End Well

TruthdigApr 15, 2018
Iraq’s foreign ministry came out strongly against the U.S., British and French missile strikes on Syria. In a statement issued Saturday, the ministry called the attacks “an extremely dangerous step” that could result in a weakening of regional security. Spokesman Ahmad Mahjub said, “The ministry underlines …

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